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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Miss Chicken, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. Aware watcher Registered Senior Member

    i think life is hard because i dont think i can get done everything i would like to in less than 100 years. but if i was immortal man that would just rule.
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  3. Miss Chicken Registered Member

    Totally wrong image of me. This is what you should be thinking about.

    Miss Chicken's Homepage

    Most people who have said they would explore the Universe if they had immortality I ask

    a) if immortality is offered to you today and next year the asteroid hits how are you going to get off Earth?

    b) If you think that you could wait for the aliens to come what if they don't exist, or if they do exist none of them ever develop faster-than-light travel so never make it to Earth?

    Remember in this scenario you only become immortal, just like you are today, not a superhuman.
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  5. Teri Curious Registered Senior Member

    Dear Miss Chicken

    You were totally right about my impression from your name; but you can't really look at someone's user name without getting some sort of picture in your head. I hope I didn't offend you - I really love Miss Prissy but out of all the cartoons Daffy has to be my all time favorite.

    Moving on again....

    Oh wait, one more thing. I could have played with that flower thingy for ages - you know the saying "small things amuse small minds". That's me, for today only.

    Anyhow -
    The answer to a) is that the asteroid falling next year avoids the boredom aspect. I wouldn't get off the earth so the dilema would never come up.

    The answer to b) is if I never run into anyone ever again, I still have my memories intact. I've never been afraid of being alone, so that's not a problem.

    And lastly the answer to c) is - oops, you didn't have a c) - BUT
    I would say if an asteroid hit the earth and I didn't even get a bruise, then I would have to be Superwoman, because you did say that I didn't get hurt in the asteroid hit the the earlier post.

    How do you like them apples?
    Cheers from Teri - who also likes cats.

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