When men changing their own genes...


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Could we consider that it's part of the human evolution when we try to modify our genes to enchance ourselves? After all, we are not outside of human scoope. Whatever we do, with or without our will, we are still shaped/driven by our genes. So everything boils down to genes try to modify themselves.

I think any human intervention on genes, either on human or other lives, are still part of the whole gene evolution on Earth.
If humans take their development under their own control they may pass beyond the need for genes. From the gene perspective man will have become an experiment gone bad.

Likewise man’s development of super human AI could result in human extinction.

In either case the progression might be part of an evolutionary process. The LAST part.

PS This hamster favors genetic engineering and AI research. Just don’t think the risks should be discounted.
daktaklakpak ...

After watching some of the Westminster Dog show, all I could think was:

"If they could do that to canines just by selective breeding, why mess
with gene modification and the attendant risks."

Take care ;)
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I'm working on a book with such a theme as this. The direction it took is "Oh what a web we weave when we decieve"
The fittest may be the weaker one that lasts over x (unknown) generations while the strong one dead ends after merely 7 generations. The time scale to answer the problems involved in eugenics requires immortality and infinite patience.