World's Politics or USA Politics?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by kira, Oct 19, 2009.


Which is it?

  1. Yes, majority of sciforums members are Americans, but they are not self absorbed

  2. Yes, majority of sciforums members are Americans, and yes they are self absorbed

  3. No, majority of sciforums members are not Americans

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  4. Just want to vote

  1. kira Valued Senior Member

    The politic subforum is placed under category World, together with World Events, Business & Economics, and History.

    But, take a look at recently updated threads in politic subforum:

    Obama Administration At War With FoxNews
    Trial Date Set for Obama
    Why Americans love Israel and the Jews
    Just How Bad are the Deficits?
    Erdogan takes a stand or why the Goldstone Report won't go away
    China's Emergence As A Global Superpower
    30 republicans vote against ban on mandatory arbitration
    What's wrong with socialism?
    How and Why COLA in 2010 will save America
    Health Care Systems Around the World
    Poll: Healthcare for all is a fundamental duty of society
    Political Jokes
    Should Chicago get the 2016 Olympics?
    Louisiana Justice Denies Interracial Marriage
    bill kristol, jon stewart, socialized health care, the daily show Health Care Bill Debate
    Healthcare Reform Passes Senate Committee, who would have thunk?
    Apparent crack in Conservative Talk Radio
    Obama on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    DOW tanks, more jobs cut, thanks O!
    conscientious objector, ehren watada, iraq, war Over: Watada allowed to resign
    the problem with the media continues
    Obama wins Nobel peace prize just to piss off Republicans
    Egypt: Dimona On My Mind
    Unemployment rate for young explodes to 52%
    Obama/Dems seek to EXPAND the CRA
    Charlie Rangel (D), fails to report millions in income
    Obamaphiliac Siting!
    Sen. Graham Calls Beck 'A Cynic' And Birthers "CRAZY"
    obama, racism Ideas and Policies: Obamanoia is not about race?
    ethics, financial crisis, healthcare, philosophy A question about healthcare
    the torture chronicles, ongoing
    Obama open to newspaper bailout bill
    Can America be Salvaged?
    Atheists/Jews Biggest Obama Supporters

    Does this say that the majority of the poster are Americans and that they are self absorbed? :bugeye:
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  3. superstring01 Moderator

    Mod notes:
    • People post what they know.
    • Most of the posters here are Americans, so expect to hear a lot about American politics from them.
    • The USA is currently the world's only superpower and, for better or worse, the most influential nation on earth, which only magnifies this fact.
    • If you have an issue with this, then this part of Sciforums isn't for you.
    • This thread is more a site feedback issue and will be moved to the appropriate subforum
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  5. superstring01 Moderator

    I certainly enjoy hearing about other countries from time to time so, feel free to start political topics about other countries. Asguard, Bells and James are our friendly neighborhood Aussies and they provide us lots of topics on their home nation.

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  7. kira Valued Senior Member


    • Are Americans only know about America?

      Are Americans not interested about politics of other part of the world?

      Is the world only about USA?

      I was just curious.

    If you say so.
  8. kira Valued Senior Member

    Sorry, I wrongly quote the words, going to edit it back for the right colouring.

    Edit: colour is corrected.
  9. superstring01 Moderator

    Another note: everybody is self-absorbed. I've lived in the USA and Europe. I've been to Africa, Central & South America and notice this fact about all human beings: everybody thinks they are special. EVERYBODY. The only real difference between Americans and everybody else is that the USA happens to have power of reminding the entire world that they are just a little bit more special than everybody else. It's annoying. It's like that high school do-it-all, know-it-all who shoves it in everybody's face. It get's old, but places switched, everybody else pretty much behaves the same. History is peppered with reminders of this sad human quality. It was seen in the Japanese, the Chinese, the Spanish, the French, the Brits, the Romans, the Spartans, the Mongolians, and a host of others.

    Pretty soon the EU, India and China will have this power again (since it'll be the second, third and even fourth time for some) and people will be scratching their heads as to why they all behave the way they do.

  10. kira Valued Senior Member

    Fair enough.
  11. kira Valued Senior Member

    If everybody is self-absorbed, there will threads by the Dutch about The Netherlands politics, or by the british about their politics, or by the European about the European politics, etc.
  12. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    Despite this forum being started and managed by Australians (I could be wrong about that) I think about 65% of the member are Americans (I could also be wrong about that also). I think Sciforums would be better if it was not so American but I think Americans are a huge percentage of the world's population of computers owners who don't prefer to post on more regional non-English language forums.

