3=mc2 and <3=mc2 mean anything to anyone?

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These any good to anyone? whats the math? somebody want to do something with these. Totally beyond me to do the math. Anyway this is my contribution and wanted to see if it's anygood.

I expect nothing less than a noble prixe.

Thanks for time ill just see if anyone replies.

Leeda :)
Slight corruption of E=mc² where the 3 takes the place of E

Means nothing


more corruptions.
spoken two in one
like god/t the holy spirit.
quantum soundtest/scientist
How this person escaped a ban I can't imagine.
I do think the mods on this site should receive some kind of remuneration, then perhaps they won't resort to begging via socks. That would explain not being banned long ago.:biggrin:
Still, as they say, pay nuts get monkeys, how else do you explain the state of the modding here when their not even paid nuts???
so nothing on topic then. is it really begging if i present work which is what this thread is.

this is my lifes work. So write it off all you want.

First come the mockers.
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