Why are Africans so violent, as populations?

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by prozak, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    At this point, I believe u are either an idiot, or simply ignorant.
    You HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF HISTORY. How the hell can you classify an entire continent without even knowing its history?
    Go here for an intoductory lesson: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/index_section10.shtml

    More violent? All the various African tribes who were thrown together by the Europeans and It has been 46 years since the first African country(Egypt, Liberia, Ethiopia excluded) gained independence(Ghana, 1957). How long did it take the European nation states to evolve? Do you know how many wars France and England fought? How long it took Germany to unite as a nation? ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I HATE STUPIDITY! I HATE IDIOTS WHO DO NOT KNOW HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Addictive Registered Member

    quite simply...i am in love with thefountainhed now.......yes innnn loveeee ^_^
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  5. apendrapew Oral defecator Registered Senior Member

    Perhaps it's because they aren't as evolved as other races. I hold it to be true that humans evolved from monkeys and I've read that humans evolved from monkeys in Africa. If monkeys and humans, two different animals, exist in the same time in history, why can't another animal which came from monkeys exist at the same time? Of course I'm not saying Blacks aren't humans, but what I'm suggesting is that they could be less evolved or less civilized because of different routes of evolution.

    Every once in a while I meet someone that carries very distinctive properties of a monkey and I think that maybe one of his relatively recent ancestors was a primitive human and some of his genes ended up in my friend's phenotype (Genes privileged enough to take part in physical makeup).

    Take a look at Steven Tyler.. you can't tell me he doesn't look like a domesticated ape.

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  7. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    Apendrapew, perhaps you woudl like to suggest how to distinguish these differently evolved people from others? Perhaps they couldnt interbreed? Or maybe youd like to quantify how evolved "races" are, somehow, but then what are you using to measure the evolvement? Or perhaps your having a joke, or maybe you are quite mad.
  8. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    You probably mean that modern apes and humans share the same ancestor. Similarly monkeys once shared the same ancestor with apes and humans.
  9. Rambo Registered Senior Member

    hahahaha, what a fucking joke. Those African countries are no more violent than the USA.
  10. airavata portentous Registered Senior Member

    load of crap. we all evolved from monkeys. to hold that africans are violent simply because they are naturally more 'primitive' than the rest of the world, and hence they are genetically more predisposed to violence is bull. what about all the anarchy and crime during the period after Charlemagne's death? don't forget, these people have been oppressed and enslaved for centuries. after independance; their situation hasn't improved tremendously has it?
  11. IXL777 mature with wisdom Registered Senior Member

    quote:While I wish that would happen to the USA, it makes me wonder something: Africa is called "the dark continent" for a reason - it's incredibly violent, primitive, cruel and permissive.

    Prozak ."What are you taking prozak!!?"
    and I suppose the rest of the world is:non-violent,avant garde,not cruel and have non freedom.....generalizations that you are making come from an , insecure,indoctrinated,immature idiot....do I need to use anymore i's to open yours!!the only darkness I see is from your brain...let some light in!!
  12. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    Two things :
    - You mean that the behaviour is coded in DNA. Where are the clues for your theory? Have you statistics about this?
    - Evolution... "We" are more evolved than them?! Oh, nice news for Adolf... he was right about the racial superiority... (IRONY - for Jerrek).

    One point for you : I believe that there are races (however it's a taboo) and they have different abilities (physical) but there's no IQ difference and I don't think that the behaviour is defined in DNA. If there are problems in Africa, the origine is cultural and historical and not genetic.

    Africans are nice peoples

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  13. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    just a quick note before i make a more accurate comment...

    there was once a large continent...
    we can call it africa
    it is very old
    not just realy old but realy realy realy old
    and there were different groups of people living on it around it slightly under it and a few other concepts that might escape common definition...
    and all these different groups
    you may call them tribes
    went around teaching each other to make stuff
    they traded stuff
    and a few of them were not very nice...
    so they started a bank which they thought would be a great idea to collect all the labour effort of many unsuspecting people...
    but unforunately these bank people had no intention of being good bank people so they stole some of the money
    and ran away...
    so some people got very pissed at this and decided to track them down and hack them to peices for being dishonerable
    then while in the proces of hacking these nasty people to death the nasty peoples relatives who had taken some of the stolen money complained about how they should not be hacked to death
    so they set about trying to hack others to death...
    then the knolledgable leaders of the groups got together and said
    hey you dick heads
    stop hacking those people up
    and slowly they managed to disperse and cleans the hacking disorder they continued to live in groups and trade while they tried to aspire to the higher religouse goals soo many current people look to achive...
    while they were doing this some people who had spent far too long around some other not very nice people decided to try and take all the resources they has like gold ornaments and religouse statues and a few young women to boot.
    this ofcoarse was not seen as very good and made a few of the group leaders dissapointed so they got together and decided they should do something about this but the nasty people heard of the plans so they started spreading rumours to all the victims they had made in thier oun country saying that people with black skin were not clean just like the white people who had seriouse fatal ilneses...
    then they started slavery
    and that is many thousands of years ago
    so what do you think has been bread into the culture of these people?
    love and friendship???
    but they do realy realy want it
    and a few have actualy asked for it
    but most people still think that those nasty looking unclean looking people are not very smart and want to take everything like thier ancestors did because everyone is infected with revenge....
    not true i suggest!
    not all people are infected with revenge.
    but then there are those who just dont realy get off thier ass long enough to actualy try and find the real facts out and think that because they see a car accident that all cars kill people
    when in fact we all know thw cars dont kill people
    what is it that you are driving AND will you STAND UP AND BE RESPONSIBLE i.e do some real research please.
    is date rape still rape? ofcoarse it is!
    is white collar crime stil crime? ofcoarse it is!
    groove on all

