What is the most evil astrological sign ?

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  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    my chart does not have the most powerful psychic placements or aspects. there are others out there that do. let's put it this way, there are people out there that are powerfully psychic and utilize it all the time, that don't even realize or acknowledge it consciously.

    but i do have several psychic aspects, especially visually and through dreams, in my chart. the vision of my soulmate from the astral level extending his hand down to me after my son was born looks similar to the guy i have described in synastry. i noticed it because of the similarity. this is key: not exactly or exactly like him, but very similar. again: patterning/similarity and therefore, sympathy/empathy/connection due to similarity when you come across such people etc.

    my son has moon square my saturn and depending on degree (which determines interpretation for this aspect) and which applies to the synastry between me and my son is that denotes that the saturn person will be so wrapped up in career, they have little time to devote to home. but in my case, it wasn't that i was wrapped up in my career, it was i literally was away many times with deployments and it hurt very much. i didn't want to be away from my son and even when i wasn't, it was hard to provide security to the both of us, even when i let it go. later when i did have the security and money, it was the wrong timing as he was already settled, secure and had his friends etc and it was not good to displace him from his life etc. those were the issues creating this square/problem. that's the thing about synastry as it's based on a web of society so even if you think you can overcome it, outside forces will intervene then to make it so.

    you think you have choices but only to some degree and only if you have knowledge beforehand. that's what i love about astrology because knowledge is power and the more you know about interrelationship charts as well as your own, you can modify or be forewarned about some things that you may be able to change.

    there is some pattern or similarity in charts and synastry with all soulmates, no matter blood-kin or not. for instance, both my son and him have mars square saturn in natal. i also have that with both in synastry. this doesn't necessarily show up just because you have that in natal or with everyone that is close to you, but it's just in contextual reference another similarity in pattern. the guy (not my son) i have going both ways as well as moon square saturn both ways. i thought it was just his saturn conjuncting my moon and mars but because his saturn square mars and his moon trines my mars, his moon squares my saturn. my mars also square his saturn.

    this is very rare to have almost all aspects double whammy and these two are some of the harshest separating aspects between people that don't care for each-other but between people that do, it's a struggle to be together. the double-whammy means an understanding that both know and accept they can't be with eachother. there is total, unequivocal equal understanding so no one is pining for the other. neither wants to cause the other pain.

    the double valentines and moon trine venus three-way denote unconditional love to bypass these issues. the many 12th house placements is a deep, psychic and even astral connection. it's a beautiful synastry but still it's denoting a pattern, not necessarily that they are the real 'one' for you but very similar. that's quite intriguing in itself.

    his saturn also trines my sun which can be kind of controlling even for a trine coming from a male but it's beautifully balanced with my saturn conjunct his venus which falls into my 12th house. his sun trines my sun (basic understanding), his sun trines my moon and that's balanced but not too oppressive as yin and yang as the male as leader and the woman as more submissive and supportive.

    i need to stress how unlikely and rare it is to have a moon 'trine' venus going not only both ways but also in composite. it can show up one-way but if it's both ways, it's usually not mutual as in perhaps a conjunction, square, opposition, sesiquadrate, semi-sextile, sextile, quincunx or a random mix etc but for it to be trine all the way, is miraculous.

    this is the 'i love you no matter what or what happens between us, because we probably will end up separated in the future and i forgive you and sealed with eachother's blood' aspect once you get to know the person. that and the unconditional valentines on eachothers's node going not only one way but both ways? the nodes indicate far-reaching love, also.

    this is a romeo and juliet type synastry.

    that saying that you know who your true friends (soulmates) when times are tough is ubiquitous with venus sextile/especially trine/conjunct saturn. these are the ones that will come through for you or have your back when the going gets tough and everyone else has abandoned you. opposition/square not so much as that is going into enemy territory (usually).

    the one for you will not be just similar to another, but be be exquisitely, down to the nuance, to be your soulmate/other half. there are no words to describe this as only your own consciousness, heart and soul will know and be able to detect the difference. love as well as the heart/soul is that unique and complex. no one can definitely determine it's infinite complexity, just point you in the right or general direction.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    The most beautiful description of a twin flame soulmate i've read is like looking into the eyes of your child. Its not going to matter where they are in life or what they are doing, you just want to know its really your beloved.
    This is because the universe will separate you to the point the only way to recognize eachother will be through the soul and synastry. When you love someone truly, you never completely let go of them in your soul. That goes beyond space-time and it will resonate on. They will forever have a place in your heart somehow.

