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I am about to vow never to post to Physics and Maths.
But before that I will apply to higher authorities.
I don't want to make an enemy of you, Prometheus..
But I have complained about this
I will wait now until there is an answer.
Would you rather I move your posts (along with replies) to a separate thread in pseudo or similar?
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There's been enough discussion to address the original post. Anyone who has complaints about moderator actions, the treatment they think they receive or general complaints about any other things which upset them then there's the report button, PMs with relevant people or the government subforum. It does say in the rules not to complain about a moderator in this way, as we have the aforementioned channels to do it. If you think Prom's beating you down or I'm an arrogant jerk then use those methods rather than lowering yourself to a level of posts which themselves break the rules.

CK, I could give you a warning for language and breaking aforementioned rules but just to show I'm such a benevolent dictator I'll let it slide this time.

If the thread starter wants further information then I'd suggest looking up 'algebraic rings' and looking at the examples of the integers (positive and negative whole numbers as well as 0) and polynomials. These are examples of mathematical systems which are familiar to school students and can illustrate the axiomatic properties of systems which involve 0 but not necessarily division. For example, while x and 1+x are both polynomials, as are their sum 1+2x and their product x(x+1), x/(x+1) is not. Similarly 2 and 4 are integers and 2+4 and 2*4 are integers but 2/4 is not. If someone wants to discuss this further then start a new thread, this one needs too much remodelling.
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