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Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by Reiku, Sep 18, 2007.

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    The Zero-Point Energy Field is somewhat of an amazing discovery. In fact, it would never have been found if it wasn't for quantum mechanics. First... What is the Zero-Point Energy Field?

    Whenever physicists talk about the vacuum, it is usually in very arbitrary and pragmatic terms. According to classical physics, everything has energy... and nothing really has matter. If you where able to remove every bit of diffused matter (energy) and every bit of solid energy (matter) from the vacuum, you are left with an enormous amount of energy. This is the Zero-Point Energy Field.

    Even if you where to freeze the vacuum down to absolute zero-temperatures, there is still movement ocurring. If we thought that an object at rest was really at rest, we would be wrong. There is still movement because atoms and subatomic particles are continuously buffeted by the Zero-Point Energy Field.

    Even though Zero-Point Energy seems to be impossible to measure directly, it still consists of what are called quantum fluctuations... A fluctuating field is where distortions occur, and these distortions have an amazing amount of energy... A marble for instence contains around 10^93 grams of matter... Now that is a lot indeed. Just consider that the sun rediates around 5 x 10^12 grams of matter, that is five million tons of energy and matter every second! Now, the Zero-Point Field might be also able to account for Inertia...

    Inertial mass appears to be the resistance an object has when being accelerated; when it is inexorably subjected to a force.
    In Newton's equation of motion, the application of a force begins to stop, the acceleration goes down, all the way to zero, and the object remains in a uniformal motion. Physical objects are thus assumed to resist acceleration, because that resistance is, or at least appears to be an intrinsic property of matter.

    F=ma is obviously the equation that states that the change of velocity is proportional to the force F, where the constant is the inertial mass m of the object.
    The work i am studying right now suggests inertia is a property, or shadow at best of a property arising out of all-pervading electromagnetic field of the Zero-Point Eergy Field... I like this study, because i have thoughts that even consciousness might arise out of this vacuum, just like matter and energy does. And i also beleive that consciousness is affected by the Zero-Point Field much like matter is constantly jiggling in its invisible presence.

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    From what i have learned, is that the Zero-Point Energy Field (should be) a background temperature of electromagnetic radiation that is uniform and isotropic...

    Recent results interestingly showed that as a moving observer accelerates through the Zero-Point Field, the spectrum of the Zero-Point Field becomes distorted, just like acceleration in spacetime causes natural distortions, and the distortions increase with an ascending value of acceleration.

    It turns out that there is no longer need to suppose that there is something called mass having an ''innate property'', inertia, that resists acceleration; the really inetresting thing that is really happening, is that an electromagnetic force acts on the inner charge of matter which ultimately creates the effect of inertia!

    Reiku :m:
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  3. draqon Banned Banned

    Reiku...I suggest you read on Heim and Heim theory. It closely relates to Zero-point energy and has mathematical back up to it.
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  5. Reiku Banned Banned

    Yes of know of this theory... but the real inspiration was through Dr. Shuiji Inomata. He beleives that self arises from the zero-point energy field. I also believe this, but i have postulated an Inertial-Mediated Consciousness.
    Inertia is resistence. And consciousness is also a resistence of matter. The two concepts shadow each other, thus perhaps it has something to do with each other?
    The ZPF drags through matter, whilst it drags through it, and it is like sparking the electrosignal wire on go-carts, the zero-point energy field sparking the heart of every particle. This gives rise to inertia, and resistence. An electromagnetic field of force might be responsible for our awareness more so than we have ever come to imagine.
    It would mean that my 'being' is pulled into existence. If one was to turn of any of these sources, all alse would disappear. We might be glad we have a zero-point energy field.

    There are other ways to look at this energy that permeates consciousness...

    Unlike virtual particles, real particles contain real energy, and this energy between two particles cannot be transferred unless carried through angular momentum, and if we consider this, then virtual conscious energy can only be transferred into the real field through such a transferal. If we say that that two charged particles using the time variable (t=0) ā€“ which is the past variable ā€“ they can be shared through an interval of a mathematical calculus of 0<t<r/cā€¦
    We can say that this is our real existence now, but before this point, we where virtual, just like many characteristics of the ZPF. We need to imagine that consciousness might have some very strange properties throughout of spacetime.
    It may travel faster than light... You might be wondering how consciousness could travel faster than light? Well, we are informed that two types of waves are needed for a single collapse in the wave function.
    A wave from the future, called an echo wave, and a complex-conjugate offer wave, coming from the past. They meet in the present and form a collapse. But more to this, as it needs to do this faster than light... This is Dr. John G. Cramers veiw on quantum waves for this funtion, and it is widely accepted, using Psi and Psi*.
    This would mean that the matter i am made of contains a whopping amount of information. In just the tip of a pin, could i fit a billion particles and 10 billion neurons.
    Billions of information processed every second. And this means that even our mind are distorted by space and time, through its own presence of gravity. But we must not forget that even matter warps the zero-point field, and this will create electrostatic charges, causing a restriction of inertia. It is the key tool to ''tell'' matter when it has exceeded 'c' - then it can double in mass every passing moment it defies not having an infinite amount of energy...
    But more was needed. What was the neural function? I decided that Roger Penrose's idea was novel. It needed to be correct from a scientific point of view. He believes that microtubules when a certain gravitational potential comes up upon them, they cause a build up, filling their shells. Thus there is a massive amount of potential (according to the little tubules), gravity.
    This will cause an excited state in in the gravitational field. Thus my contention was that perhaps a particle is excited from this field...
    The only particle that made sense was the Graviphoton, as it was a particle that was directly coupled to the distortions of both gravity and electromagnetism... It was an excitement of the gravitational field.

    Then i wondered whether Penrose might be thinking on very small terms wth error. I was wanting to appose the idea that microtubules connect over long distances successfully so that consciousness could arise with its accurate morphic description.
    Instead, I wanted to involve glutamate transporters. There are about 250 different types, and they usually have at its heart, microtubules. They are cells that surround the tubule clusters, and they transport glutamate and electrical signals. They also have other uses... but let us aviod them for now...
    I decided that one more boost was needed, so that signals over long clustered distences (from the point of view of the particles), i brought in Biomagnetites, which are well known to exist in [nearly] every animal's brains on earth... One of the non-contenders was the Dolphin. Not a trace of Biomagnetites where ever found.
    But suppose that the force between the glutamates and the tubules through the distortions of the gravitational field was exciting passing graviphotons? If one has magnetic forces at work, then one must assume that the casimir effect happens quite requently.
    Perhaps information is reflected of the presence of the errected Graviphoton (just like we are trying to retain information by smashing to photons off each other using an atom as a mediator), then this information could travel along as information through the short magnetic pulses of the casimir effect.
    One source of information would be transported to the other in again, long distences according to the particles point of veiw.
    Thus information will oscillate and change throughout the mind, adjusting to the source they are meant to do. And that is to excite a new field... a field of consciousness.

    Reiku :m:
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