    This is the other ignorant issue about people who have misplaced jealousy or envy. Even if you try to or separate soulmates, they are still not your soulmates.

    This is the ignorance of society. Instead of trying to separate others, they need to realize they have their own unique soulmates out there. If they see a couple that is happy, they should just see that as possible in the universe and be glad in heart for them because that also means the same for you, whether you find them or not. This is because separating others or forcing yourself on them doesnt make them your soulmate or love you!! How ridiculous.
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  5. birch Valued Senior Member


    their experience and research concludes similar to my assessment and experience. mars square saturn, i have seen not only in my strongest/best synastries (generally) but for others as well.
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member

    In indian astrology, your guna is your temperament or spiritual caste. generally, most everyone has a combination of all three but what is the majority percentage is what defines your guna. as for charts which are more than half rakshasa, i have found to correlate with an evil nature with the person but the same could be said for any guna because even a deva can be ruthless, depending on what their goals or agenda is. it's not just determined by astrology but also by your genetics and your particular values which will differ between people. so yes, even a deva can be a wolf in sheep's clothing but usually that's the exception, not the rule.

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  8. birch Valued Senior Member

    this is my vedic natal but most of this wasn't able to be expressed as i was too laden with problems/issues, even if this would have been the more normal or regular expression of the chart, given a relatively stable life.

    this is my son's vedic. what we both have in common is that we don't pursue personal love as the highest or main goal in life. it has to be part of some higher spiritual calling between two people but we will not veer from our path or mission for it.

    the bolded part really makes a mother's heart less strained as it indicates survival tenacity.

    i think that's the mars square saturn in the natal. people who have this signature tend to have a lot of tenacity and are very clever. i've seen this in quite a lot of charts with very individualistic personalities. they know who they are down to the core from an early age and have unshakable faith in themselves. i wish i had this but i have second-best, mars/pluto.
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  9. birch Valued Senior Member

    when you really analyze deeply into charts, it answers every gap you thought wouldn't be addressed and can even pinpoint the deal breaker/s no matter how good the rest of the synastry is.

    again, the synchronicity these two synastry charts have is amazing because my valentine also inconjuncts (quincunx) his sun (even though it also has the positive on the nodes). quincunx is described as: like two aliens learning to coexist on a new planet, you must study each other’s ways—at least, in the name of tolerance—even if you never do things like each other does.

    this is true as even though ive been raving about the synastry, i still wouldn't want to physically make the decision to be with this person as they don't practically line up with eachother's requirements and they also don't appeal to ego and vice-versa.

    there would be intrigue and fascination/pull but equally a sense that it is too far-out in left field.

    the synastry has this but the problem is my lust in sagittarius squares his valentine in pisces so i would not be as attracted even though his lust in pisces trine my valentine in scorpio.

    so overall, the analysis is that this synastry would not even get off the ground.

    this could be considered one of the tragic faux paus of the imperfect universe to waste such immense amount of breathtakingly beautiful synastry otherwise.
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  10. birch Valued Senior Member

    i read a summation on this synastry which stated to the effect that what good does it do if you two have a maserati but you run it into a wall? but you will have fun while you are doing it. lmao

    this is the synastry of a first true love, the one that got away, the one you will never forget and be nostalgic about but not a synastry that lasts a lifetime physically. this is not a synastry for a mature relationship and not at my age now either. the mars sextile uranus both ways is unique and rare in a chart as it indicates double-trouble and best friends plus lovers. it's electric. we would be always on the go talking about the future and dreaming together of a better world and how to create it or make changes.

    the mars square saturn going both ways (equal footing) indicates fighting like cats and dogs and venus trine pluto (another true love/soulmate aspect) is incredible make-up sex. very much roller-coaster but would fray the nerves eventually but passionate.