    We Americans are self absorbed but it is not entirely our fault because the huge size of the USA and geographical isolation of the USA makes it natural for Americans to be self absorbed. We Americans would be less self absorbed and play a better role in the world if we had more exposure to people of other nations.
  13. superstring01 Moderator

    No. There are 300+ million of us. Saying "American" is like saying "Asian" or "European". Look at the members of this forum for a spell: Pjdude, Tiassa, Spidergoat, FraggleRocker, Superstring01, Countezero, BuffaloRoam, BaronMax, BenTheMan. . . all very VERY different characters with VERY different ideologies and interests. The USA is much the same, but even MORE different!

    Some are. Most are not. It's called elitism, and it's pervasive in the USA much the same way it was in the UK, Rome and Spain during their empires. Pride commeth before a fall and the US is certainly on a path to get its elbows bruised.

    No. Who said it was? This website is open for all. It isn't for you or me to decide what people should discuss or be interested in. I may think that it's short-sighted for Americans to not care about Spain or India, but that's just my opinion. If you want to start a topic of conversation on the price of tea in Guangzhou, then be my guest. I'd be interested in hearing about it. Others would too. But don't get upset if most Americans don't care. People a free to care--or not care--about what they want. That, my friend, is the price of freedom.

    You ask good questions. Don't be afraid of that.

    I do. I see how you may think that it's inherently political, but it's more or less about the members here and the posting nature of those people. It doesn't invalidate your thread, but it belongs where it belongs.

  14. superstring01 Moderator

    There are. Go look for them. They just don't last long because, as far as I know, there are no dutch people here (though, there might be, I don't know the ethnicity about them all). There are, as I pointed out, threads started by Aussies about Australia. Maybe they are just as "self-absorbed" as Americans. Maybe that's why we like them so much.

  15. kira Valued Senior Member

    But this is not America, this is the internet world. Are other part of the world less significant to discuss?

    I am guessing I might offend some Americans, I'm sorry for that.

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    I am encouraging everyone to post more diverse topics, or do you people have to talk about Obama all the time? How come we don't get to discuss Nepali maoist or such, but we get to discuss Obama birth certificate or elementary school ?"§$%&!§$$ :bawl:
  16. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member


    American media takes a very American-centric view of the rest of the world when they do cover the politics of the rest of the World. In American media you get almost no news coverage of any other nation's politics that does not include how Americans are involved in that politics. When Americans are not involved in the story the story does not get covered.

    It is sort of hard to jump into watching a movie half way threw the movie when you don't understand who the characters are or what the plot is and it is sort of the same situation if an American media outlet suddenly showed a story on another nation's politics. We don't even know what is happening in Canada and Mexico and our media does not trust that we would be interested enough for them to sell the advertising on the news show if they did put the politics of other nations on our news. Perhaps one problem is that our news media is for profit and must deliver people to advertisers rather than just trying to keep us informed because keeping us informed is a good thing to do.
  17. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    They are worthy of discussing as far as I am concerned and I find the world interesting. Please keep us Americans informed about those things that you understand and we don't; but don't expect us to be informed about the world.
  18. superstring01 Moderator

    For better or worse, what goes on in the USA has the biggest effect on the world when compared to other nations. Especially Nepal.

  19. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    You can bring up anything. But will you get responses from people who don't know anything?

    There are probably a few people here that could intelligently discuss Nepali Maoists. You can change the nature of Sciforums for the better just by posting. If you post somebody else who is not an American and who is knowledgeable and interested in what you post might become a member to respond to you and then this place would not be so American.

    I would rather that Sciforums not be so Americans.

    And thank you for your earlier input on our stupid debate about Obama's schooling.
  20. kira Valued Senior Member


    I will try next time.

    I don't disagree with that. I just thought it's too much. Obama election would get day to day coverage but none gets to hear about, say, CDU, SPD, and so on. Nah

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  21. kira Valued Senior Member

    Next time I post in politics subforum, I will try to bring up German or Indonesian politics. Thank you, too!
  22. superstring01 Moderator

    Which is why, thankfully, we have you to start those threads!

  23. WillNever Valued Senior Member

    No just more about America.

    No just more interested in America.
    Right now, mainly yes. Enjoy.

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