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Just thought, if allowed to, I'd try a little experiment that may end up as a bit of fun.

The experiment is all about imagination and creativity with a touch of knowledge.

Essentially it's a form of random composition, where by collectively we create a story,a story only limited by our imaginations.

I personally are looking for artistry and profudity from our collective creation.

i will start the story and if you wish please add to it by posting a paragraph or two.

Plato sat down next to Albert and asked him whether or not his friend Aristotle would be coming for dinner that night.
"The weather would be just right for some shrimps on the barbeque" he said

Suddenly, out of what seemed like nowhere a voice could be heard coming out of the sky that asked.................
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....."Hey guys, how dya like ya shrimps?" It was Aristotle on the back of a Golden eagle, wearing a kiss me quick chef's outfit.
Albert said "Speak of the devil, crack a few beers open boys, I've got a good feelin about this."
After a silky smooth landing, Aristotle parks up his brand new bird as the other guys wonder how he could afford such a good lookin set o wings.

Albert shouts over....
... Hey there, Telly [ie. Aristotle]! Dude, you've just outscored both Icarus and Dedalus. That is a far more potent idea than waxing a bunch of feathers to your arms."

Plato chimes in, as he doesn't want to be considered too uncreative, and poses his statement:
"Well, my dear Aristotle, I always knew you had something in you, but I just couldn't tell hat exactly that could be. But now, seeing you manage such eagly heights, I wonder ...
....if your blood is of pure gold with bubbles of helium making you so light and flighty.
"tell me my dear plato," Aristotle asks, " do you always look like a rabbit on the run when I come calling?"
"Aristotle my dear chappy" he replies, "How many times have you been told that I am what you see because that is what you see","hmmmm...you never listen to me AwwwH!!!"

There was a knock at the door, and the audience fell silent...........
"Ahh Socrates you have arrived. We have been waiting"

"I have written a poem" he announced. "It's not good but do you want t hear it?"
Now Socrates was reknown for his contraversy, and Plato and Albert smiled and asked him to relate it to them.

Socrates took to the centre of the stage and drew a deep breath,

Plato you fool
You are to the Gods you are but a tool
Your thoughts make no sense
Mankind can't think
He can only stink

What right have you to compare
yourself to the Gods
Mere mortal fool
How you dare
To rize above the muck and declare
Well mate you are out of luck
Your words will fall to dust
unremembered by us
( the audience muttered a silent boring ...boring as Socrates continued)

But some one was listening
The Gods took no care
And as mans listening grew and grew
The Gods became deaf
and man a challenge to the Gods he threw.

Prove you exist and worthy of my prayers
And I shall THINK whether to bow and show I care

For there be no guarrantee
that you are worthy of me

Alive and mortal I am with death at my door
But compared to you I am so much more.

So you worship me
Oh God of mind
For I can prove that I exist
and you can not in kind

If the world isn't flat
and the sun doesn't rise and set

I'll still be here
on that you can bet

Because I can THINK for my self

So how about that!

A couple of tomatoes were thrown from the audience and the next day he was condemmed to death.........but just as they were about to release the lions........
The sky began darkening and in the center of the arena a swarm of dust enclouded the condemed. Within the middle of tornado of dirt a loud high pitched, inhumane scream could be heard coming from its vortex. As soon as it begun the scream ceased and all that could be heard was the sound of laughter of pure evil...

"You fools..." Spoke the swarm of dust "By condeming this man to death you have released your new ruler...meet the product of your hate and anger!

The sand suddenly dispersed being flung at the crowd. Screams could be heard from all around the stadium. Only, as the dust began to clear, it was evident that only a small group of commoners were left alive. Seeing everyone's death they look towards the center of the arena only to see...

"I always wanted to run the world, and NOW I DO! EAT IT SUCKERS!" cried the betoga'd Sophist. "Um... stop running away! That's an order!"

As one, humanity turned to look at their new overlord.

"Now," he began.

