Why it is Women's fault

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Frisbinator, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Xev Registered Senior Member

    A woman's sex defines and comprises her. Because of her biology, she's weaker than a man - and culture enforces this weakness. Through various historical processes she becomes sex embodied.

    Her sex, and the uses to which it is put, thus form the basis of her being-for-others. A woman who is "loose" takes upon herself all the filth associated with her sex, and becomes the target of all.

    No not really. A woman's sexuality is simply more comprised.
    She is expected to be fucked, otherwise she wouldn't be a woman. But if she isn't fucked in the right manners and ways she's a whore.

    I think the cut-off age is 17. Under sixteen is considered trashy, over seventeen is considered prudish. Over twenty is considered definitely fucking abnormal.
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    One of the things that drives my wife crazy is the observation that men tend to close ranks among themselves and act with solidarity, whereas women more often tend to not support each other. And I have to say that in the 27 years that she's been saying that I've become sensitized to noticing it too.

    I'm sure it's just a product of our patriarchal Western society, sort of the "Uncle Tom" phenomenon. The way for a woman to get ahead in a man's world is to betray her fellow women. In fact in California, where one gets to observe people from many different places, I notice that cultures where the patriarchy is not quite so all-powerful seem to produce women who actually do have more of a sense of solidarity. Vietnam, the Philippines, some of the African nations; I see women from those places supporting each other. In fact they instinctively close ranks with other women no matter where they're from.

    It's a positive influence on America. We guys need to have some sense kicked into our butts.

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  5. Eluminate Registered Senior Member

    feminist bs keep preeching this and the males in our society will become the most passive, least aggressive & least attractive kind in the world.
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  7. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Worst of all, they'll be complete idiots who are unable to spell or come up with coherent sentences!
    As Freud noted, civilization makes humans into passive, submissive creatures. It's hitting your gender now, as it's been destroying mine for the past 2000 odd years.
    Ha ha, rot in the hell you created, untermenschen.

    Fraggle Rocker:
    As is everything even moderately unpleasant. Women are dumb whores not because humans are vile but because, you know, it's the patriarchy.

    Yes, African women have it good. They're empowered feminist warriors!

    Oh wait, they're not expected to be visible in public and there's that whole "genital mutilation" thing. Nevermind.

    No, you simply need a good whacking with a clue by four.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2004
  8. antifreeze defrosting agent Registered Senior Member

    what? since when? i don't understand how this perception could have arisen. not only are men [or just people rather] generally self-serving and treacherous, but these are personality traits that - to the best of my knowledge - cannot be separating along gender lines. or perhaps i'm just way off base.

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  9. alain du hast mich Registered Senior Member

    "I see this as primitive, immature. I'd rather spend my time writing, creating art. This will attract a much more evolved woman. This type of woman you can have much greater fun with, yet you need to experience this, I cannot show you"

    i dunno why u cant have this much fun with a friend, and go out with someone that you are interested in sexually, then you have EVEN more fun, and arent cheating on anyone or anything

    "men tend to close ranks among themselves and act with solidarity, whereas women more often tend to not support each other."

    i havent noticed that, i was under the impression that groups of girls will help one to get out with a guy if shes too shy to ask, maybe thats just in tv, ill try paying attention to what happens around me, maybe that'll help
  10. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    hey fraggle rock, - in the social groups that have dominant or alpha males women dont have a choice in mating. If I recall its only been about 100 years that women have had rights adn given the option to choose male companions, most of the time women were traded for land or forced into marriage. Half the time women were raped and taking by warring states. I dont know where u get your facts.
  11. UnknownSoul Registered Member

    i don't like it when people assume im a player, etc. I don't want to be thought of as a guy who has no restraint. Just cos i can, don't mean i will, I got discipline.
    Guys go round 'acting' to get girls which is just nasty cos it seems so sleazy but i suppose those guys are not comfortable with themselves, therefore, the only way they will gain some self worth is by sleeping with lots of women but that does not seem to help them attain long term happiness, therefore, in the long run, they are looking for that something but going about it in the wrong way by trying to sleep with lots of women.

    Its like people who look for hapiness in superficial things, it makes them happy for a while, then something else comes out, then to reach that same level of hapiness, they gotto buy something else. Get out of the cycle and find yourself a woman that will make you happy instead of trying to live up to the backwards 'fresh prince' sterotype that media created. You are human, that makes you different to animals.
  12. Zero Banned Banned

    Humans aren't different from animals.

    Humans are animals. Just a hell of a lot more dangerous since they have a more developed nervous system and intelligence. I see nothing particularly noble or special that humans have that animals don't, other than superior processing power to process information gathered from the outside environment and the power that follows from that.

