Why no one steps forward

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Q_Who, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Q_Who Registered Senior Member

    This has burned in my brain for a while now.
    If a person were to come foreword with true psy powers they would be in grave danger.
    They would be met with hostility from religious groups, pressure from governments and danger from people wanting to gain power.
    I mean think about it. Not only would they be met with harsh scepticism but extreme danger.
    If a person did have any abilities governments would bribe/kidnap/kill them as soon as they proved their powers. Religious groups would either see them as a prophet or a demon. The general public would not at all be receptive to a 'freak' of nature (the unknown scares the crap out of people). Anyone with half a mind would exploit the hell out of the person and then shove them aside.
    If you do have powers and you want to step foreword be smart about it.
    My suggestion is to keep quiet and if it is possible train others (#s= strength and protection)
    Trust No One

    What do others think? Could this be the/a reason no one wants to prove their abilities?
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  3. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    Could this be the/a reason no one wants to prove their abilities?

    Either that or it's all pure nonsense.

    Think about it.

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  5. VitalOne Banned Banned

    Usually, the people that have these incredible powers are not seeking fame or want to convince others that it is real. If you really did have these powers, would you keep it a secret or would you tell everyone you saw that you had the powers?
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  7. Kinetic Spirit Possessed Immortal Registered Senior Member


    Maybe, for the most part, your probably correct. If someone had psychic powers the government would indeed use it and try to cover up the fact that these power exist. But I know they exist I can see the abilities but I just can't unlock them. If I did unlock them I would show the people most closes to me. Then I would show people little by little, Until it spreads across the world. Learning this ability would make me travel the world quite often, teaching others the ability they have forgotten.

    Our minds have been warped and we need to cleanse our minds and administer what we have learned to others in the hope that one day people will turn this world into another kind of world. Not a world of war, hunger, famine, ect. A world where people are kind to each other.
    But even with these powers, it's sad to say a world like that is non-existant and will never exist.

    But there are those who will refuse to have these power exist due to there addiction to there current reality.


    goodbye...until we meet again...
  8. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    But there are those who will refuse to have these power exist due to there addiction to there current reality.

    Yes, reality is wonderful thing - come join it sometime.
  9. Q_Who Registered Senior Member

    Reality is relative
    Who says that our waking moments are real?
    What is real?
    Do you or I exist?
    Are we all characters of your/my mind?
    Why are some crazy and others sane?
    Should the norm dictate sanity?
    If most of the world became schizophrenic would you be insane?

    Reality is not a pleasant place. I prefer living in non-existence and on the edge of sanity.
  10. Q_Who Registered Senior Member

    Psy is a Pandora's box

    You free anger, hate, death and greed on a fair scale but also you free minds and enlighten the planet.

    It is a delicate balance but the truth wants to be known
  11. Ertai Registered Senior Member

    Well have to watch pass a whole generation for the new generations start to believe in it..

    Well, society and truths must be unlearned somehow..

    Its a hard thing to explain...

    Fortunately there is hundreds of scientists and people working on repeatable experiments all over the globe and USA especially..

    Its just a matter of time before they find some kind of hard evidence related to the brain were psi functioning can be measured and know when a person is really using psi or just imaginating it..

    Lets just watch this next decade will might see some surprises

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  12. SpyMoose Secret double agent deer Registered Senior Member

    What in the world makes you think that? Why would religions even take notice of somone who had true psychic powers. Religions dont try to encorperate everything that is wierd, and now doubt science would claim these powers as thier domain first, and have all sorts of papers published on what causes it. Your view of how the government would treat it is waaaay off. Maybe this person would get a job offer for the state department or something, but one psychic? What does the government need with ONE psychic? Best to let the scientists have him.

    why would it be the end of this persons life? Why wouldnt it be more like hitting the lottery? They could have thier pick of high powered jobs, because a lot of important people would probably think they could use a psychic, and any lab that they agreed to be studied by would be able to keep them in extream comphort because they would be getting grants out the you know what to study a real psychic phenominon.

