What will cause world war III?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Saint, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    Yes, I've heard all three versions: accident, illegal import; government [department - as we know, in government, the left upper rear hand knoweth not what the left middle front hand doeth, let alone any of the six hands way the hell over on the right side] policy.
    I'm inclined to go with commercial import and distribution, because:
    - commercial traffic in ladybugs and nematodes is well established (of the pack of 1000 we ordered from California some years ago, 400-600 arrived dead or close to death, so we never did that again - aside from the fact that they had little effect on the aphids in our greenhouse, it's damn cruel.)
    - somebody has to catch and pack the beetles, and that would be way cheaper in Asia than California; the markup would easily compensate for a high casualty rate - but the Asian bugs are hardier to begin with, so, even more commercial.
    - I imagine the importer had a license. A farmer wouldn't be able to smuggle in boxes of insects without attracting customs notice.

    Addendum regarding swallows:
    The feral cats I see around here catch chickadees, sparrows and the odd finch. Swallows are too fast and too high. Swallows also build their nest in high, inaccessible places, very hard for a rat or raccoon to get at. I'm sure they're getting killed in large numbers on their migration route - chemical spray and weather. Mostly, though, not enough food. What's the point in putting up nest-boxes and planting milkweed?
    75% decline over 30 years
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  3. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    There are many species of wild bees. Not "one".
    Very few plants are restricted to being pollinated by bees only. Many other kinds of insects, alone, pollinate plants.

    Many of the plants people now rely on honey bees to pollinate were first domesticated and farmed in the Americas, where there were no honey bees. The takeover of the landscape by domesticated bees imported from other continents and protected by humans has done a great deal of harm to native pollinators - native bees among all the others.

    WWIII will not "start", in my guess. It will be suddenly noticed to have been in progress for a while. It will have been launched by people who think they can win some limited conflict fairly easily, and want the spoils.

    Just going by history.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    start a thread DM me so i remember and we will find out
    its a bit like foreign funding of political partys to democratically vote in socialism.
    its all very legal until some rich greedy elitist living above all forms of social law decides to line their own pocket because someone has voted against their country club expansion & they now want to tip them out of their rich elitist groupy club so will burn thousands of democratic peoples freedoms to do so and call it small government policy of the conservatives.

    it was never about civil liberties and democracy to hold the government to account for looking after the people(typical fake republican conservatism and typical fake christian political conservatism).
    it was always about dictatorships and being able to do what ever they want in-spite of law and government

    although that media tabloid campaign being anti foreign funding was all about covering their own tracks because they were equal in offense to julian assange to the accountability of their own political voters(Republicans)
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  7. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    Sorry - I have SBS* I don't quite understand what we're to research.
    (*slow brain syndrome. It is, too, a real thing; I just invented it)
  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member


    i have done a little reading

    maybe you could at the very least put a link in

    you would need to show the urban creep habitat extermination of wild bees and insect pollinators as clear science against a crop system of mixed spread crops
    but im not going to split hairs with you.
    the way you have worded your sentence suggests your financially in bed with something.
    (maybe you are just reacting instead of applying a scientific method of results orientated methodology)
    you are deliberately trying to miss lead the true science
    i thought you were pro real science ?
    the supply & demand system leaning on mono crop pricing macroeconomics defines the reality of human food chain cost access.
    the cost access to put fruit & vegetables on the super market shelf where 80% of the worlds population get their food from
    would be reduced by around 65% with out bees
    inflationary pricing would reduce that probably by a factor of 15 to 20% of that margin(5 to 10% over all)
    the knock on effects of stock market pricing on all grain products would be global inflation and lead to hoarding and stock piling and short selling
    which would be a night mare version of the corn bubble that happened with bio-fuels

    soo...while there may be some relevant data that suggests not all human food is ORIGINALLY pollinated by bees
    the fact remains the bees control the entire supply and cost pricing system that delivers food to the shop floor at prices the average working class person can just afford.
    though many say the food prices are already to expensive.
    food banks seem to be very busy everywhere.

    this is the 2nd post you have made with some clear undercurrent bent toward hiding some scientific real coal face facts in the last week

    whats up with that ?

    you can see someone is paying for propaganda to be put on google to dominate search results(nothing new)
    Bullshit brigade creationism propaganda of the alt-right anti science haych Tea Tea Pee Colonic metafact factchecks 138 are bees responsible for 70 90 of glo