"We need some soldiers, um, you three, go over there. And, oh, you're cute, stand here please. Now if you'd just - that's perfect. And the rest of you go farm something. And don't even think about doing anything else!"

An age of intellectual dissonance descended upon the human race with the rough knell of a rockslide. All seemed lost...
Previously in DALLAS.....ergh....I mean ATHENS:

Plato: "I always wanted to run the world, and NOW I DO! EAT IT SUCKERS!" cried the betoga'd Sophist. "Um... stop running away! That's an order!"

Enter Zeus, Ares and Athena:

"U don't rule this world and never will. U will bow down to your Gods like Socrates before u."
Plato woke up with a headache from drinking too much Ouzo the night before and scared stiff! Just then there was a knock on his bedroom door.....
(Not what I was expecting but...)

"ATTENTION!" Yelled the Drill Sargent outside the barracks, "On your feet soldiers we have EXTRA work to do today!"

Groans could be heard throughout the room

"That better be cheers of joy! Or else we'll be having EXTRA fun today!" replid the General.

"It was all a dream..." Sighed Plato, "That's the last time I'm going to drink anything that's been smuggled into this hell."

After getting his uniform up and ran out to join the others as they lined up for a daily attendance, in the distance he could see children going through tradition military drills as their country readied themselves for the biggest war in history.

"As you all know, those bastards are getting closer every second, and you pathetic group of varments HAVEN'T EVEN LEARNED HOW TO SHOOT A F**KING GUN!" Sargent Underwood yelled showing little to no change in his expression.

"Now, "he said with a calmer tone"You are here to learn how to fight for your country, no...not just the country, you are here to learn how to fight for the world, Is that UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yes Sir" replied the group in unisity.

"Ahh that's good to hear. Now get your equipment and meet me on course 341 for endurance. GET MOVING" As Sargent Underwood said this he turned on his heels and jogged towards a nearby obstacle course.

The rest of the group then ran into the barracks and chose out their normal equipment. A couple of water bottles, helmets, protective outwear, and the new model, a 351 Enhanced High Output Concentrated Heat Laser.

"Phbbt, How can any thing out of this solar system possibly beat something like this "Said one of the cadets, visibly having trouble picking up this massive weapon.

"You never know" replied Plato wondering what kind of technology these aliens possess...

( :D Were we suppose to keep in context with the philosophers? If we did sorry, I got carried away ;) )
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... as the old jabberer never bothered to see Star Wars. Namely, ideas are eternal, and are there from the beginning of time. And Star Wars, the movies, are such ideas. But Plato was a rather choosy poop, and ignored them. They seemed to interfere with his principles and visions of what a man should be like. He envied Harrison Ford his sense of humor, and Mark Hamill got his face all messed up. Not to mention that critter Yoda.

But to Plato, deep in his heart, felt that those were good men, a few of them, but good. It is just that they didn't want to encorporate his idea that a beautiful man is also good.

So he condemned creativity and sent the poets, and all the imaginative and creative people out of his state. "RRRRaus!" he barked in the most barking tone of the most barking of all languages, German.

This is why the old Greek philosophy never mentions Star Wars. But it does mention ...
Blowjobs! And lots of 'em. Damn but those Greeks liked their oral sex, they made paintings of it and everything, like primitive porn. If you were suddenly transported to ancient Greece, the most important phrase for you to know would be the Greek for "Com'ere little man."

Of course, Plato was a "look but don't touch" type...
...which was only his cover-up attitude, as the dork was fairly unattractive. But he did have one characteristic that distinguished him from everybody else and made him extremely desirable. No, it was not his brains. And no, it was not his body. We have established before that he was a poor-looking excuse of a creature. What made him so desirable was his ...
.....**** which was incredibly long. Some recent Greek scholars have suggested it went down to his kneecaps. Of course when it got that long he decided to go to the hairdressers in Sparta where who was beside him getting his hair cut but none other than.....
The dead body of John Connellan, who had just received a terminal hairdressing from none other than... Zombie Socrates!

"Tell me, Plato, is it not the case that I shall eat your brain?"

