A book for Pre-alphabet toddlers.


This is just Sciforums review for a childrens book.

If you do not have very young children then this may be of lesser interest.

NOTE: This title is "the best book for children", provided they are still learning the alphabet. It is called "I M A B"

There is a great Childrens ebook designed to be read by toddlers learning the alphabet.

I think this children's book is the best book for toddlers, because it teaches them they can use the alphabet to make word sounds.

This kids book uses less than half of the alphabet that if the kids can repeat, then they tell a small story.


Using only one half (1/2) of the alphabet, a, b, c, e, i, k, m, n, o. r, t, u, plus the numbers 1 and 2, this book is readable before they have finished learning the alphabet.

This is a must have introduction to reading, and can create enthusiasm and pride in your toddlers.

They used letter sounds together to create words a child should recognize, like "MT" said together sounds like the word "Empty, or "NE1" sounds like the word "anyone".

This transitional book is designed to allow a child who barely knows the alphabet to tell a small story for their parents/guardians.

The praise and excitement they feel as they accomplish this can inspire them to lose any fear of reading aloud, and make them eager to learn real two and three letter words.

This book can can inspire any child to look forward to reading.

"I M A B", is a title you will remember forever because it uses letters for words, and should recommend to any with young children, possibly still learning the alphabet or before.

It is a great book for toddlers. A great book for children, as long as they are still learning alphabet.

I do NOT think this book is good for English as 2nd language, for kids too far past the alphabet level.