A Lonely, Lonely Place.

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[. I don't know why people dramatize this natural body process. We all take a dump alone too (I hope!). It's no excusse to be self-centered. :) [/B]

Oh so you think dying is no big deal you won’t mind if someone killed you? You probably wouldn't think being upset about that is over dramatizing. There is also a difference in relieving yourself and dropping dead.
remember. . .

death is a curse to some and a blessing to others. same with life. this is just the way things are.
I disagree. Yes we are basically alone, but not just at death. We are basically alone because there is no direct communication between people(yet), just speech. Still, it is not inherently sad. The notion that being alone is sad is the one inherited by judeo-christian teaching, that we are all one big happy family forever, and everything else is sad and hopeless. Nonsense. Nobody "leaves" the world, with the exception of a few astronauts. Its all here and always has been for 4 billion years or so.
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