What would you do if you knew the truth?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Mike, Dec 9, 1999.

  1. truestory Registered Senior Member


    I believe that those who wrote and amended the Pledge of Allegiance, for the most part, came from families whose ancestors had previously fled their mother countries due to religious persecution and they understood the hierarchy of allegiance to God before allegiance to government.

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  3. truestory Registered Senior Member


    Thanks for your response. Although our experiences are somewhat different, I am glad to see that you have experienced other senses/dimensions.

    It might seem like a lot to those who have never had such experiences but, in reality, my experiences of such have been few and far between. They have always been powerful, accurate and fruitful messages and, of course, I am astounded at first when they happen but thus far, I have never had any reason to truly doubt them. They are usually crisis-induced and come with a sense of urgency, including the message from God.

    Had I not acted immediately in the first example, my daughter would probably have been taken over many state lines to a remote area by a would-be kidnapper. This experience happened about thirteen years ago.

    Had I not been aware and not acted immediately when the situation presented itself in the second example, a woman would have been stabbed, possibly to her death. This experience happened more than twenty years ago.

    Had I not delivered the message in the third example, I have been told by the family member that they would have continued to spend the rest of their life in a state of mental torture. This experienced happened around twenty years ago.

    Given God's message, "Spread the Word. IT IS NOT TOO LATE (emphasis added)..." I sense another crisis which is in a relative urgent state and in need of addressing. This experience happened about four years ago.

    I'm not sure where you got the impression that John 1:18 contradicts my experience??? Maybe it is just your interpretation...

    "No one has ever seen God. The only Son, God, who is at the Father's side, has revealed him."

    It is my understanding that John was explaining that no one had ever seen God fully before the coming of Christ. That was the whole purpose of Jesus Christ coming to dwell with us... so that God and the relationship between God and man would be fully revealed to us...

    PS: When people in general are referred to as "men" in Bible interpretations, I don't take the meaning to be gender specific.

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  5. truestory Registered Senior Member

    SkyeBlue and Searcher,

    This statement represents a common misconception of those who don't truly understand what being a saved Christian means.

    It first involves an act (not words) of repentance and contrition. One cannot just "say" that they are sorry and "get off the hook"... one has to truly be sorry with their heart and their whole being for having behaved offensively in the eyes of God. (Believe me, God knows if one is serious or not). They must despise the bad things which they have done, not only because they fear God's just punishment, but because they are the things which offend GOD who deserves all of our love for the gifts of life, love, free-will and salvation which God has given us.

    One must then make a firm resolution, in the eyes of God, to do what is right from now on... With the full realization of the nature of man and the impossibility of being able to fully accomplish such a task, one must then accept Jesus Christ into their life to help them along the rest of life's journey... to help them to resist temptation in the future... to accept Jesus as their savior... Jesus Christ, the One who was sent to deliver us from evil.

    Once one has done this and continues to live their life, in the grace of Jesus Christ, life here on earth will not necessarily get easier, but having Jesus in one's life will help keep one on the right path when challenged in the future... being human, someone who is saved might allow themselves to temporarily fall from the grace of Jesus Christ and they might waver at times... they will have to suffer temporarily with punishment for their wrong-doing... However, when the time comes, the sins of those who walked with Jesus in their hearts will be totally forgiven by virtue of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for them and they will enter into the kingdom of heaven and walk eternally with God.

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  7. Mike Registered Senior Member


    But isn't the United States made up of a mix of people from different cultures and religeous beliefs? So doesn't pledging allegiance to just one God, and excluding and disregarding the beliefs of others partition your society? How long will it take for the Western Christians to be out numbered? What do you think will happen to the pledge of allegiance when Muslims are a majority?
  8. SkyeBlue Registered Senior Member


    You make a good argument! I wonder what you are meaing when you say that they will "suffer temporarily" - you mean karma? Or are you calling seperation from Jesus suffering?

    That still doesn't address my query to Lori though - Lori, you haven't said anything, so I'll repeat; surely you don't equate witchcraft to a sugar pill??

    The way I see it, whether you call it 'being saved' or whatever, I think we're getting at the same kinds of things, just taking a different path to get there. You may use Jesus's love as an inspiration to do good, or you may use nature's inclination towards balance to realize that doing good inspires others to do good which ultimately benefits you - what's the difference in day-to-day life? If you're a good person, you're a good person, whether you follow Jesus, Allah, Amon-Ra, Buddah, or the Green Mother. Or are an atheist or agnostic, for that matter.

    I have nothing against the core beliefs of Christianity, I know it doesn't sound that way, but I really don't. I have a problem with a lot of CHRISTIANS and the bible's teachings, but not the faith itself. I believe in an overwhelming life force that manifests itself to each person differently. You see God, I see a Lord and Lady. Someone else sees water sprites, another sees angels. So what?? Is one any more or less valid than another? To each their own! I would not try to stop you from loving your God, from loving your messiah. Why do Christians persist in trying to stop others from folowing their hearts? If it's not Christianity, it must be wrong is the attitude I come accross over and over and over. Most organized religions seem to have have that trait, actually, but in my life it's been the Christians that have gotten nasty about it. I keep gettin told that those people aren't "real" Christians, but the bible is a load of bigotry that is spoon fed to these people to make them this way. Tab's comments about how mysogenistic the bible is - great example of what I'm talking about.

    I don't LIKE your God, as he is portrayed. "Do as I say, or I'll smite your smart-a$$. Oh, eat my apples, will you?? I'll go ahead and punish you for eternity for it. Whoops, getting too tough, how about I sacrifice someone, I know, I'll impregnate a virgin, that sounds fair. Oh, and I know, I'll teach my children they're WAAAAY better than everyone else, that way the non-believers might be pressured, brainwashed or threatened into fearing my wrath! Yeah, yeah, that's rich! Ah, crap, one of my angels went awry, but I won't stop him, that'll just help scare them into following my rules all the more! A little fire here, a little brimstone there, a little inbreeding.... There we go! Perfect! Just the way I wanted it! But, I won't take the blame myself, I'll make sure everyone knows they're evil and wicked right from birth. That way, they'll blame themselves and not me. OH! And I'll make them come and beg me to be saved! Yes!!"

    That might be a bit overboard, but really, doesn't that bug you Christians that your God is so fickle and unable to control his own emotions? And the whole Satan thing - please! A fallen Angel, but God doesn't bother to lift a finger to stop him. I'm sorry, but my brain just doesn't work that way.

    I think the Christian God does exist, but as I have said before, I don't think he is the way he is portrayed in the bible and such. I think that as a symbol of love, a symbol of goodness and grace and forgiveness, he is a great model. But I seriously doubt most of the bible's teachings. I just don't buy it. I think he is just another aspect of the life-force, the All that has existed eternally, as far back as what we call reality goes.
  9. Lori Registered Senior Member

    Sky, yes I do think that witchcraft is a sugar pill. I'm at work, and I dont' really have time to go into depth about anything while I'm here, so I just get on for some one-liners during the day, and save the meaty stuff for at home. Your answer's coming, just give me some time.

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