1st law of thermodynamics


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Sears and Salinger develops the concept of 1st law of thermodynamics by stating that workdone along all adiabatic paths between two eqlbm. states(in same KE & PE) are the same iff dissipative work does not change the configuration of the system.From this,they claims the existence of a state property called internal energy of the system which is essentially an exact differential.It is given by
dU=-d'(W_ad) where W_ad means workdone in adiabatic path.
This much is OK.Now,they define heat flow Q into the system as Q=W-W_ad where W is the total work.
What do they mean by the 'total work'?I suppose,thie total work includes:
1.configuration work;be it reversible,irreversible,free expansion etc.
2.Dissipative work;at constant configuration,or changing the configuration.
Specifically,I am interested in the bold typed case mentioned last of all.Please let me know if I am correct.
I suppose it's exactly what it sounds like, the total work or energy via the Work-Energy Theorem inside the closed system.