A fraction of solipsism


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Hello, all.

I just joined, so I figured I'd start out with something I recently wrote while sitting in class one day while I was bored. I'm curious as to what the rest of you think here - so here we go!

Until now, this sentence did not exist to you. Even so, it does now after you have read it. It existed to me, though. This is how we see the world differently. Granted, we all have different beliefs and such, but we see the world differently. Some things exist to me, but not to you - and vice versa. This solipsism is not as extreme as a schizophrenic's, though.

You may have a chair sitting in the next room. You know it exists because you know it is there, have seen it, and felt it. This chair does not exist to Bob Sanders in Ohio, though because he does not know of it and has never seen or felt it (unless you know Bob Sanders and he's been in that room). The chair exists only to you, but not Bob, for you have seen it and know of this chair. You see the world differently, albeit in a small way.

You may walk down the road someday, look behind you, and see a car approaching. Until then, that car didn't exist (unless you've seen/heard/felt it before). Can you prove otherwise? You can't since you didn't know about it! So, until now, Bob Sanders didn't exist to you either (unless you actually know a Bob Sanders). I don't know if Bob Sanders is a real person, but I have created him, so he now exists to you and me, even if it is just a creative person.

I know millions of people exist in China, but I don't know that John Lee, who lives in China, exists (but I do now). Hey may be part of the existing million population, but how would I know if I've never seen him or heard of him? I just know millions of people exist in China.

Unless you're a fan of the Gaia mindset, the earth is not a living thing. Therefore, the earth cannot feel, see, hear, or know of all the cars, people, or anything else on it. It's the same as how a car cannot know it exists!

Everything in existence is in existence only according to each of us individually. We all see the world differently.

The world is even more different, radically different, for a newborn child. Most of the entire world language, people, etc. then is not in existence to this newborn child. They exist you and I, though. We know certain things exist, but only to our own point of view! A fraction of solipsism.

Do I exist? To myself and those other people who know me I do. For a large part of the world, though, I do not exist - and they go on living regardless.

When you leave the room where that chair exists, it'll continue to exist; that is, until it is erased from your knowledge. It may be burnt into oblivion, but it'll continue to exist as a memory in your mind. It will exist until you forget or die.

Each of us perceive the world differently and individually, whether it is in small or grand differences. It is the same as how we feel pain differently. When you or I feel pain no one else does. They may feel the effects or reactions of our pain, but they do not share in it.

We are all solipsists in a way, but not to the extent of true solipsism. This is the end of this writing, so now it exists to both you and I. No longer is this writing existing to just my point of view and self, but also to yours.
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Mabye the mechanisms do exist in the universe that would allow a mind to know everything about everything else, but we did not evolve brains capable of utilizing that resource either because of chance or because it would be maladaptive. Or, of course, mabye not.