    the sun trine saturn and venus conjunct saturn is binding friendship and the valentines on eachother's north node is like a promise to one another to love beyond the physical scope/separation.

    it's not something that can last in physical incarnation but it's quite beautiful and love that spans lifetimes or space/time.

    twin-soul flame type synastry. again, not that they are the real exact 'one' for you but similar pattern/type and similar souls except he is smarter with linear thinking (mercury/saturn but my son also has this which makes him very intelligent and knows how to ground/channel his visions/creativity/drive into physical reality and make a mark on the world) which it's supposed to be that way, otherwise the female would not respect the male or look up to them. the woman needs to see the hero in her mate and he has to be better and stronger than her in some ways.

    the deva male with manushya female is described as the deva will do all they can to reach the stars and make their dreams come true and to lift her up and she will say excitedly, why aren't' you amazed? we are standing on the moon? and he will just smile admiringly at her.

    there are different interpretations with who is venus or pluto. my pluto trines his venus and it is known that the venus person is renewed with love everytime they remember the person, even if they separate. this is a better synastry than when the woman is the venus as you want the male to be more loving because of how males are. that said, his uranus squares my moon which means that he will go off and do his own thing while ignoring me as in literally flip me off sometimes and that will fray my nerves. again, this is a young love synastry.

    this again, indicates the theme of the world separating soulmates (even by class) but recognizing eachother.

    but the overall synastry and theme of deep, down to the bones, abiding love underneath is beautiful.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  11. birch Valued Senior Member

    almost all failed relationships have one person feeling stronger than the other or some level of unrequited love. for instance, venus opposite or square neptune is common in those relationships, even with great synastry otherwise. his venus opposite my neptune means he is more in love with me than i am with him but that is important for a male because they tend to be more insensitive and have roving eyes more than females as well as his venus conjuncts my ascendant besides his moon. those are both emotions/heart. his venus conjunct my ascendant means he will think i am darn cute and his ideal. my lust in sagittarius conjunct his neptune in sagittarius so i see him as my epic, dream soulmate/twin-flame lover. this means that i would have him wrapped around my little finger at least for awhile until it all blows up to smithereens.

    it indicates by numerical astrology that on a scale of -5 (lowest) to 5 (highest), his attraction level is a 5 while my love feelings are a 5 but not as strong in the attraction department. this seems unbalanced but is almost perfect for a male/female relationship and each play the right role in a romantic relationship. i would have be more emotionally attached but for a male, his infatuation and physical/sexual attraction must be strong in order for him not to stray. his venus opposite my neptune (more in love than me) to balance it is indicating trying to energetically balance this synastry lifetime after lifetime to get it right for the perfect meet-up (theoretically).

    i have a synastry with someone that is a 5 going both ways with love feelings but all the other ratings are a zero (attraction) as there is no chemistry so it's just like brother/sister. you have to have all the ingredients right in order for a good relationship to exist as well as the type of relationship you have. you will have different types of chemistry/patterns with different people.

    this synastry is absolutely adorable including erotic/passionate and perfect yin/yang.

    theoretical love is so much better because there are no actual pieces to pick up afterwards. lmao
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  12. birch Valued Senior Member

    some of these descriptions are funny as heck. maybe i would be as attracted as i forgot his mars falls into my 5th house of fun, games and romance. when someone's mars falls into your 5th house, you just adore the person to pieces. it's very sweet and endearing.

    my son's mars falls into my 5th house in leo and this guy has mars in leo in my 5th house also.

    it's a feeling of always wanting to be with them and you adore them so much. they are your favorite person you put on a pedestal in your heart and you have a lot of fun together too.

    the house person will want to follow the mars person around like the mars is the leader and look up to them like a kid brother/sister or puppy or just an adoring/smitten fan. it's a very affectionate placement. it's adoring love and respect.

    but i've had someone's mars in my fifth house that i didn't like as much and eventually not at all and certainly don't adore them. so it's not just 'one' aspect that determines whether there is something real or worthy there between two people. all factors (ingredients), including astrology, have to be right.

