a limit to life



There might be a few dozen people on Earth
who will laugh at the words “ all knowledge is garbage”
while the billions of others will fight and even slaughter each other
just to prove that indeed “all knowledge is good as garbage.”

And these are the words that make the garbage of about one billion
into the god of another billion
and the atheism of another, billion

that dooms the rest of mankind to be
the intellectuals and peacemakers
that have to filter this garbage
that gods need to be separate from their devils and atheists.

And this is the joke that makes just a few dozen people on Earth
laugh at the words “all knowledge is garbage”

-- UV-gap
You are absolutely right, I do agree with you. I believe in love only, but love is not a knowledge this days.

Some would suggest that life and knowledge is nothing more than play time for eternal awareness. For Semon that would be eternal masturbation, of course. :p
you see i feel 'knowledge' is beingused as a scapegoat here. it is not 'knowledge' but how you APPLY what yer know

you contradict yerself genep. you dont cease from spreading YOUR khow-ledge at tese boars. in a proslytizing way....is not your knowledge knowledge then? so what isit??

someone whose never heard of what you spak abot didn't KNOW it before did they? then you come along and they KHOWS it. right? so you arespreading knowledge also. so then why pretend yo aint

also another thing. i wouodn't have found out that Advaita Vedanta was dualistic ifit hadn't BEEn for knowing so.
c7ityi_ said:
duendy... how do you mean that advaita vedanta is dualistic?

c7, you aint been listeninnng. again and again i have explained thisin different ways. here's the bones of it then:

Advaita Vedanta, preTENDS to be nondualistic when in actuality it is dualistic. it creqtes a duality between a 'One' and 'Many'. The 'One' is suppoed--by that doctrine--to be the ultimate rality we are all psycholgocially separated from via delusion, and te 'Many' i supposed--by that doctrine--t man 'illusion'/'Maya'---that which deludes the prson to feel s/he is an individual wit unique ideas about things, and/or the whole changyness and 'messiness' of Nature

so see the duality?...it is between a 'One' and a 'Many'!
No, there's no duality there, you have just misunderstood it. 'Many' is actually 'One', it just appears to be 'Many'. It's not duality, it's reality.