You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant

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    We saw Arlo Guthrie's 50th anniversary performance of "Alice's Restaurant" last weekend at the Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria. It was fabulous. It's hard to believe that he can still recite the monologue from that movie verbatim, and keep it as amusing as ever.

    It was a long show so there was a lot of music that had nothing to do with the original show. His children are all musicians. His son plays guitar in the band and one of his daughters was the opening act. She has a voice and a delivery that can make you cry, and she knows how to handle that resource.

    They managed to name-check five generations of Guthries. Woody's dad (Arlo's grandfather), of course, sang in the era before music was commonly recorded. But his daughter (Arlo's aunt) is a good singer and remembered a lot of them. She taught them to her grandchildren (Arlo's children) and they are slowly bringing them back to life and will soon put out recordings.

    At the other end, when Woody died he left a mountain of lyrics in the attic that didn't have melodies yet. Arlo's grandchildren (Woody's great-grandchildren) are setting them to music!
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