    of course, how these synastry aspects work is if it's 'activated' depending upon whether you like the person. you have free will so just because you have certain synastry aspects doesn't mean they will play out if you don't actually like the individual or vice-versa. if you do, they follow the pattern of the synastry, however.

    take for instance, a relationship that is over and ended on bad terms with you discovering you dislike the person; it doesn't matter what good synastry you have, it is dead in the water at that point plus null and void. if you dislike or have no interest in a person, you could say a synastry does not even exist as it's either been used up or there are other factors that are incompatible between people so the synastry is void.

    there are a lot of other influences and factors that determine love and attraction besides astrology but astrology seems to be a roadmap or pattern once that is set in motion.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  13. birch Valued Senior Member

    of course, mars in 5th house is a very romantic placement between partners but the aspect of adoring love between each-other is the kernel and that will be modified depending upon the type of relationship you have and between whom. a mother and daughter can have this placement. one female executive was exasperated that her mother would call her to speak with her when she was very busy at work but she loved her mother very much and she didn't want to hurt her feelings and she mentioned her mars in her mother's fifth house. she wanted to speak as long as she wanted but she couldn't and thought her mother just doesn't understand she has a job to do but again, even the daughter stated how she adores her mother and doesn't want to hurt her feelings. you could really tell the deep tenderness between the two though. her mother was a house-wife all her life and didn't understand the professional world.

    the mars person tends to view the 5th house person as more naive but they love eachother deeply.

    when its a romantic placement between partners, it's fireworks and amazing fun between the couple. you just love hanging out with eachother.

    if it's friends, same thing and they are your favorite buddy. between family members, you love and adore eachother. if it's romantic, it's the feeling you two are on top of the world.

    same thing with moon trine venus double whammy. this synastry i have with this person is epic and pinnacle (though not completely perfect synastry in every respect).

    i also have sun trine venus with this person. another loving and adoring aspect. jackpot synastries are hard to find or be with the person.

    even, my ex and i had sun square venus which is not very good and our synastry was spotty except for just a few placements; couldn't stand eachother after awhile.

    the many 12th house placements with this jackpot synastry indicate twin soul flavor and karma to be worked out. it is also known that you are introduced or made aware from afar in order to work out karma until it's right to be together in a physical incarnation but my chart has neptune in my north node and that means that i don't have to incarnate after this one so it may be that we are energetically working out the chart. or this is a temptation to incarnate again in the chance that we can be together or to pull a guilt-trip or eventually find eachother's 'one' through eachother's help, even if they are not the actual one but has similarities.

    but this is also the house of hidden enemies and so is the seventh house of relationships. so it can both be impostors as well as the real deal. you really have to be alert when someone aspects many of your 12th house as they can do a lot of damage too if they do not have your best interests at heart or are a wolf in sheep's clothing. for instance, my mother's moon and venus aspects my 12th house in pisces but her spiritual caste is not the same as mine. she has hardly any angelic soul energy in her chart and mine is more than a third, almost half of the chart.

    it is known that rakashas are only good with other rakshasas as they damage/deteroriate any other spiritual caste except their own. devas and manusyhas are ok together or have more similarities. devas and rakshasas are the worst combination as the rakshasa (demonic) will tear the deva (angelic) to pieces or that angelic part. if you have any angelic part, they will try to target it to damage or taint it. i've noticed that the most successful people have a balanced guna between all three and come in that angle. my son's order is angelic mostly but it's still more evenly spaced. they can calm and please everyone and win everyone to their side. that is the smartest angle (at this time) to incarnate into this world. he's a very wise soul. if you have mostly angelic, you will be targeted like no other in this world, even if the energy is of light and absolutely beautiful. when there is darkness or dark people around you, you have to know how to cover it up just as the rakshasas cover up their darkness to fool others. you have to play politics, even if you are right and the world is wrong until it comes a time when it's safe (when the world is mostly light) to stop the bullshit totally and reveal your true colors. unfortunately, that is how it is.

    these are like psychic tests. can you really discern the real one from the fakes or likenesses? can you tell the difference between facsimiles and the original article (true twin flame) etc.

