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Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by BigWill, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. BigWill Registered Senior Member

    I've been using FL Studio for a bit and had always just made techno/bad music and left it at that- then I met a guy who introduced me to the idea of homemade rap. That was a few months ago and now I'm having rap parties and spending my free time being serious about these really ridiculous raps. I'm not serious in believing I'm a rapper, but the sheer joy of writing a song and then making it happen is wonderful. Rapping gives me an outlet to create characters and talk about things I couldn't in a singing song. I dunno, I can't go back- anyone else doing this? Care to share your music and why you do it?

    I'll start:
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  3. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Not many rappers here, I guess. I'm glad you enjoy it.

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  5. duendy Registered Senior Member

    If ya rhymin ya a rapper...
    i love what you are doing it sounds good.
    cant access ypur link tho, my system has limited memory and some sites i cant open....shame

    rap in its best form is really vital poetry
    hateit when it spreads hate, thru ignorant insight

    LOVEit when it explores deep feelins and erotic

    wan to encouage you toreally fukin go fo it

    DONT be lookin at the 'giants'...thats disaster , cUSE IT MANS YOU NOT LOOKIN AT WHAT you IS DOING

    try and really realy opn up, and exporee the culture down to its essential mindfuks

    ths'd mean its myth of mental illness, its racism. misogny, its war on drugs

    tis is a cornucopia of creativite potentia, andpotential healin fo yo and those who share in your ever exfoliatin creative process. hopefully encouraging them too to rhyme
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  7. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Sorry, but rap makes me feel like Prince Valium surrounded by a bunch of angry, womanizing young black dudes. Not such pleasantries!
  8. draqon Banned Banned

    rap is life, i use rap to stay awake, rap is like coffee
  9. jon950 Registered Member

    Unfortunately, mainstream pop-rap is like this and it really gives the genre a bad rep. If you were to check out some earlier rap ('88-'94) and even some underground rap today you might see that there are many out there promoting a positive message. Rap can be intelligent, political, relevant and empowering, it all just depends what you listen to. For 'hardcore' rap fans it is upsetting to see what is at the top of the charts these days, but it seems to be the same way with any genre.
  10. Silence Prolific Registered Senior Member

    I dont know how to feel about your rap. I know you dont take it seriously and its more of a release for you, which is cool. But at the same time it is making a mockery of an entire culture.

    You seriously have parties and do this? Is this something that you started or is it happening everywhere? Maybe Ive been sleeping on this.
  11. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    thats an interesting viewpoint,

    oh and to the guy/woman who started this thread, i used to spit but i stopped around 2001, i still bust rhymes for jokes sometimes, but i am going to record a couple of mixtapes soon and i will post some of the tunes on here if you like, i havent heard your one yet i will listen, im a touch judge though on lyrical content and flow,

    i will post my stuff on here when i record it on ym schedual, i used to go on pirate radio, and i released a few mixtapes whe i was about 15 i used to do clubs and parties sometimes, but i wasnt in it for money though i like to write rhymes and freestyle its fun, good way to be poetic release stress and have a joke at the same time with friends, i just started on the blocks etc and at school with people in my area growing up, everyone around my area is a rapper/emcee or some kind of Dj etc, rap isnt my husstle its my fun,

  12. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    i agree with you mostly about this, i really dislike hip pop music, nelly, ja rule, new g unit shit, its garbage and shouldent be classed witht he same label as real rap/hip hop music,

    it is a shame when people think MTV is what rap is all about, the bling bling culture, and all the suburban kids thinking there from the hood because they have MTV and mimmick it,

    the rap image i dont liek that, people from real rough areas are like that because its how they led their life, its not a fad, its real life, its not no game.

    but dont get me wrong, there are alot of new rappers that are good, i would say better than the old rappers, there has come a new underground era in hip hop that many people dont even know about,

    the new wave of emcees hitting the streets now is crazy, check out immortal technique, and ofcourse papoose, he is amazing he shut up all of the rap critics with his mixtapes and album, momment of silence (wich was aimed to shut them up hence "moment of silence") papoose is the most lyrical rapper to come out in a long long ass time, for any rap fan check out PAPOOSE, aka the lyrical assassin,

    no real rap fan will be dissapointed with the broad range that papoose brings to the mic,

    PAPOOSE remember to check him out, he isnt in most stores you have to download, or listen live, to DJ KAY Slay, the drama king, streetsweepers entertainment.

    check all of his shit out he has so much in so little time, like he said himself
    "i gave you a decade in less than 2 years"

  13. BigWill Registered Senior Member

    I like what I'm reading- I agree with many of the comments about mainstream hip hop or rap being full of crap. The underground, though, is very full of new and interesting material that is thought provoking and valuable as music and/or philosophy even.

