Your view on the universe

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by TheSayer, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. TheSayer Registered Member

    Whats it look like? What's its shape?

    thoughts? theories? ...links?
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  3. Enigma'07 Who turned out the lights?!?! Registered Senior Member

    Finite, but ever expanding, for the time being.
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  5. philocrazy Banned Banned

    universe is
    you guys know!!!dont you???
    i dont know
    i dont know
    you guys guess
    i never guess
    i cant afford to

    you guys know???huh
    guess guess guess guess
    and eureka!

    what the world needs now is
    more guesses
    because is in the biggest guess
    it's ever been

    maybe Universe is a guess after all

    and that my dear friend is Universe-a guess!

    Philosopher Philocrazy.
    the one the greatest
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  7. Firefly Registered Senior Member

    Best answer ever, especially if you read it really really fast.

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    And yeah, I'd say the same as Enigma.
  8. Gondorle Registered Member

    I allways thought the universe was infinit but then how could the universe be ever expanding if it was infinite? For something to expand it must have some kind of limit, border? : :bugeye:
  9. The Singularity The last thing you'll ever see Registered Senior Member

    I would suggest you take a look at this thread. It talks about this idea very well:
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2004
  10. Tezcatlipoca's Hat Used Registrar Registered Senior Member

    Well, I <i>was</i> super-excited about the notion of our universe being only one of many, linked by black holes in a sort of pan-dimensional daisy chain, but then Steve Hawking had to go and recant his own theory.

    Great. Now all my hopes of being zapped into an alternate dimension where cheese is fat-free, yet tasty and books are more popular than television have been reduced to "a mangled form."

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  11. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member


    This is a full view of the entire universe by the COBE satellite.he COBE satellite was launched in November, 1989, and soon made a sensation with its high-precision measurements of the spectrum of the microwave background radiation. The most publicized results from COBE came two years later from the Differential Microwave Radiometers (DMR), which mapped the variations of the microwave background radiation over the entire sky with an angular resolution of 7 to 10 degrees. In 1992, based on the first year of data, the COBE team published their discovery of fluctuations in this radiation, amounting to 30 micro-Kelvins rms (one part in 100,000) on a scale of ten degrees. Since then, three more years of DMR data have been taken and are being analyzed by the COBE team. The significance of these fluctuations is discussed here:
  12. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    I believe the universe to be finite and spherical which is inside yet another universe or whatever it may be that is again, circular as well. And the size of the universe will be in relation to the size of an atom compared to the Earth in that the Earth is that atom in the universe. Then whatever the universe is inside, the universe will be the size of the earth in relation to itself.

    - N
  13. Rappaccini Redoubtable Registered Senior Member

    Die, you shitfaced, subnormal sluggard.
  14. philocrazy Banned Banned

    Rappaccini says:
    Die, you shitfaced, subnormal sluggard.

    cmon dont be angry with yourself
    The Universe is as you imagine it
    "your ass"

    Philosopher Philocrazy
  15. philocrazy Banned Banned

    you think that Universe is only matter and radiation?
    matter and radiation is all you see?
    you dont see the universe

    Philosopher Philocrazy
  16. Rappaccini Redoubtable Registered Senior Member

    Will you go ahead, do the world a favor, and cut off your tongue, genitals, and hands... in that order?
  17. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    Oh my God. That's very similar to a hypothesis that pops into my head a few times! Here's the version I imagine:

    We are in a round universe. This universe is within another similar universe. In that universe, our universe is one of the components (quarks) of one of its atoms. Likewise, all the other quarks in that universe are other universes. Likewise, in our universe, each quark is another universe.

    It's hairbrain, I know!

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  18. duendy Registered Senior Member

    heres how i look at it.....first of all i dont want to just objectify the universe without also ackowledging consciousness--ie., the subjective, you, her, him, all animals, etc

    so........a really revolutionary scientific discovery is that matter-energy is non-local, pointing to an interconnected mutidimensional web

    then we have to explore this: matter-energy, however subtle can inprinciple be 'measured' that it has extension in space, but consciousness does NOT! do you believe me?
    consciousness is therefore NOT-located, YEt it is the interior FEELING of matter-energy, yet not the image of 'interior. as of the image of a brain in a scalp.
    so that is the universe as iam presently xploring it
  19. Cyperium I'm always me Valued Senior Member

    It has alot of white dots, the white dots extend beyond my understanding, I can't see what is beyond them.

    I think the white dots are galaxies. The dots follow a "arm" pattern, like many arms extending out of a indefinite center point, allthough they don't really "touch" that center point.

    That is (more or less) the picture I get when I think of the universe. I guess it's a picture of my understanding of what I know about the universe.

    It's not really round shaped.

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