10th Int. Conf. on Cold Fusion

I used to read on this long time ago, and it is a fact that in certain experiments, an excess of heat has been measured which is currently left unexplained. It is obvious for me that the term "cold fusion" is totally misplaced. Different people have come up with explanations that seem less impossible.

Btw, it seems trendy today to make fun of people mentioning conspiracies, and make the seemingly unavoidable link with paranoia ... very irritating
Go and look at the repeated research and just limit your perusal to highly credentialed and long trusted individuals and teams. They are finding helium and other elements resulting from these experiments. Appears that "cold fusion" is the correct way to describe what is happening.

As far as conspiracy goes, I do believe that Lysander Spooner had it correct way back at the close of the US civil war. It is hard to work through the cognitive dissonance and to consider that countries, corporations and most human institutions (if not all) have no basis in reality but instead are only as existent as their enforced propaganda. Perhaps a large majority believes in these structures as real things. Using general systems theory and information theory, I have come to believe that Spooner had it right. All we have now are pretense at organization, or, to make the logical leap, organized crime. In this light it falls out of the explicit analysis that conspiracy is the norm rather than the exception. I am paranoid. The information explosion continues, new powers and abilities are coming to humanity. Until we have valid society, valid homeostasis sustaining government, it is sane to be paranoid.