Your time upon this earth is ending...

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Lawdog, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member


    I'm not selling myself short, I swear. I just honestly did not make the changes myself. My will had absolutely nothing to do with it at all. I know it's hard to understand, but it's true. I could have never in a million years made some changes like those. I didn't necessarily even want to make some of just wouldn't have even occurred to me to, even if I had the will.

    I had forgotten about your family. It's're the black sheep because you don't believe, and I'm the black sheep because I do. I'm used to being the good little approval-seeker *pat, pat on my head* this rejection and scorn has been hard to get used to. Thanks for discussing with me, and for being so nice.

    Hey, I didn't know you were pregnant. How exciting...congratulations! Is it your first?
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  3. Yorda Registered Senior Member

    Just common sense. The rest of the information I got from God. I agree that the Christ (self) is also a part of the trinity.

    Someone talked about conscience before. "Voice of God" is an old description of the that inner voice which always speaks the truth. It's also present in Egyptian mythology as the heavenly bird Horus.
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  5. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    It is also present in psychiatric wards, these people are schizophrenics. :bugeye:

    (If you talk to God, you are praying;
    If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

    If the dead talk to you, you are a spiritualist;
    If God talks to you, you are a schizophrenic.) Thomas S. Szasz

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  7. Bells Staff Member

    Thank you!

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    Yes it's our first and I'll readily admit I just want it out lol. I've gotten to the point where I'm counting down on the calender... not because I'm excited at the prospect of the birth and such... but because I long for the day I can actually get up from a chair or couch and not feel like a beached whale.

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  8. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Because of significant editing I have re-posted
    This surprisingly is a very valid point....and worth noting IMO.
    The difference between a spiritualist and a god communication is sometimes the level of compulsion to do what the voices ask.

    If a person is experiencing coms with "demons and gods" they can be very compelling. Where as a spiritualist [as an example] maintains a sense of freewill and independance to that which is communicating.

    From what I understand of the subject, God is never heard as he is both the listener and talker simultaneously where as "demons and Devils and lesser gods" etc will almost always play on words as a tool of deception playing upon the gulability of the person.

    It is true that outside the person they will point to evidence of their potency, normally in the form of some sort of sexual or love orientated gratification. [ Falling in love with a psychosis is one descriptor I have heard]

    A person will see how the voices can manipulate the movements and thoughts of others etc thus reinforcing their interest value in the person listening. So the delusion of truth [fraud] is maintained in the persons mind.
    However it is only because others are aware of the patients state that they move in the ways that suggest potency. However when ever the patient attempts to deliberately test the "entity" [reference to Lori's halloween] they are always disappointed.

    If it were truely God or even Jesus, their respect for the sanity and credibility of their "person" would stop them from verbal communication with their person thus placing the person in a state of peace rather than anxious curiocity. [God and Jesus work from within the heart and not the intellect]
    It springs from the motto that "God talks to no - one" as he has no need for the confusion that words and their infinite variation of definition to spoil his relationship.

    From what I understand hearing voices is a "refracted" state of consiousness where by the person is aware of their own reflection to such a level that they hear their own reflection [all their axieties and fears ] talking with them. [their inner time continuum is refracted thus the voices become audible or at least discernable] Their fears playing on their fears in reflection

    A person will tune into that aspect of their personalities and listen whilst believing that the voices are coming from outside when in fact they are coming from with in ther own character and personality distorted by the impact of what is outside that character or personaility. A bit like a sounding board as they empathically resonate to the ambience. Thus the voices appear to be not their own but that of someone else. The reflection being distorted by that ambience.

    Tragically it is the western worlds official stance not to recognise telepathy as a reality yet allow prayer and consider this to be normal. This places the patient in an awfully confusing state not knowing what to believe. The religion / science paradox is in a lot of ways responsible for most of our own mental health issues. A constant state of contradiction exists in mainstream thought and of course it is to be expected that some will suffer because of it.

    Interestingly enough my assessment would be that before you started hearing your voices Lori you were more one with God than after you started now you are separated by words and meaning. Which is of course the inverse to what you believe.
    Basically it is in a religious context "Eden revisited"
    You have aquired knowledge [remember the apple] of God but have no idea what to do with it...
  9. Yorda Registered Senior Member

    There are similarities. Also, geniuses can behave like wackos and wackos can behave like geniuses.

    You may have a hard time seeing the difference because you don't understand what the "voice of God" means. When you see apes of the same "race", they all look alike to you, but when you see your friends, whom you know, they are all different.

    If someone had the oppurtunity to study sick people, he would realize that many of them have reached high spiritual levels and owned abilities. But because they couldn't control their powers, they became sick. They burned themselves.

    Many people are sick because there's mental and/or physical obstacles and disturbances between them and their sexual energy. Sexual energy is like magnetism. It constitutes life itself. It has the ability to give and to take life. Be it physically or mentally.
  10. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Sorry Yorda I would like to comment on your post If I may.....

    I agree
    alluding to the notion that the voice of God is holistic or universal or omni voiced?

    Burned out indeed....