"By Zeus, no!" screamed the founder of Platonism, running from the ancient barber's like a wesmorris-cult recidivist. However, he hadn't gotten far...
,,,when he reached his favourite spot looking over the sea. His breath raging in his nostrals as he recovered from his running.

In front of him was the most fabulous sun set, the clouds forming the sort of symetry that makes the artistry of the sky so beautiful at times like these.

He looked out and asked the universe, "I have been thrown to lions, beaten up by Gods, sent to a concentration camp and had my precious hair cut and threatened by a mind eating Zombie. I ask: What is it all for? Why do I stand here talking to myself?"

The inspiration struck him with a force that could have only been delivered as inspirations are sometimes delivered....( chuckle)

"Along ago some one said that a life with out reflection is no life at all"...hmmmmm he muttered under his breath, " Could this be my purpose of this moment,,,,to reflect on my life and find that........"
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What does man gain from all his labor
at which he toils under the sun?
Generations come and generations go,
but the earth remains forever.
The sun rises and the sun sets,
and hurries back to where it rises.
The wind blows to the south
and turns to the north;
round and round it goes,
ever returning on its course.
All streams flow into the sea,
yet the sea is never full.
To the place the streams come from,
there they return again.
All things are wearisome,
more than one can say.
The eye never has enough of seeing,
nor the ear its fill of hearing.
What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

"sh*t I must be depressed" he thought.
"have they invented Prozac yet?"

"What?!!!" "I gotta wait how long.....hmmmm a few thousand years.......gotta wait, gotta wait" "But why? Why? Why?

And in his sorrow he heard the footsteps of someone coming up the hill.

It 'twas Socrates "Ol'e friend let me comfort you, allow a hug and feel joy to be as friends"

"to find Why one needs to ask What and then How, which leads to When and then back to Why"

"But why?" Plato asks through his tears.

"Because you can" was Socrates reply, "because you can".

The Gods were gathered looking down on this scene of friendship and learned something that they knew not before. But Apollo was very upset. So upset he leaned forward and commanded his angles to go down divide those two friends with envy greed and anger.

Plato says to Socrates, " I shall leave you now, so that you can not feed of my misery to your delight"

Socrates just laughed and said "your misery is not great enough to feed me I shall go down to the town and feed there."
Where upon Socrates and Plato parted as Apollo had wanted.

Meanwhile Albert ( our forgotten character) was at home eating his dinner and on the TV was..................
... Dr Phil, saying that philosophical problems are not solved with philosophizing. This made Albert think that thinking may not be the solution to problems of thought.

But what else could he do to solve his philosophical turmoil?!

Albert shuddered profoundly at the thought that one could stop thinking without falling asleep. But then, as Zeus' lightening, stroke him the idea: Dreams may be the answer!

Albert remembered that odd chap from that odd-named TV series, containing an X in the title [Why would anyone want to have the sign for a variable in the title?!], and that odd chap suggested that Dreams are answers to questions we haven't asked yet.

Bedazzled, Albert went to bed. And while asleep, he had this strange dream in which he ...
(Short note: Fabulous work people.......having a great time reading this stuff. Maybe this thread will prove to be one of the only worth reading from top to bottom.threads....)
...... met a strange man from the future by the name of Milton. This man claimed to know the true power of the subconscious and to prove it, he used Alberts sleep-induced unconscious state to programme him with some post-hypnotic commands so that when he wakes up he will try to reconcile Greek, Christian, and Arabic philosophy which were heading in disparate directions. Unfortunately this was not the only command Milton left in the Great mans head. When he woke up, he found that.....
his name was Votorx, and in a desperate attempt to rid himself of such a rediculous persona he decides to completely dystroy all the philosophy in the world! His plan reached to the far reaches of the universe, and in time all the greatest philosophers, including Socrates, Aristoles and Plato all joined forces to become, SPF! The Super Philosopher Friends, dedicated to protected the world from evil philosophy! But before they could establish their Secrety Philosophy Head Quarters they saw...