    you both will certainly feel as if you have found the true one but only the two can tell if down to the wire, if it's really 'your' twin-flame soul inhabiting this chart or if it's a pattern of another that is similar to your true twin-flame.

    there is a lot of factors involved here. yes, the synastry between you and your soulmates have to be right but you have to consider even more importantly, "who" soul-wise/qualitatively is actually inhabiting the chart as well. for instance, my son has the same chart as others in the world who were born at the same date/time and physical coordinates but the soul is not exactly the same. his soul came from me and my child qualitiatively on a soul level will not be the same as anothers. the same with your twin-flame.

    the twin-flame is the hardest to detect as your discernment must be even more exquisitely fine-tuned than just general soulmates.
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  14. birch Valued Senior Member

    the positive attributes of the manushya soul caste is hybrid vigor. humans (manushya) are a mixture of angel and demon soul class. these are dynamic personalities that aren't as nasty or rotten as rakshasa.

    it is known within astrology that the deva male and female manushya is the sexiest combo, same for manushya male and female deva. that's the bad boy who the good girl is enamored with scenario. raksahsa is just disgusting and completely destructive. no one wants to be with them except their own, because they can only get along with their own behind closed doors. manusyha with rakshasa is the same as the rakshasa will just pull the manushya down further or be destructive.

    now, you can't have everyone mixing all the time, otherwise there would be no pure pedigrees left. that said, in the bible, there is a metaphor of angels looking down on beautiful human women and wanting to procreate with them. the angelic class wanted a taste of some of that illicit activity and let themselves go from duties sometimes (lol). the most potent sexual attraction is between deva and manushya. the manushya female/male is fascinated by the light in the deva (because it's what is also a part of her/him unrecognized) and the deva is very sexually attracted/infatuated. this is the case of opposites attract but not so opposite (rakshasa/deva) that there is nothing to love or identify with each-other.

    the manushya female with deva male is cinderella finding her prince/knight in shining armor allegory, where he reminds her of the original better self. that's the same issue with the proverbial good girl infatuated with the 'bad boy' and insists he sees the good in him and he loves/respects her purity. that's the manushya class. there are rakshasas pretending to be manushyas or even devas but they don't respect or value the beauty in light or good at all, only in public.

    she (manushya female) wants to become better and he (deva male) sees who she really was/is originally (true identity, not fallen self) and wants to help her. savior/victim but it's still beautiful metaphorically.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    let's get back to the ugly truth though, not just the fluffy nice stuff. his lilith conjuncts my ascendant as well as his saturn and nemesis in cancer sits right on my ic. that's very, very, very bad.

    the lilith/ascendant is really bad. unless the person is highly evolved and mature, the lilith person will be controlling and emasculate the ascendant person if they don't do as the lilith person says. as well, the lilith person will see the ascendant person as competition. saturn and nemesis in cancer on ic is very easily exploitive and abusive, especially since it's ruler is malefic saturn.

    it doesn't matter if the synastry is a nice juicy apple if there is poison attached. single-hood seems to be the real true path of health and safety barring some miracles in relationships.
  16. birch Valued Senior Member

    another example, i don't like anyone's personal planets falling into my seventh house of marriage as well as enemies because it activates my mars/pluto and causes squares to anything that is deposited there. my chart is literally allergic to the institution of marriage contract on a literal level and the seventh house is physical manifestation of those types of relationships. scorpio in seventh house is deposited in neptune and that in square with pluto/mars indicates deceit, subterfuge, conspiracy, incompatibility, abusive situations and unhappiness in marriage. literally, marriage is out of the question as it will never have a happy ending in my chart, no matter what i do or don't do.

    my chart is designed to be horrified by the conventional and suffocating institution of contracts just for the sake of co-dependency or worse, locked in hell with another person for life.

    my chart literally gives me no other choice except singlehood or with the wrong partner because it indicates i will not be able to be with the right partner in this life or they will be unavailable except for the all the wrong matches. this is how these aspects work.

