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    <(O)> = non-occupied space + occupied space

    Z = diagonal/spiral pattern

    V = viewpoint/angle-of-viewpoint pattern aka observer with one incoming and one outgoing set

    ^v = sine-wave frequency aka Alternating current( see photon )

    W or M = DC frequency aka direct current( see electron )

    <----- = dimension-of-mind---see Rod Serlings Twilight Zone-- "a dimension-of-mind and imagination"

    @/:idea: = idea/concept/metaphysical mind/intelligence

    @(--)@ = biological with access to complex mind/intelligence

    (--) = biological with less access to complex mind/intelligence

    (-) = virus with either RNA or DNA never both

    (O) =toroidal tube/cylinder---neural tube/canal(?)

    ( (-) ) = toroidal(?) tube with an axis---see spinal axis of simple worm/nematode

    ( Z( )Z) = tube with spiral surface pattern
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