Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lord_Phoenix, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Lord_Phoenix New World Order Registered Senior Member

    Say if there was to be a WWIII, what do you think would be the new alliances? Would the old alliances exist? Now that China and India are emerging as the new super powers, how do you think this will change the war scenarios?
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  3. Jagger Registered Senior Member

    Well the Europeans have decided that a counterbalance is needed against the US. They have agreed to sell arms to the Chinese. IMO, this would never have happened without Bush's arrogance and disasterous foreign policy management. Of course, invading Iraq didn't help either.

    The US are driving the Iranians into the arms of the Chinese as well in self defense.

    Many oil producing countries are now looking at China as a better long term partner than the US.

    Russia is selling arms to the Syrians.

    Bush is making a mess of everything.
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  5. mikasa11 Registered Senior Member

    I think if there was a world war iii which is at this point an unlikely situation it would be something like this....(im going to us the U.S.A as the allies)

    Allies: United States
    Canada: Wouldn't make much of a difference but would without a doubt be on the U.S's side.

    Great Britain: Would without a doubt also be on the allies; and would definetely be heavily in it

    France: Would be on the allies side possibly sending them supplies and such; however i believe if there was a world war iii they would also get fully into it.

    Germany: Would also without a doubt be on the United States side....They wouldn't make a huge difference but would however make a significant difference.

    Japan: Japan would be on the allies side and would be battling in the pacific; mainly against north korea and possibly china.

    Pakistan: Pakistan would be on the allies side and would make there difference by fighting against possibly india.


    Iraq: Yea.....they've sort of already been taken care of if there was a world war iii.

    Iran: They would make a significant difference and would also be targeted considering they've got sort of a flat terrain (easy for tanks and transportation) and would also be an important air base to have military strike teams at for the allies.

    Egypt: Egypt would probably join the fight but wouldn't make a whole lot of difference. Considering they have 3 borders they could be taken out rather easily.

    Syria: Syria would be on the axis's side more than likely

    North Korea: They would definitely be on the axis's side; their would also be a good chance that if they joined the alliance they would have been attacked; and according to Pyongyang if they're attacked China would retaliate with them. If China does join North Korea would quickly disperse their nuclear weapons and military stuff in China so it doesn't get quickly destroyed.

    China: If china did join the war with the axis and this is an incredibly huge if....then it would definetely be a world war iii...China is the third leading country in possession of tanks...They have the largest man military and i believe they are up there in nuclear weapons (anywhere from 3rd-5th.)

    India: This as well as China would be an incredibly huge if but they might join the axis by being persuaded by China or some other country...They also have a huge dislike for Pakistan...If they did join the war the allies would be at a huge loss for man power and would have to be much more strategic with they're warfare.

    (Russia: Who ever side Russia was on would win the war.)

    Total casualties:
    United States: approximately 30% of the population would be killed or die of radiation within 5 years.

    Great Britain: approximately 40%. (This one is hard to estimate....if the axis had control or somewhate control of the air this number will be much higher.)

    France/Germany: approximately 25%

    Japan: About 85-90%...The lucky 10% were able to escape to the United States.

    Pakistan: approximately 85% of the population would be killed. (Considering they border iran/india. They are also near China.)

    Axis: Death tolls of the population would be much lower.

    Iraq: 5% (No need for many nukes on them.)

    Iran: 20%

    Egypt/Syria: Both would be around 30%

    North Korea: 97-99%. (They are an extremely dense country with an extremely high amount of nuclear weapons. The allies would attack these places to diffuse or blow up there nukes.)

    China: 40%. (I believe the allies would have a tough time conquering China so they would resort to just blowing them up.

    India: 75%. They're high density would have many side-effects with the allies nukes.

    (A world war iii situation like this would be highly unlikely but i included China and India just to show what could possibly happen if they do decide to join
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  7. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    WW3 will be mos likely world vs america, soon as the old alliances crumble, it will become communists+socialists vs capitalists, that is when america will get crushed along with its allies(probably their puppets in afganistan and iraq)
  8. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    after the capitalists are destroyed, socialists and communists will have a war of words, after which a heavily socialist but not communist system will ewerge and become global
  9. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member


    WW3 would consist of the world vs, America , Britain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel
    I think nukes would not be used. it would be smart weapons vs conventional military in large numbers. the war would last about 10-15 years.. and 30% of the world population would die.
  10. Barkhorn1x Registered Senior Member

    Yes, and then the Communist leadership will do what they do best;
    - Argue incessantly about who is taking the “correct” path
    - Establish personality cults
    - Build “socialst realist” (meaning brutally ugly) monuments
    - Rape peasant girls
    - Imprison and slaughter their populace
    Ahh, comrade, what a glorious future awaits us all!