    "God knowledge" is rather incredible yes?
    [What I mean by God knowledge is a knowledge of the consious or subconscious infrastructure that allows most of us to maintain our conscious innocense and ignorance of that infrastructure.]
    Now this is what i was talking about when referring to "falling in love with a psychosis" [Psychosis- meaning over reaction to extremes]

    The energy involved is from what I understand "life force" but is often misinterpreted as sexual or erotic. It is no wonder that it is like a 'sirens call' when it gives you your very means of survival.
    In most persons I have interviewed with severe mental illnesses this energy provides the greatest compulsion, thus sexual deviation of love psychosis [fatal attraction] is common. Thus motivated their behavious can become very extreme indeed.
    Unfortunately western science refuses to acknowledge the existence of these energies however some analogy can be given to Endocrine [hormonal] reflexology. Especially adrenal triggered by sex hormones. Thus medications are aimed primarilly at dampening or tranquilising hormonal targets.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2005
  11. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Refering to Kundalini energy often referred to in eastern mysticism.

    "Play with fire and often one gets burnt" comes to mind
  12. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    There is a great danger in raising Kundalini in the first place: it may not turn off or the state it produces may become addictive. Having taught upward meditation for decades, I have seen many cases of aborted careers, broken marriages, disassociated psyches and neurological illnesses that I believe were caused by kundalini.
    ~Puran Bair

    quick source
  13. Yorda Registered Senior Member

    The reproductive energy is an energy of life. People identify themselves with their body, so this life force is automatically concentrated on the body, and thus, converts into sexual energy. Sexual energy has helped man out of his spiritual state into the body, and it can help him to return in full awareness to his divine primal state of wholeness.

    Sex is the search for this rest state. But "God" is not visible. He can never be found in the visible world, since he has no complementary half which he could be compared to, so that he would become visible. God is the force which brings the two poles together. The two poles can never manifest at the same time (God's face can never be seen).

    You can't speak and be silent at the same time. Information is not possible without separation. The speaking still exists when you are silent, but it is invisible. Otherwise, silence couldn't be "visible".

    The tension between the negative and positive is life (creation) itself. Male and female are copies (physical manifestations) of the negative and positive sides of "God". They are both made of matter, and visible, so they are not "real" completions to each other. Only physically.

    The Kundalini energy. Remember the Garden of Eden. The snake. Remember the bronze snake which Moses "raised up" in the desert. 'Normally', the life force is concentrated "downwards", on the body, so it gives life to the body. But if it is concentrated "upwards", towards the brain (heaven), it it converted into a life giving energy for the spirit - spiritual energy.

    "Just like Moses lift up the bronze snake in the wilderness, so must the son of man be lifted up."

    "When you lift up the son of man, you will know that 'I am who I am'"

    If you want to elevate the consciousness of man, the body must first be prepared to it. The body only has resistance against energies which are on the same level as the consciousness of the one inside the body (when they touched the Ark of the Covenant, they instantly died) "Do not touch me! for I have not yet descended up to my Father"

  14. enton Registered Senior Member

    When did the known ending of this temporal earth begin?
  15. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    C'mon Enton, we all know that biblically speaking this world ended 2000 years ago... (Matthew 24/Luke 9)

    "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place."

    It didn't happen. Your buddy J was a fraud. Build a bridge, get over it and move on man. I mean seriously, we've been patient with you for 2000 years... How much more time would you like?
  16. Yorda_7 Guest

    If you think that 2000 years is a long time, I must say that you are "impatient". Although, people today only live about 73 years. I doubt you have even waited for 40 years and yet you are impatient.

    2000 years is not even a whole month in the Zodiac. Wait a few "world years", and then you can start complaining. Also, for God, one day is like a thousand years, so Jesus has only been home for 2 days.

    Our world began 6666 years ago. The Flood marked the beginning of the new world. But of course the "universe" existed before this "time". It had no beginning.

    The reason Jesus hasn't come back is because we don't need him now. We manage without him, we have things to do, goals to attain. Jesus said: If I don't leave you the "holy spirit" will not come. He left us so that we would learn to know ourselves and become independent.

    Christ is our higher self who has been crucified on the two girders of space and time (the body).
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2005
  17. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    No I didn't. The earth has existed for about 4.5 billion + years. Humans have been here for about the past 55,000 years.
    In short, you are wrong. By a considerable amount.
  18. Yorda_7 Guest

    You misunderstood me. I also think our planet Earth has been here for billions of years. I also think that humans have been here for more than a million years! But this generation of humans, this specific "race" became conscious ("created") about 6000 years ago.

    Before that time, there were primitive humans who lived in the woods, but the sons of God (a higher developed race of humans, maybe the early Atlanteans or Lemurians) had children with them and this human race was born.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2005
  19. enton Registered Senior Member

    Question: What generation had the Lord Jesus Christ mentioned in that specific statement you've quoted above? Do you want to guess?

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  20. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    Tell you what, you tell me what you think and then we can compare to what the bible says on the matter.

    The reason I give you the opportunity is because I know you're all different. Jenyar told me jesus was talking to the trees instead of the people, others have gone back to the silly god day = 1000 years, which simply has no value to the actual claim made.

    So, enton, you tell me.
  21. enton Registered Senior Member

    He was telling to christians.
  22. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    he was specifically referring to the generation he belonged to... he was saying that that time was within 50 years at least......well....we are still waiting...
  23. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member

    M*W: ...but, we're not holding our breath!

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