A Few Possible Solutions to Free Will-Determinism

perplexity said:
I see.

We'll just have to agree to disagree then, will we?


If you intend to treat me as a non-entity, then our ways must part.
water said:
But to acknowledge that there exists choice, implies that there must be a self, an agent who is the instance to perceive this choice, can make decisions and carry them out, and this instance also is the carrier of responsibility.

Free will and responsibility are mutually inclusive, there cannot be one without the other.

My problem is, of course, the self, the agent. Without this instance, responsibility is a nonsensical concept.

Despite the childish and idiotic turn this thread has taken...

Water, I couldn't help but to comment on this.

Without doubt, your line of argument here is one of the most intelligent I've ever experienced on this site. I've been involved, on numerous levels, with the Determinism question for some time now, and I have to say that your implication that the agent's perception is integral to the notion of choice is very intriguing. This could have some serious ramifications for my own ever-evolving theory. Well done.
perplexity said:
That was my line of argument, not hers.

We're pursuing the same line of argument, it seems.

Although not in the most efficient way.