What would you like to see installed on SciForums?

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Meh, I don't think they're so bad, and what you really end up paying attention to are the green and red gems on the user's page under reputation recieved, the comments next to them and the post that the comments link to (the post which was neg'd or pos'd).
It's a really good way to size up a member and their standing in the community, their history of good and/or bad behaviour, I mean you don't have to search their post history, you basically get the highlights (and lowlights) of it summarised when you click on their name.
Also, everyone ends up kind of caring (while constantly insisting they don't) and so everyone is striving to be better, making better posts of more substance.
I agree.
However, there is a slight 'abuse' worry. You probably remember infraction episode, when the good intention turned to bad practice.
Same could happen if some members randomly rep up and down other members.
But, I still like the reputation idea. It would be definitely useful tool in 'filtering' (sounds bad yeah) the discussion and potential participants in it.
Well, rep is more unofficial insight in members history and activities. More like assessment made by other members based on user's activity, posts and behavior in general.
the rep idea sounds like incentive for conformity and fake nicety. i'd hope for a whole rainbow of gems rather than just green and red, different colours equal different attributes ie. funny stupid original whatever. i'm not opposed to giving the rep system a burl though.
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