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    this was written very quickly for me so sorry for typos

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  14. sisay Guest


    how old are you anyway? If you're about ~14 I'd say this type of "Black - White, Bad - Good" worldview will dissapear eventually and all kinds of new grayscales will appear to you.

    And what do you really know about the civilisation of the African countries before colonisation, just because they didnt resemble the european cultures they dont count, or seem primitive? Like religion for example , Who says that a medicinman praying to a firegod is more ridicilous than a man praying to "God" ?
  15. prozak Banned Banned

    Sisay, maybe someday you'll grow up past this "14 bad, older good" mentality you have

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    At least try to read what I wrote before you fire up your righteous indignation. I mean, come on: what's so hard about simply debating the point? Your reply said nothing.
  16. apendrapew Oral defecator Registered Senior Member

    A.) When you say "We", who/what group are you talking about? Do you think I'm white?

    B.) Behavior might not be "coded" in DNA in the way you may be thinking, but saying that DNA doesn't affect behavior is simply wrong.

    C.) I agree that races have different strengths, but saying that there's no IQ difference is quite a bold thing to say when you have nothing to back it up with. Can you back it up with undisputable evidence? No. So don't say it.
  17. prozak Banned Banned

    Africa is clearly more violent than the USA, which is nearing third-world violence levels as its population changes.

    Why is it that these ideas are so threatening people cannot respond with reasoned arguments? I'd like to see at least one credible counterargument, please.
  18. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Is it the quality of your ideas or the quality of your detractors?
    Perhaps such cannot respond with reasoned arguments at all.

    You don't find "BAD RACIST! BAD!" credible? Tsk tsk, you've been improperly socialized.

    Your statement is a "fucking joke" (to use your eloquent rebuttel).
    South Africa, for instance, has one of the highest murder rates on the planet.


    Perhaps you should actually do some research (this took me about one minute to find with Google), or better yet extract your head from your rectum.
  19. Grey Seal Guest

    well, considering segregation only ended..what 30-40 years ago? I doubt "intensive welfare and preferential admissions/hiring" could have gone on for 160 years.

    As for rape, white males are the prime perpetrators, along with incest and child molestaion. white is a very broad term though, so take it for what it's worth. I forgot what the age group was on the rape thing, 30-40 would be my guess.

    i can assure you it'll be quite a long time until african americans begin acting like whites or however you want to put it. they've only obtained their rights within the past 30 years and still fight for them. that's A LOT of catching up to to. it'll probably take 100 years for everything to even out, at least. considering there are people of the old mentality still around that "remember" hate the fact that they "gave that up" that they had it so good with those folks working for them for peanuts. also considering the black families are still poor. their fathers and grandfathers had the only shithole jobs that they could only get. you can't expect the next generation to jump right up into middle class $80k a year jobs. this last generation or two are the first to attend college even. it'll be quite a while. sad that it even had to be be this way.

    the african continent is violent because that's how people are naturally. it was the first continent with man, and it still retains it's old characteristics to an extent. asia and europe still retain theire "old school" characteristics. everyone does. as americas we retain ours, however ours arent even 500 years old. it comes with the territyory, africa was an early continent so they have an early mentality. it's still widely rural and wild there. tribes and such.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2003
  20. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    The harder your life is, the easier it is to be violent. Its pretty fucking simple. This is universal.
    Granted there are freaks that have it so easy that they get a sort of perverted pleasure in being violent but that is a new phenomena spawned from the unnatural level of comfort some individuals can now have.
    The difference is that those who have lived it particularly tough don't think poorly of violence. The saddist types know it is bad but that excites them and they are more secretive and creepy with their violence.
  21. prozak Banned Banned

  22. Persol I am the great and mighty Zo. Registered Senior Member

    Poor people are more likely to kill rich white people who they feel are 'putting them down'... what's your point?
  23. Cowboy My Aim Is True Valued Senior Member

    Infant-rape is a popular hobby in South Africa, which would hardly be considered an "undeveloped" part of Africa.
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