    By Ashley Braun on Oct 23, 2010
    Eric Wesoff April 19, 2017
    Betting on a corn bubble
    Published: Sept 21, 2010 7:32 p.m. ET

    i could link in some price jumps of food but im sure you are intelligence enough to draw a conclusion from
    breakfast cereal prices jumped, ... also...
    the direct financial connection with things like feed for chickens
    future short selling and market price gambling of retirement funds etc...
    down stream cost delivery of basic staples to low income majority population people...

    etc etc ...
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  9. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Yep, the Sixth Extinction event has been going on for awhile now, and we are finally beginning to notice the scope of the problem.
  10. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    One crazy man pandering to a mob of similar crazy folk all holding the belief they are right and God is on their side.
    Of course that can't happen where could we find such a man and such similar crazy folk.
  11. river

    Egos of old Kingdom concepts .

    Where people don't matter , lives don't matter .

    Those that could start this war are always protected from this war . As always .
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  12. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    We are in the economic part of WWIII at this moment......
    I have reason to believe that major improvements will be made before June 21, 2021 which it is best that I explain later on.

    In 2014 CIA economist Jim Rickards gave the numbers for the worldwide Derivatives markets as being seven hundred and ten trillion dollars.....
    in the same video he gave the number of two hundred and ten trillion for the USA Derivatives markets......
    my point is do not believe the people who tell you that a thirty trillion dollar national debt could bankrupt the USA!

    I am of the opinion that the people who have a near death experience sure seem to come back with exceptional insights on what is really going on here in four dimensional space - time!

  13. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    Global competition for resources
    seems to be the primary issue
    the metaphorical nuclear arms stand off is with climate change and the need to advance technology as quickly as possible.

    • 1 electricity (maintaining electrical power to national systems to maintain the country)
    • 2 food control and ownership of key food groups to feed the country's people
    • 3 resources (minerals etc)
    • 4 is a little vague and is medical technology for advancing vaccine research into corona virus & what will be other emergent virus & disease/bacterial issues as humans develop.
    • 5 Geo-political influence & partnerships & physical military control(ability to control access & protect)
    the would needs clean energy as quickly as possible AND it needs to secure food

    it appears possibly 'gathering technological information' seems to be a key step

    unfortunately it appears some whom may have technology are simply not going to roll it out and apply it in the time frame required to prevent the (what is an appropriate word) thing from occurring
    capitalist user pays economic principals demand a short fall long term to increase profits against inflation which is also tied to the capitalist economic system
    so it is inevitably doomed to never allow the leap that is needed.

    the current interesting example is vaccine production, distribution & ongoing advancing technology of vaccine research
    companioned to this is electricity supply technology.

    here i stop to prevent myself from repeating anything i have posted in other threads
    (key resource control & ownership)

    if you dont follow geo science
    the ice shelf's are breaking apart at ever increasing speeds

    highlighting the dire need to move faster, faster than most economic capitalist multi business profit negotiation contractual bargaining and manipulation allows.
    By the time everyone has hammered out their best possible profit margin it will simply be to late.

    the short by line is something to the effect
    climate change is moving faster than society can adapt, while deniers and profiteers seek to stall business adaptation as much as possible
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  14. river

    Fear and mis-information , mis-understading . Psycology of War . And lack of Intelligence ( simple and complex ) . Lastly MONEY .
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  15. river

    A Good based Capitalism for everyone . Where Money , profits , are balanced with Humanity . Meanness doesn't bring in good people , or it does but they get side tract . Its not Easy to Be A Good Human Being .

    Business , right now , has its own aggenda .

    I don't know what it is , but I know that Business as in Banks , from the west , England And The US , financed the Nazis and Stalin . They made money either way .
  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    so its not their fault for being mean greedy nasty selfish & ling & stealing ?

    1 human being in a society is considerably different than a countrys laws & foreign policy
    which way does the blame & excuses go ?

    war profiteering is probably best discussed in a separate thread because its quite complicated

    it is a highly sensitive issue
    with no shortage of psycho nut jobs looking to ingratiate themselves into with blood money & power

    not a subject i choose to get involved in
  17. river

    Not surprised . But there are books on the topic .
  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    skipping stone skims along the surface of the water . . . ...
    its depth matters not
    as long as it is wide & flat

    what use is laws of skipping stones if people can simply throw the skipping stone instead directly over the water on to the other shore ?
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  19. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    What does this have to do with WWIII?
  20. Dicart Registered Senior Member

    Money and monkey.
  21. Saint Valued Senior Member


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