    of course, it is not healthy for me to attract scorpionic people as my chart is already laden heavily with pluto and uranus. i need venus and sun energy such as my son's chart who balanced my energy. another scorpionic person would be like putting a heat compress on someone who already has a fever. i have enough of my own!!! absolutely horrendous. i don't need to be further pulled down into the underworld/netherworld.
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  17. birch Valued Senior Member

    his jupiter in taurus conjuncts my saturn in taurus. is this another coincidence?

    his eros conjuncts my ascendant also. that means i'm his perfect erotic ideal. his chart makes so many aspects to my ascendant. he's not necessarily mine, but i'm his. how can this person adore me this much yet i don't even know them? lol.

    i love theoretical astrology because you can predict so much when you have experience. once you become expert, you can just read a person and tell what type of relationship you will have before you even begin or if there is no actual chemistry/coherent pattern with them. it can also help you avoid relationships that would not be good for you as well.

    different synastry analysis:

    same with r. kelly who looks like a spitting image of my recent ex but a different sun sign yet they have similar signatures in their chart. is that coincidence, also? i don't think so but a repeated pattern in nature. his jupiter is in my second house as well as his jupiter conjunct my venus like my ex. his jupiter is in my 5th house. this particular synastry is all about fun, fun, and more fun. jupiter will be very generous just like i had the similar experience with my ex. of course, there are negatives in the synastry as well.

    venus conjunct jupiter synastry:

    jupiter is generous to venus. that is if you have this chemistry and synastry with the person, of course. again, your patterns with certain types of people will differ from their venus/jupiter types.

    i have this placement with a female friend also and we dig each-other a lot and she always wants to paint the town with me, so to speak. it's a very expansive and active/fun aspect. the part i don't like about this aspect is you could just plan to go out for a particular reason and end up being with them the whole day somehow, even a simple errand turns into some other event and you are tagging along or talked into it.

    this is similar to mars in 5th which i prefer over jupiter though. jupiter can be excessive.

    once you get experience, you can predict chemistry/synastry with everyone and can summarize from a to z in your head as you already know. of course, who you particularly have certain types of chemistry will differ. it's sort of like you already know the type. it's sort of funny and a game but an amazingly accurate one.
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  18. birch Valued Senior Member

    my vertex in libra conjunct my jupiter in libra. but this is not totally accurate because i was not expected to achieve anything for myself. in fact, i was surrounded by people actively undermining this. so much so that they would not buy school supplies needed as well as making sure to not pursue college and that i was not good enough. in fact, i was told that i should work at fast food only by my parents because they did not want me to be successful at all. this is because they were not human but demons in human meat suits but i already established that. but for my half-sister they did everything they could to help her like normal parents.

    the only connection i have to any priviledged background was my very wealthy birth father (in fact, he was a multimillionaire) but i was not born to any priviledged family in tangible reality because i did not grow up that way. the only accurate part is i did have the potential originally (theoretically) and i am tolerant of foreigners and those of different background. the rest is not real.

    this is probably an energetic/metaphysical astrological passing from father to child only. the tangible part does not apply to me but to another person with this aspect it could (depending on their particular variables). this is why you have to read between the lines with astrology and aspects as well.

    but look at the placements. their soul/metaphysical dna does not come from such accomplished and excellent stock and that is why they were so jealous. my chart is indeed very powerful and dynamic but if i'm impotent or damaged on the tangible/physical, it's misleading.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  19. birch Valued Senior Member

    his uranus in scorpio conjuncts my seventh house in scorpio. uranus is the uber planet of freedom and individualism. if his scorpio placement was tethered to the personal planets it would have choked my chart. this guys' chart knows just knows how to approach my chart perfectly.

    his moon in aries conjuncts my anti-vertex/east point in aries. my favorite people and those i feel most comfortable/at home, have either moon in leo or aries, consistently.
  20. birch Valued Senior Member


    yep, just as i thought. it's the perfect placement for a homeless person, bum, orphan or a wanderer. it has no real structure. it is like asking someone to jump off that cliff. this is a very hard placement actually because it pushes to the edge and is the last house. no physical support or life preserver? that's been a theme all my life is no support.