  11. Barkhorn1x Registered Senior Member

    .and we have another "reductum ad absurdum" WINNER!

  12. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    Hopefully the communist leaders wont make the mistakes of the past

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  13. Lord_Phoenix New World Order Registered Senior Member

    Well, Russia has always been a strong ally for India, and now China and India are getting closer in relations. And the only country stronger than India and China is US. So if India, China and Russia work together, they could easily destroy the US. India has very powerful nuclear weapons, and if it is combined with the long range firing missiles then the alliance would be unbeatable. However, it is true, in a nuclear war you cannot decide which country is stronger. But if US and Canada launch the weaponization of the space program then US could survive.
  14. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    We still hold mutual annihilation over each others heads... both with WMDs and economic interdependence. If anything, I expect America to be right there in the alliance with the only major powers on the face of the earth.
  15. esp Registered Senior Member

    Says who precisely?

    If we are speaking of an event occuring right now;
    Remembering that not all countries would become involved, I think that those who have already shown a willingness to participate in the deletion of 'potential' global tyranny would be staunchly on the side of true democracy. Whereby the remainder being those Nationales intent on the advancement of a select couple, or overly attentive to the way in which their country is presented to and appreciated by the wider world, pander to the wider world in general.
  16. Muhlenberg Registered Senior Member

    Liberals predicted, repeatedly, that Reagan would start WWIII.

    Ralph Nader predicted in 1980 that oil would hit $300 a barrel by 1990.

    In 1981, Business Week predicted Reagan's privatizations would mean the end of the equities markets (Stock tip: Business Week is the best counterindicator around).

    In the 1970s, the Club of Rome predicted the world would run out of oil over a decade ago.

    In the fall of 2001, Noam Chomsky and his fans predicate American would create a genocide in Afghanistan during the coming winter and 4 to 5 million Afghans would die.

    Last fall, liberals predicted the elections in Iraq would be a failure and needed to be postponed.

    Bottom line is these weren't rational predications. They were political statements disguised as prophecies.
  17. Crimson_Scribe Thespian Registered Senior Member

    In my experiance, theorizing about the future is a bad idea.

    Aeroplanes wouldn't be used as military toys.

    Y2K would kill us all.

    Hilter is going to stop in Munich . . .

    You get the idea. Predicting the outcome of a WWIII, or any war, lies almost entirely on the issue or catalyst that provoks it. On top of that, alliances depend entirely on the situation. That's why democratic America and Great Britian allied with the Soviets. Churchill even favored Mao over Chaing kaishek.

    Bottom line: almost no one accuratly predicts these sorts of things. If we could, they would be avoidable.
  18. Crimson_Scribe Thespian Registered Senior Member

    BTW, Mr. Phoenix, another Star Wars test failed last week. The system needs a lot of rethinking before it can work.
  19. Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST Valued Senior Member

    Just the European Union , America is waning as evidenced by the current mideast morass .
    China and India are possesions of western Finance and are totally reliant on access to the more advanced affluent consumer societies of the West . In fact China with a population of 1.3 billion has the same GNP of Italy which has a population of 60 million . And India is well behind China economically in fact China is just a vast factory for the production of out work for Western companies .
    You will see with the evacuation of the mideast of America the squabbling over that region by The EU , Russia and Turkey .
  20. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    canada would be one of the storngest allies against america, they can send as amny ground trops in as they want, and any attempt to use nukes against them will kill or sicken many americans too. so if bush really does have an IQ more than 50points it wont happen.

    canadians hate americans, there is no way that canada will side with the yanks
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2005
  21. Barkhorn1x Registered Senior Member


    Well the competition was fierce - but you managed to pull it out. The dumbest single post in this thread!!


  22. Barkhorn1x Registered Senior Member

    Oh yes they will, it's the nature of the system.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2005
  23. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    all leaders screw up, its just a matter of on whath scale they do it

    and yes, my post would make more sence if i used correct grammar, i shall edit it now

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