A Great Idear!


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all free links realplayer movies !!! anything you can find on the net concentrated in one thread!
we'll have our own sciforums click-in hehehe:D
feel free to add to this list there are episodes, films,...ufo mpeg's, and lot's of lot's of more!
No : in fact I want you to feel compelled to it hehehe:D

lets the entertainement begin! with a nostalgic episode from :
Buck Rogers!!!planet of the slave-girls
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great idea!
this is not a movie or episode of a series...but very interesting for all who love QuakeIII (or Counter Strike).
It's a quite large file (106Mb) zipped. So download and enjoy Eurocup 2001 ClanBase championships Q3 and Cs

I love it!

EDIT: link was dead, but alive again. Completely in the spitit of the game :) . A better *updated* link (thanks to fukushi).
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