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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Buddha12, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    I couldn't get to log in here until now, what happened?

    I also have lost a few of my posts from yesterday, are they going to be brought back or what?
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  3. rpenner Fully Wired Valued Senior Member

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  5. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    More than two of mine that posted are no longer there, but I have recreated one.

    I doubt that the new format had anything to do with the crash, but certainly it has caused many problems, especially with spam, not present in the old format.
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  7. wlminex Banned Banned

    Perhaps a methodology in 'moderating'?
  8. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    It's worse than that. I noticed my total post count went down by at least 20. So I must have lost posts in several threads.
  9. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    Who the hell follows their post count that closely??? I mean if it was 9950 or something I could get it...

    On the other hand, the Fiji thread had like 7 responses and now there are only 3... Now I have to type in my long response again...
  10. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I don't usually pay much attention to it, but just happened to look at it yesterday and then again today when I realized some posts in a single thread were missing.
  11. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I can't tell you what actually happened however I can guess a break in a table might of caused most of the problems, which might of been from a SQL injection attempt. Hopefully that won't be able to happen again, but the problem with a system having a broken table is that it's difficult to tell when the problem occurred and where it occurred, so a roll-back was likely used, as the loss of a few posts each is nothing compared to the whole site being inoperable.
  12. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    The last thing I knew, I was blaspheming on a religion thread, then next time I tried to log on . . . BOOM! Better than getting struck by lightning. (Better for me anyway, the worse for the database.)

    Stuff does happen, but it's kind of weird when it does. Hopefully the system will keep humming from this point on.

    And yes, losing a day or so of posts is way better than losing the site indefinitely.
  13. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    To the general membership:

    I logged in last night (Eastern Australian time) and saw a whole bunch of database errors. The "New posts" function wasn't working correctly - just giving an error message. The main list of subforums was only accessible by typing in a specific url. Search didn't work at all. User settings didn't work. In short, the site was having some major database difficulties.

    In such cases, the site owners are notified automatically by the forum software. Clearly, they became aware of what was happening, evaluated what could be done, and decided for whatever reason that the database had to be rolled back. End result: we lost a whole day of posts, moderator actions and everything else that happened yesterday.

    Fortunately, the problem seems to be fixed now. You can thank the site owners for getting onto this quickly. It is unfortunate that a day of posts has been lost. I'm as disappointed about that as you are. But at least we have a forum that is working again.


    To Quantum Quack, The Esotericist and any other nutty paranoid conspiracy theorists who think they are being targetted personally:

    Well done. You got me. It's all a grand conspiracy to get you, personally.

    I didn't mind losing a few lengthy replies of my own that I posted to a number of threads. I didn't mind having a whole bunch of moderation actions that I put in place undone with the rollback. It was all worth it to get at you guys. Because we're all out to get you.

    Bwahahahaha! We're so evil. And so devious. We'll get you, my pretties!
  14. Plazma Inferno! Ding Ding Ding Ding Administrator

    Admin Note:

    Due to server issues over the weekend, we had to restore the database yesterday, hence the loss of data made in the last 24h.

    If you notice any problems, please report them to me directly or post them in Site Feedback forum.

    Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.
  15. Bells Staff Member

    I was having major issues trying to access the site last night (same as James' time) and after finding a particular round about way and typing in direct URL's and going through the history on my end, I was able to get on and tried to PM Plazma, but that crashed and burned to.

    After about 30 minutes of trying to post in the mod forum and PM'ing the owners, I gave up and took my flu ridden self to bed.


    And conspiracy theories.. Really?

    Me thinks your tin foil hats are over-heating..

    You should have linked this along with the "Bwahahahaha"...

    I'm waiting for you to be blamed if they get a flat tyre.. Obviously a conspiracy to force them to stay home to post..
  16. Emil Valued Senior Member

  17. Balerion Banned Banned

    Who the hell are the owners, anyway?
  18. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I think the evidence speaks for itself... quite well... indeed it is even quite conclusive....
    It's now up to the members to ensure that their interest are being protected.

    and the key question that I posted, that was instrumental in getting the thread closed not twice but now for a third time, is waiting to be answered...
  19. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    well I stand to differ and so to does this post #8:
    Evidencial item number #1:
    now how do you figure... I lost maybe 8 or so posts and numerous pms and I am told a full database roll back, but this one post just seemed to stay put. [ maybe because the thread was locked after I posted the post yesterday]
    A global rollback as suggested involves the deletion of ALL changes made since the rollback safety point. [24 hours or so in this case]
    and this is obviously not the case.
    A 24 hour old database back up can be installed with in 5-10 minutes.

    Please explain?

    btw I have done 100's of rollbacks my self so I have a fairly good idea of what was going on...
  20. Balerion Banned Banned

    What is so difficult about this? That post was made more than 24 hours prior to the rollback.
  21. Gustav Banned Banned

    what would you do if it did die?
    quite a few years ago sci went down for a while and few of us ended up at tsf. i am pretty sure most will go back if this place dies. perhaps just to say bye or make a new home

    feel free to make an acct there just in case
    we created quite a stir there when we went in en masse
    yeah, middle of 05
  22. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    The post in the cesspool was was made After I posted the same video and invited you to use that thread for your flaming instead of destroying the "why decline in membership thread. same video used twice with in approx. 5 minutes of each other.
    So it definitely fell with in the so called rollback/deletion period.
    The mod action to close that cesspool thread should be logged as well. [ yesterday ]
    so I suggest the mods have a look at the records as to when and who closed that thread... for their own benefit.
    The notifications of my post to the cesspool would have already been sent to the inbox of all subscribed members of that thread as well...
  23. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I might add I do not recall exactly but I believe the thead was originally in the Free thoughts forum. I had to dig it out to use it...rather than start a new one in freethoughts.
    Any ways if the mod notes haven't been deleted for that thread the info shoud be freely available regardless.

    the big question is ...Who done it? Who locked the cesspool thread and why?


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