"6 Maxwell's and 12 Einstein 'tensor' equations"

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But only to Bullies.

Light in, Light out.


I'm sorry but...Science Works!
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Do you know what 'hypocrisy' means? That statement would be hypocritical if I were asking people for help who I insult. Am I asking Terry for help? No. You? No. RJBerry? No.

Then its not hypocritical. When you're out buying a physics textbook buy yourself a dictionary too.

My Father (RIP), give me my first textbook, the complete set.


"The Electron,

No entity so fundamental as an electron could be described by saying that it is something else more familiar, such as a particle, or a train of waves.

An electron must be defined and described in terms of its own properties, and in terms of its behaviour under various conditions.

The principle properties may be listed as the electron mass, the electron charge, the electron spin." -- Terry Giblin, Snr

Light in, Light out.

Terry Giblin, Jnr
Your opinions and beliefs are not reflected in how you want other people to behave. It is one thing to go around saying other people should not call you names, it's another one when you do the same back.
You missed my point. My point was that it's silly for Terry to insult people while simultaneously asking them for help. It only means Terry's knowledge, by his own measure, is less than the 'nobs'.

My Father (RIP), give me my first textbook, the complete set.
My family had a set of Encyclopedia Britannica (both the full and the child versions) when I was younger. As Prom says, they are not textbooks.
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