    But you all have these weird pulp commic book ideas about what would happen "Oh the millitary would see him as a threat and roll over him with a tank" or "Scientists would cut him open to see how he works!" well ive got news, the military is a little too powerful to be threatened by one psychic, and scientists have far better ways of studying people than cutting them open.
  13. Q_Who Registered Senior Member

    Why keep them comfortable, someone will just offer them more?
    It would be best to keep them captive, comfortable, but captive.
    Governments and people want power (one good psychic spy is all they need).
    People hate deviation from the norm.... or everything (their is at least one hate group for everything)
    Some religions may saint them and/or see them as a prophet (much like Mohommid or Jesus). Not every religion but one sect of one religion might. Another might see them as a demon (goes against God's will).

    One psy spy could topple a nation. If one nation knew the location of every enemy weapon platform, every tank, every troop deployment and knew exactly what the enemy was going to do before they did it. They could rule the day in every conflict. (and they wouldn't even have to risk deploying a bunch of spies)
    A military doesn't have to fear the psy person but they need to fear the people controlling them.

    If an enemy nation had psy spies than they would be neutralised or captured to defend national interests.

    If they could see the future they would also be able to advise on how governments and people should act to achieve success in every aspect (including war).
    If a person can remote view they are the ultimate spy (every government would want them) they could know an entire nation's secrets without leaving a room.
    If a person could move objects the government would want them to train soldiers or study them like a lab rat until they could reproduce and harness their powers (it is a fact, governments want better weapons, at any cost… espionage, murder, black-market, kidnapping anything to get the plans to another nation's toy)

    Think of the unspeakable power one could gain be reproducing and exploiting psy..

    And don't call my notions pulp comic book stuff. If an unknown power was up for grabs everyone would want a piece (no matter the lengths).
  14. PacingYourName Registered Senior Member

    I am leaning towards the nonsense side because. If i had these powers I would be either rich,famous, or powerful. No one with unique abilities is unknown. I refuse too believe that there are psychic people but just dont show themselves.

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  15. bratok Registered Senior Member

    I'm learning it little by little ( by Norbekov, mostly ), but the first thing I found out is that no one would be able to have any of this powers, UNTIL he would change his point of view on life. Until he would rise above the crowd, be able to forgive and love everybody they way they are.

    Later, when he will have the powers, he won't be able to use them for anything "eveil", but only for good and creative purposes.

    If ( WHEN! ) I will have the powers... maybe I won't yell on every corner about them or also won't try prooveing them to eveybody on the street, but I certainly won't keep then a secret. As how can the government ( or anybody else ) jail or kill a person that is able to heal, move out of his body, make everybody blindly agree with him, has 6th and 7th sense, etc...

  16. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    If you were psychic, and someone was planning on kidnapping/killing/whatevering you, wouldn't you know about it in advance, and just not be there? :bugeye:

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  17. bratok Registered Senior Member

    Sure, that's the 6th sense, to know ( feel ) what's gonna happen. Also there's the 7th sense ( forming events ), your Egregor ( guardian-angel ) and god know what else...
  18. Halcyon Guest

    A whole lot of people who have contributed to the psi testing taking place have chosen to remain anonymous for the exact reasons discussed in this thread. You can refuse to believe it all you want, doesn't make it any less true.

    As for the government's reaction to psychics, just check out the CIA's published reports on Operation STARGATE. About a decade or two after Russia began making huge leaps in proving the scientific basis of PSI, the CIA began their own investigations. Unfortunately, they didn't have half the funding teh russian scientists did, so they couldn't afford even half of the same equipment the russians had found to be useful in these studies, and they didn't use any of the control techniques already established by russian scientists. It's hard to see how it would not have come out as a failure, but miraculously, it didn't. They did have success, but due to the malobservance of proper conditions, it was a small success, and so they decided it was no longer of national interest to pursue it. At least that's what they made public....we all know that what theyactually tell us is only a fraction of the story.

