4th HED's Sciforums Awards

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The level of posts on here was so bloody awful for three months I decided to say "fuck you" to my awards. That may have pleased some people, and to them I say "fuck you". The level of posts in the past three months haven't been better, but principle alone dictates. Thus, here is a less than a half-hearted attempt at undue/due recognition:

Better posters:

Rosa, Invert, gendanken, Rathieire, Stryder, ....

I"ll add 5 more. the hed has to refresh some memories.
Hey, hey. Glad to know my rambling doesn't turn people away.

(I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. Ok, I did know it. Sue me. :p)

I take it I'm listed after Rosa because she's got the logic down? And before Gendanken because I'm so much nicer?

Heh heh.

aah this award seems a lot less glamorous then the last one?

What's funny is that I was just checking out an award thread just a couple of days ago. Strange coincidence that this one appears now.

And, yes, the previous one was much more illustrious.
True, true. Thanks for raining on my brief delisions of grandeur, Spurious. I think I'll ramble on over here and cry for a bit now. :(
What'd you call me? A pustulation? Why I oughta... :D

I know. I'm a bloody genius, over here. I know I'm the best on the forums. Even better than Rosa because I'm not restrained by formal logic. I shine in chaos and headnoise. :D ;)
Hmmm. Tough call. I'd say... ME!

Maybe you could join a cult centered around me and that would improve your life. The sexies love me, you know. Can't get enough of the nexmeister! Oh yeah!

Or there's always the Wes cult to fall back on. Or maybe a real world cult. At first you don't get ladies, but if you show initiative and work your way up in the ranks, you get all the ladies you want. Oh yeah!! :D Just don't join a cult where you have to castrate yourself. Kinda defeats the purpose.
You want drive them away once you join the cult. They'll be brainwashed into worshipping you. They'll have to dragged off of you and deprogrammed in a seedy hotel room somewhere before they stop singing the praises of the wondrous monkey god.
the monkey is a god?? *shock and awe*
oh, you mean god of the kindergarteners. that makes sense
spuriousmonkey familli foto :)

The Hed will be so upset with these off topic remarks. This thread is turning exactly in to what he was so loathing in sciforums social dynamics in the last few months
i think the judge is cheating, his clearly being bribed by Nexus and Rosa
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