Where do thoughts come from ?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Mark Turner, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. HawkI Registered Senior Member

    External!? So Mind body connection huh!? Well in that case, the DC comic book Universe's, The Watch Men's very own, Dr. Manhattan, is a very realistic character. Awesome, and of course, you could be right, who on Earth am I to judge?
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  3. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Consider that a picture is made up from billions of color pixels. I believe this is how the brain functions. the neural network constructs a composite of neural information bits which are experienced as a holographic image inside the brain. This is how we can experience a lifesize image inside an average adult brain volume of 1260 cubic centimeters (cm3) for men and 1130 cm3 for women. This is quite remarkable, when you think of it.

    The physical brain inside your skull can only make "best guesses" of what it receives second hand from your sensory inputs. But it seems to have an enormous memory storage capacity, from which it can draw and fill in details that may not necessarily be observable by the senses in real time, but are available in the memory, which is made up from sets of microtubules. When these undergo "catastrophic disintegration" Alzheimers loss of memory is the result.
    (see also Alternative Theories sub-forum)

    This is how writers can write a book , describing in detail the imagined scenery and external conditions necessary for development of the plot.
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