    As for Spymoose's remark regarding religion: The Catholic Church has come forward and claimed PSI events in the name of the church. Investigations of Stigmata have proven that the event is psychosomatic, that anyone capable of that depth of hypnotic trance can make stigmata occur by will. This is by definition a PSI event. The Catholic Church has claimed some of these "miracles," as a divine message and proofs of the faith.
  19. Q_Who Registered Senior Member


    You can't be everywhere at once. If they try for multiple objectives at the same time ex family members in different places they could overwhelm you and cause you to submit.
    I mean you look into the future and see kidnapping attempts are about to be made on 10 members of your family and 2 of them are on a camping trip with no phone.... you are cooked.

    Or they could keep you running until you become tired of the chase and give up.

    Eventually you would make a mistake that would trip you up.
    (that is the human way)
  20. bratok Registered Senior Member


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    ... a person, with powers enough to interest the government or anybody else serios enough to try kidnapping his family, would be able to do much, much more then just see what might happen to his family mambers in the future.

    Norbekov wrote that his teacher was arrested once ( this was in the Soviet times, mid 70s, I suppose ). Two officers came to the teachers yard, who as about 95 then, and asked him to come with them. They locked him in a separate cell and, when they came back in a few hours, they saw the back wall of the cell ripped open. Behind it, the teacher was peacefully drinking tea on a meadow with some celebraties ( actors, singers, even generals ) of that time

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    . Both officers were forced to join the picnic, later one of the generals escorted the teacher back to his home. When the officers came back to their mind, they saw that the cell wall was back in place, as well as the usual buildings behind it, where the meadow was ( i.e. never was, as well as the general and other people ). One of the officers ended in the nut-house.
  21. Halcyon Guest

    That's very similar to the tests Stalin conducted with Wolf Messing. Stalin ordered Wolf to be taken to an office inside the kremlin and posted three sets of security guards ordered not to let him leave. He didn't have an exit pass. They all sat and watched him as he walked right out of the building, but they didn't see him, they saw a government official in his place, the image was projected from him into their minds. He also did the same thing in reverse, showing up in Stalin's dacha at Kuntsevo. That was liking asking him to walk into fort knox. But projecting the same image, he walked right past all the staff(each of whom were members of the secret police), and a platoon of bodyguards, and right into his office. Stalin conducted another test, where Wolf had to walk into the moscow gosbank and walk out with 100,00 rubles. Wolf just walked up to the cashier and handed him a torn piece of paper from a school notebook. The cashier looked at the paper and instead saw a check, cashed it, and Wolf walked right out with all the money.
  22. bratok Registered Senior Member

    I heard of Messing, remamber that his powers appeared somehow by themselfs or he was even born with them. Suppose that's why he used them so "playfully" and unwisely. Later he even held "shows" in theaters, where someone from the audiance had to write something on a paper and was supposed to "feel/read/telepate" it from that person's mind. One he said like "Stop thinking... he won't make it! Concentrate on what you have written!"

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    . My mother was on one of his show.

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    I suppose it isn't "right" when someone just gets this powers for nothing, as then he won't be able to value them and use then for a right purpose

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    It says that Wolf Messing found his powers while takeing a train without a ticket, as a little kid. The conductor asked him for his ticket, but he passed him a piece of paper and emotionaly wanted the conductor to believe that it's really a ticket... that he did. So his powers appeared.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2003
  23. Halcyon Guest

    Well, he did contribute a whole lot to the study of PSI, he didn't just squander it. He was tested by Frued and Einstein as well, significantly impacting freud's belief system. Hitler Also put a price on his head for predicting that Germany would lose the war, forcing Wolf to run to Russia. Anyway, he participated in as well as conducted many successful experiments into the research of PSI. In a way, the shows that he did were a good thing. They raised public awareness of PSI and it's possibilities, and spread interest in researching it.

    Your mom was very lucky. I wish I would have had a chance to see him in action.

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    Where specifically are you from, Bratok?

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