"A-L-T-i-T-U-D-E Adjustment" For Academia?


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Show me the Equasion that says magnetic field is thermal?

Roschin & Godin said that they found 'the predicted concentric magnetic
cylinders' and that the temperature drop was 'as to be expected' for a .5
tesla field also keep in mind that Prof. Pitkannen from Tampere University gives a mathematical explanation for this as well.

"Most certainly it is easy to calculate the energy stored in a magnetic
field, so by 'convention' it has to come from somewhere; has been applied to
refrigeration even"!"

---Mike. J. Furness
TAP-TEN Research Associate

If there is no equation for this within Academia, then the magnetic field is not subject to the general "Lies" of thermal dynamics which lay outside of the 'known' constructs their proverbial box.

Acedemia Needs an Intellectual "A-L-T-i-T-U-D-E Adjustment"

---Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research

Additional Ref: Since Custer's degree is in physics, maybe you could ask him if
those "violations of the laws of physics" include the kind of
gyroscopic propulsion which Laithwaite seems to have demonstrated.

Area 51 - A Personal Account
by V.L. Custer - Part 1

Transcript of V.L.'s Custer, South Dakota Meeting in August, 1995.
This is a transcript from a tape of a talk that he gave regarding his
12 years at Area 51.

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