1001 Things to do Before You Die...

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Konnichiwa :D , me again,

How many things are there that everyone needs to do before they pass on to better places? Well, I think there are at least 1001, and the proof's in the title.

1. Live a really long time
2. Get lung cancer, and survive...then die
3. Jump off the Empire State
4. Grow a really long beard
8. Overdose on heroin and jump out of a plane without a parachute
9. Bust into a police station with two tommy guns and shoot as many cops as you can
10. Strap a bomb to yourself and run into the mall screaming and blow it up
11. Set a church on fire and wait for a firefighter to make a heroic rescue and then grab the person they rescued and run back into the church with them
12. Prove Pythagoras' Theorem, Einstein's theory of relativity and all of Newton's laws wrong...by being infeasbly clever
13. Get one of those drip feed things and fill it full of vodka, then live like that without food for a week
14. Absorb yourself into your sofa, like that stupid american woman discussed somwhere else on sciforums
16. Meet alien lifeforms from elesewhere in our universe that were cool and easy to get along with.

17.Time travel.
18. uppercut George Bush with my wang.

19. poop, pee, sneeze, cough, fart, puke, siezure, faint, have a stroke and a heart attack all at the same time
20. Make someone read and enjoy your favourite book.
21. Go trolleyracing down a deserted road, and get booked by the speed cameras
22. Feed the Ducks
23. Streak across the Sea World Nara spa and pool
24. Tell God you are really sorry for rejecting Him your whole life and ask Jesus for eternal life. Ask and you will receive. Death where is thy sting now?
25 punch an australian idol contestant in the face
26 break the land speed record
27 drink 100 litres of vodka (not in one sitting, over time)
28. Drink 100 litres of vodka in one sitting
29. Break some more records
30. Be involved in a conspiracy against the crown/government/school/pub
31. Rob Fort Knox
37 shave one of howards eyebrows
38 take someone hostage
39 be taken hostage
40 get the 1001th reason on a thread such as this one
41 Rob a bank
42 Punch Donald Trump in the face
43 Pull an inside job at an armored car company
44 Be in a porn
45 Drop your pants at a fancy resturant and pee on everyone.
46. Be involved in a heist (and pull it off sucessfully)
47. Become a photographer for a year, travelling round the world in search for the perfect picture
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