    Okay, I guess humans have might and animals don't.

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    -- Long live the Female Messiah!
  13. Humans work in groups and can change/betray those groups at will. Name an animal that can do that.
  14. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    yeah advanced social groups. However these social groups act like an organism too. But underneth all reasons in a social group it comes down to primitive survival wether it be memes or genes.
  15. debkiss10 Registered Member

    Okay I have a question for everyone, I am a 20 yr old virgin girl who is in college right now. I have keep my virginity even though at times it has been hard but on the other hand I have also kissed/made out with a lot of guys. Since I was twelve it has been around 67. It happens like every weekend and lately I have been feeling used almost. It is so easy for me but now I am feeling really guilty. Would you call me a slut?
  16. jinchilla Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    Kissing roughly eight or nine guys a year doesn't make you a slut in my opinion. I think it interesting you can give an estimate without rounding. And being a virgin at twenty doesn't make you abnormal by my definition. Someone will appreciate it and it sucks to meet a pretty girl who wasn't overly promiscuous and ended up with herpes. Kinda puts a funk on the sit. Anyway, what did you say your number was? ;-)
  17. alain du hast mich Registered Senior Member

    Xev said "Worst of all, they'll be complete idiots who are unable to spell or come up with coherent sentences!
    As Freud noted, civilization makes humans into passive, submissive creatures. It's hitting your gender now, as it's been destroying mine for the past 2000 odd years.
    Ha ha, rot in the hell you created, untermenschen."

    yeah, at least the poor person that you verbally attacked can manage to stay in one language for an entire paragraph, which reminds me of the fact that you didnt use proper paragraphs, and therefore can hardly blame the guy for incorrect spelling

    what was the point of the non english (possible german) word?
    was it to make u look smart? was it used as a buzzword? (lol, buzzword is sorta turning into a buzzword) did you quote Fred for the same reason?

    back on topic
    debkiss, assuming that is the total truth, then no your not, almost all people enjoy kissing. If a guy is using you, dont worry. If hes hot, then you use him, if hes ugly, dump him
  18. caffeine_fubar Dark Dementia is my name... Registered Senior Member

    LoL HAHAHAHA So true...
  19. Vortexx Skull & Bones Spokesman Registered Senior Member

    We don't respect the slut, but boy do we like to fuck her, availabillity is the sexiest thing since the new BMW Sports Utillity Vehicle hit the road. Oh and always do a DNA test on your kids, changes are that the dark and handsome but notoriously unloyal italian guy is the father and that you are just the sweet loyal, but hardly as exciting guy that she knows takes good care of her and the children for the first 4 years....

    Let me sleep on it, I give you an anwer in the morning...
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2004
  20. blankc Your superior Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, that's so true. People who raise other guys kids say thier nice guys, or that they love the woman, but thier nothing but braindead fucks whoose DNA is going nowhere. I would never marry a slut, fuck one sure, but they aren't marrying material. I would be about 10x more likely to marry a virgin than even somebody whoose had sex once. Remember, marriage is a reward a women gets for passing on your DNA, if you let yourself be Cuckolded, your nothing, not a good person, a loser.
  21. MacZ Caroline Registered Senior Member

    Physically, yes, but so what? There’s a lot more to strength and weakness than “biology”. Though perhaps not for you, since you came up with this statement in the first place, and this:
    Again, maybe for you.
    Well so does a man’s. Don’t tell me you don’t have some generalized and possibly unfair and derogatory opinions about the opposite sex, that ( cross-your-heart) you evaluate each and every man you encounter on a strictly case-by-case basis?

    And don’t tell me, “boo-hoo, but they haven’t been trampled on and put down like us poor women have.” So what? Things change, no thanks to theories and harping on the past. Life’s a more dynamic than that, and never quite so simple as you seem to think it is.

    More on topic, it’s only been, what, thirty/forty years since women had the freedom to be “slutty” with their own husbands without having a baby, let alone every guy on the block.

    And I tend to agree with what Tablariddim says, that
    … in other words, a man who knows what he’s doing. If orgasms were as easy and as guaranteed (virtually) for women as they are for men, I think things would be a lot different. As things are, there’s a lack of incentive, basically. Maybe why people (other girls especially) might find it “odd”, if nothing else, that a girl would want to sleep around? Chances are that a man looking for a quick, easy ride doesn’t care enough to make sure she has a good time too, so why bother?
  22. Nebuchadnezzaar Registered Senior Member

    For a guy: Getting laid is a chore
    For a girl: Getting laid is a choice

    Hence, we have sluts and studs.
  23. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    MACZ--are you saying there are no differences other than physical between a man and a woman?? Hormones play a key role in mental development and the structure of neuron pathways(which dictates how we think)

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