A big list of Italian words


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I'm in Italy and so I'm learning Italian. I want to grow my vocabulary as quickly as possible. There are many language learning resources available on the Internet, but what I think would be extremely useful is a big list of Italian words with the English right there with them. It sounds like that should be easy to find, but I've found it not to be.

Preferably it would be a small rtf, doc or txt file that has a ton of common Italian words and the verbs would include all of the conjugations. I'm not terribly worried about grammar. I've got that down pretty well. I just want to inflate my vocabulary quickly and just stare at a huge list of words.

Does anyone know how I might get this? I've found sites with vocab, but I had to click a shitload of links and copy/paste text onto an rtf file for later viewing. And there weren't really that many words. Any ideas?

Hey thanks, that's not exactly what I was looking for, but it does have a lot of words that I'm now pasting into a document.