4 Great Circles of Torus and Vector Equlibrium/cubo-octahedron


(( )) = torus/tubular--outer( convex side ) and inner( concave side )

( (O)) = 3 great circles

Blue/gravity outer/convex great circle

Green/spine inside great circle---aka central axis

Red/fermionic inner/concave great circle

The 4th great circle of torus is a cross section of the tube itself and may be seen as being a spiral( / ) trajectory that defines the tube as it goes around and around.


Since the torus has four differrent great circles it has 4 differrent Pi ratios.
Interesting that the Vector Equilibrium is defined by 4 cGrCp's and the torus has 4 differrent GrCP's.
SPACE (( SPACE )) SPACE = torus/tori/toroidal ex a doughnut(( ))
SPACE (*.*( SPACE )*.*) SPACE = torus with tubular content/body i.e. content/body between the inner and outer surface of tube.
Volume = 2 × π2 × R × r2
Surface Area = 4 × π2 × R × r
Ive tried for years to make correlation between spherical VE and the torus but sphere and torus are not topoogically equilvalent, so it is difficult find a synonomic/same connection. Actually been a few years since I looked into this.