    unless one is an artist of some type, this placement is just so nebulous and nothing really tangible. the only good i like about this aspect is the realization i don't want to play this game anymore of corporeal life or whatever. i certainly don't want to come the fuk back. ugh. done. finito.


    no one in my life has jupiter in virgo. i have checked. well, that's pretty obvious, as if i had the right ingredients or right people when i needed it, i wouldn't have ended so far under!!
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  21. birch Valued Senior Member

    well, this part applies.

    it sure the heck is. i hold no covetousness for anything in this world.

    exactly. this is what everyone experiences. why some people won't acknowledge it, is beyond me. this one is pretty obvious, just from life experience.
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    gruesome, horrid and depressing. i don't go out of my way for that, those types but especially predators are attracted to the soft pisces energy.
  23. birch Valued Senior Member

    ahhh, how horrifiying. i checked on the vedic side (though that shifts my planets as well so it's not exactly right but close) and the stepfather has jupiter in virgo on the vedic side and has dark mediumistic aspects. the perverted and secretly nasty part of this conspiracy (which i love vedic for exposing beneath the surface) is his spiritual guna is primarily rakshasa (demon class divided in pie chart and 3/4's of chart) just like his wife so all those negative paranormal experiences because of the black magic/dark forces as well as his spiritual abuse, not just on the physical level compelled me to look into the occult, because of people like them and how they operate while the pollyanna surface society wears blinders that people either don't affect/manipulate the world and others like they did/can or it doesn't exist. that is definitely no help or comfort to victims who know. i knew it existed because i experienced it many times because of the situation.

    so, in the most twisted and gruesome way, that does have some truth to the 'transformation' because i was on a spiritual quest for answers. but he was no advisor and his spirituality was disgustingly rotten. he benefited immensely from the exchange as it was clean energy compared to his poison. he rose further in society as i spiraled down the gutter. he literally soul-raped me continously to the point at one time i thought i was going to go insane because i was so weakened to feel almost no sense of self inside me. i actually felt at one point i was going to die from my soul/life energy being constantly confiscated; he was sucking it all for himself especially as a child of sexual abuse.

    hindsight is 20/20. looking back, i didn't need this connection and it was not positive as i was already spiritually inclined as a child anyways and would have headed down that path but in a more healthier fashion had i not had this debacle. the only positive, if you can call it a positive is the brutal lesson of learning to look way beyond the surface of society and people as to who they really are, rather than taking them at face value. the absolute lesson that this universe has zero ethical failsafes in it's laws and to act/defend/plan accordingly. that is the positive transformation but still a nasty lesson.

    that link was of no advisor; it was a link of being able to access my spiritual house/node. you have to consider many factors such as the maturity, spirituality, and ethics/morals of the particular person as to how they will use it. they could advise you positively or negatively or just exploit.

    you have to consider many variables that affect how these aspects play out. the pollyanna, cookie-cutter explanations must be read with a grain of salt.

    the one who really helped me on my quest toward the positive direction of spirituality and search for truth was my son and his jupiter is not in virgo. as a matter of fact, those who helped me the most spiritually so far in life besides physically, do not have jupiter in virgo.

    you must use common sense and see the whole picture and how these could play out (depending on the variables involved in each situation which will differ).

    that's the problem and hidden danger/dark side to "connections" or "conjuncts". they are merely a channel or plug but what are you really plugging into or allowed access to you? is the most important question.

    for example, just as venus conjunct jupiter in synastry is considered on the surface a generally positive connection but actually it can turn exploitative or unbalanced as well. for instance, i dated a guy before and my jupiter was conjunct his venus and i was the one giving all the time. because he was not a very ethical person, he just took advantage of it and did not have any conscientiousness that it was one-sided etc and did not try to consciously try to balance the exchange etc or at least end the relationship if you know that it's unfair to the other. well, i ended it but i knew he would have kept on taking advantage had i not.

    that's the thing, you have to consider the character and morals of the people that have 'aspects' to your chart. those aspects are conduits and it can play out negatively if the person is un-evolved or unethical, even if on first blush, the aspects appear positive. you always have to consider the hidden dangers and how those aspects could be exploited nefariously by those who have ill intentions or those who are shady.
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