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Sounds interesting but i really dont get what is implied here? maybe im missing out?
can you explain it please river? id appreciate it.

Don't worry, you're not missing much- I'm just remembering a stupid TV show. Ayn Rand is mentioned in one episode, and so now I think of the show anytime her name comes up.

It's a really wierd show.

I think that south park and the simpsons are GREAT SHOWS!
They are usually quite intelligent and witty!
Especially the simpsons. What a great show!

I enjoy your posts river, keep it up.



What is win or lose? succeed or fail? Is the world real? am i human? blah blah.
*enters into stupid philosophist ideas...


Ill try harder next time. haha
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What is win or lose? succeed or fail? Is the world real? am i human? blah blah.
*enters into stupid philosophist ideas...

Ill try harder next time. haha
What? Sorry - don't get this one.
Hey, Patty-rick, this is the analogy I use: Most people are doing the dog-paddle; they don't realize how deep the water is. You and I and countless others have swum beneath the surface and can see that it's --- fathomless! I think only a few fully enlightened people (eg Jesus and Buddha) have grasped the entire picture. Enjoy the swim! The others will join us when they're ready. Have you ever read "Illusions" by Richard Bach?
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what is illusions about??
Well... I'm not very good at being concise. Let's see... I guess it's written in the form of a parable (?) and it's about a "Master" who happens to be a pilot and he 'meets' a fellow pilot... it's about manifesting our thoughts and creating our personal reality... it's about having the faith and conviction that this is actually possible (according to the book)... Have you ever wanted something or thought about something that you needed and then a few days later (or sooner) it comes into your 'sphere'? It's kind of like that. Sorry, maybe somebody else can do a better job. It is a quick read, and there are some very inspirational one-liners in there. I don't have it in front of me, but I think one of the lines is "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." Something like that. I'm sure you can get it at your local library. If you ever read it, please let me know what you think of it :)
Well... sometimes I wonder if the Bible should be under 'fiction' too :) Kidding aside, it is a story, a short story, but there are so many home-truths in it that I find it inspiring and thought-provoking. I'm sure there are people who will read it and say, "What a lot of bs" and others who will say, "Yeah, that makes sense."
I would have to say no, not as far as any christian religion. I think some of the ideas put forth might fall under eastern philosophy though.
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If you want to be compassionate, you will be compassionate.
If you want to forgive, you will try to forgive.
If you don't want to be angry, then you wont be angry.
We control our every actions and emotions.
Your words are reminiscent of my own personal feelings. One thing I do believe in is this - we cannot always control the circumstances we find ourselves in, because they are often based on the actions of other people; but we CAN control how we react in those circumstances; and therein lies our power. But that's just my opinion :)
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I can tell you a philosophers problem in one word.

I have to agree with you on this one, too. To how many of my friends can I say, "Have you thought about expanding your consciousness lately? or your spiritual evolution?" To interact with my loved ones, I walk their paths and in so doing sometimes get side-tracked. But something always pulls me back. And reading the posts here from like-minded individuals helps. Thanks :)