A few words of Rikus, on short hand examination


From what I have not read of Rikus, there are a few things that I would like to mention as possible insights into the theories of what reiku may possibly be presenting.

I feel that he is trying to interpret the physics and psychic. He is saying things, like "Envy is the final frontieer."

I have read at least a small ammount of some of the thread in which he is complaining about invert nexus.

I just wanted to add in a little bit of thought to the thought of such. If that is okay. Just to lay it out. Just to spread my own thought out about the topic. If that's ok, of course.

I ask Reiku to contribute as we have had our debates in the past.

"Wall of insurmountable words" or whatnot as invert nexus has said. (Go ahead, if you don't understand, ask me to find that)...
(I am kind of busy so stick with me)

Now am I right in saying that in saying envy is the final frontieer, the simple though comes into mind: The idea that he is presenting a form of perception of reality.

Is this correct?
Mind talking about it?

Such forms of reality and such ways of presenting reality are all fine but,
what is the truth about it?

What codes of behavior are so to speak universal for the average individual? Codes of responsibility or meathods or ways to follow. Are there any. Ask if you don't understand.

... (Kind of preoccupied so a half assed thread? LoL)

Anyway to take the thought a level farther.

Envy is the final frontieer.
I didn't even read the blasted thread but got in my mind "envy is the final frontieer. I get the picture that... in him saying envy is the final frontieer something is projected into ones head. The simple fact that "envy as the final frontieer" projects a mode of thought, or a mode or a way to present something. I just simply wonder what it is that he is thinking."

So reiku, tell me.

What is this philosophy, what are you as a thinker and what are you presenting.


Show us the clarification, I wouldn't mind reading it (might be somewhat interesting).:shrug: