Why is being nude so "wrong"?

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Thoreau, Oct 11, 2007.

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    these types of men, it's a form of illwill and domination for their ego. the motivation is to stroke their ego by using you or subjugating you, especially if you are NOT someone they are compatible with or know you don't like. it's a form of mysogynism. if they wanted to look for someone to have sex, there are plenty of women who advertise that and no strings attached even. with the internet, it is easy to find. there are also plenty of prostitutes.. i've found that it is a type of mentality that anything they see in the world that they want is somehow something they are entitled to. they don't care if they take proper channels or whether it's mutual or unwanted. it's a very selfish mentality.
    i've been propositioned just point blank and even when i turned the person down, they kept trying. many men, even if you speak to them casually or just be neighborly/nice to them and it was clear he was not the only person i spoke with either so there was no way for mixed signals, that's like the mail carrier propositioning you because of simple civil talk. i then asked what made them think i would be interested in them because i am not interested. he had no response. yeah, that's right. then, i told him why don't you look online or hire a hooker if what you are looking for is sex? he said because he WANTS ME. as if people are an object and his feelings and wants are so important. i could tell it was all about his ego to prove something to himself. there are nasty men who purposely hit on women they know aren't interested. it's some type of perverted thinking. there was a female that was very interested in him but he ignored her. some people only want what they cant have because it's all about ego, it's a weak character. i asked him how he would feel if someone propositioned his mother or daughter like that and he gave a look like 'oh no way'. most people are selfish and disrespectful and will try anything, if given half the chance.

    there are a lot of scummy and bad people out there. they may have jobs and not go to jail but they have bad character and morals.
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  3. Counter Registered Senior Member

    It is because you have just walked in the room. We are born naked.
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