    On a personal rapping level, however, it's hard to say exactly how seriously I take my own rapping. I don't believe as a rapper I'm...actually a rapper...but I'm incredibly proud of writing original music and raps (not proud of quality, necessarily) - it's that creative work that's important. It is a joke/party/fun for me sometimes, but it's very therapeutic as well. Like one poster said, it's like coffee. I'm trying to explore a genre/culture that is 'suppose' to be (says my dad) just about people killing each other and belittling women- there's so much to rap/hip hop music. We know that, already.

    I hear the one poster saying my raps seem to be making fun of a culture- I don't aim to do this at all. Sometimes I'm trying to recreate a style in a song (like 'NawMean' is really a parody of all those songs that spend most of the time repeating a catch phrase) in order to make fun of it, while other times (like in 'Captain Rap' or 'Talkin Bout Love Online') I'm using rap to talk about other things. Never, thoguh, do I wish to attack the form itself or make fun of myself for doing it. Rap doesn't pump my ego up, and I don't get high from making fun of rap- I'm just in love with creating rap (not necessarily good).

    I'm really interested to hear other people's work- post everything you can, that's the point of the thread.
  14. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Digable Planets.

    De La Soul.

    Something like that...
  15. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    I will say, the beats and the background content can be good, but as far as lyrics and most rap is concerned, it has been hijacked, I think, by persons who are ill. And not in a good way.
  16. jon950 Registered Member

    Immortal technique is good, but he does speak about a lot of violence in his lyrics and things which many people would feel very uncomfortable listening to. EmptyForce, you are right, he speaks the truth coming only from his own experiences which happen to be street-oriented and violent (check out the track 'Dance With The Devil' for a true, and disturbing realization of this). Rap is street poetry, so its roots are embedded in the culture of the streets, that is why some rap can be very angry and about drugs and violence, etc. I think if the message is said in the right way, it spreads awareness of some of the biggest problems in society and that is a good thing to get out there. On the other hand, mainstream rap only glorifies everything that is wrong with society and that is where the problem lies because it is sending the wrong message.

    Chi, Some of my personal favorites are Dead Prez, Atmosphere, MF Doom, A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5, KRS-One, and Jeru The Damaja. I haven't really checked out Papoose although I've heard of him.
  17. Silence Prolific Registered Senior Member

    The underground has as many fakes as the mainstream, and I would say even more.

    Its always tricky to say who is and isnt real, and what really is or isnt the wrong message. Charles Barkley said it best "im not a role model" so entrusting responsibilities and burdens on rappers seems ludicrous, to say the least.

    The opposite of this is true as well, rappers and the hip hop culture as a whole, shouldnt be held responsible for society's downfalls, seems like the perfect scapegoat to me.

    There is alot of garbage being passed of as hip hop now days, cant deny that. But what has always intrigued me is that its the people who know the least about rap and the hip hop culture, those are the ones who are opposed to it the most. You would think that if you are gonna argue against something, you would at least have some kind of knowledge to defend your views and points. Thats the equivalent of me telling Beethoven that he should mix in some lyrics cause all this music he makes gets boring after a while.
  18. EzBreezy Registered Member

    This truly happened to me: Escape


    Yeah ez breezy
    What wuld it be like living in a world without hate
    What wuld it be like if we lived in outter space
    All i want to do is to escape
    Escape from this place
    Where theres only one race
    Only one state
    Keep my mind in one place
    Instead of takin drugs and bein in an addict state
    I dont really feel like my fate is that great
    So maybe ill put a bullet right through my brain
    Or shall i take a pill and wait
    Uh oh
    I just may be dead
    This is startin to become a trend
    Ima suicidal freak
    Wrote my letter but didnt have anyone to giv it to
    Maybe ill get a bomb and wait for the boom
    ima rapper who used to smoke 3 blunts more than once a day
    I even got in trouble for it then the cops put me away
    Now u feel my pain and why i want to escape
    My mind filled with rage
    Even a sunny day feels like its rained
    Colors are dull and plain
    And i realize i dont care what u bitches say
    Im reborn from the times of bein torn
    Torn between life and death
    Used to always worry about what i said with my breath
    Now ive escaped from my past and lookin for the future
    Waitin for love instead of torture

    So i.... Take my past and use it as a weapon
    Usin it for correction
    Then ill liv my life dreams and make it to the top
    As i hold on these dreams and never let them drop
    Make money be my cash crop
    Then ill... escape from this place up into outer
    And when i step up on stage
    I find a way to use my rage
    Let it come out like a monkey in a cage
    Just like the monkey i hav escaped
    Now i dont need to be half or fully baked
    Im glad i didnt die cuz my future was at stake
    Rappin is my future and i realize that today
    So yall do the same and come out on top
    And the next time u think about killin ur self stop
    Before u throw urself off the building and drop
    Thats all folks thats all i got

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