A meeting of minds

(how about this all happened the instant before she decided to throw it into the fire... akind of revelation. She and Darwin shares the same fate, the same history - but their fate does not have to be consigned to time, "the fire in which they burn" ;))
(I got lost can't help you now :( maybe next time you should give some kind of plot to the story?)
(okay, I'll try to tie it up, it got a little messy)

... well, our young lady, whom we thus bespeak, was indeed a young person of many theories. Her imagination was remarkably active. [Thank you, Henry James!]

Unfortunately, not the two Darwins, nor any man from Down Under or from the surroundings of The Cape of Good Hope -- their names clearly imply what their respective callings are -- could bring our young mistress to her senses.

She was trying to decide what to do next -- and perhaps, due to reading a bit too much of Poe, she, in her frenzy, imagined that there indeed someone came to see her, tapping at her chamber door. [Yes, I know, this is soooo cheap!] But this was not the case. The Green Country far across The Big Sea was further than ever before, it *was* Eldorado. There was nobody there in her room but her.

People are reported to sometimes feel strange sensations due to most various reasons, but esp. if they are reasons like a broken heart, or just the plain old existential fear -- sometimes, in an ideal case for psychiatrists, they come together.
The writer is afraid that this is just the case that happened to our young woman.

But to expostulate why this happened and that didn't, would be nothing but to waste both this, that -- and time.

Meanwhile, our young woman put the empty cover around her -- so that indeed, she was the *content* of that book that fell from the sky.

Now, let's read her a bit ...

Nekega dne, nekega lepega dne, ne tako dolgo nazaj, ...

Ah, she's written in a foreign language. Women.

Let's go back to Albert who, after learning a few things from Dr. Phil, now finally managed to ...
talk to Thorn, Richard and Brook and the bold and beautiful days of their lives passed like sand through an hour-glass and all Bart Simpson could say was "I didn't do it"

doh!!! was heard to echo around the street ........as Monty wanted to know who shot him as maggie sucked on her ...........
"Earnest Darwin is that you," a female voice asked her.The grave behind her "Say it's not you!" to which she replied "it's not me, Samatha , it's Dad"
" I know it's your Dad Earnest, How long's it been......" and as they chatted they moved on to discuss her writings......she was distracted and she vaguely heard her freind saying "can you hear me, can you hear me.......she felt her shoulder being shaken and slowly she came too.

The first think she noticed was the white ceiling and the smell of Body odour. She could her someone wailing in the next room and people were rushing around.

" Good" the orderly was saying to the nurse " she's coming to"
"How do you feel dear " but all she could do was dribble.....and her mind was screaming out for understanding but none came.....

I must be insane she thought to herself ...if only I could stop the screaming...in my head.....

Dr phil was looking through the window into ward 3 and noted that Earnest was making progress. He turned with a serrious look on his face to Brook and said "keep an eye on her for me"
Brook nodded and continued to daydream about Richard and his cousins nephews son and how unwanted pregnancy can be a problem......

But in strode Mrs Doubtfire who promptly stated to her audience........
... "

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The burly Texan self-help guru stared at her.

"You know," he began, "I can see that you don't think that you look on the outside the way you feel on the inside... do you see what I'm talking about?"

"Of course I see what you're talking about," Mrs. Doubtfire snapped. "I'm a man trapped in the body of a tiresome gender gag."

"I was talking about how you feel, not the huge brassiere you're wearing. I want to get past all that," Dr. Phil helpfully offered.

"No you don't big boy, I'm not wearing anything under this, and I don't feel like shooting 'Tootsie Does Dallas' today."

"I think you have a serious problem," Phil told her...
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John Malkovich had the same problem - only, he was trapped in his own body (or was it someone else's?)... interesting...
Albert was sitting at his Pc chatting in a chat roo with about 30 other love and attention starved chatters when a pop up apeared on his monitor

"Come, and fulfil your fantasy, just one click away"

Albert smiled at this blatant assault on his intellectual senses.
But he thought " What the f*ck and clicked on the advertisment.

A littel processing later his screen grew totally black and a dos prompt appeared ......asking....

"Where do you wish to be?"
For a joke he typed in the word "Heaven"
"Where do you wish to be?"
The prompt repeated......
He thought."I'll take this seriously for a moment and see where it leads"
"I want to be on top of Mount Everest"

"Who do you want to be there with ?"
"Helen Hunt when she was 18" he typed in.....curiosity almost overwhelming him.
"How long do you wish to be there?"
"Two hours"
"What is your purpose?"
"To share the view with a beautiful woman?"

"When you next hit the enter key, please realise you can only do this once"

Albert hesitated....and smiled at himself...."Ha I am sooo superstitious"

He paused just a little and hit the enter Key........and
(that's great, QQ!)

... and the old and well-known proverb "Be careful what you wish for, for it may come true!" once more proved to be true.

Albert and a clone of Helen Hunt at age 18 found themselves at the top of Mt. Everest. Now, be it due to the extremely harsh weather conditions (Mt. Everest is known to change its weather completely at least twice every hour), the extreme conditions at that altitude -- it is cold and oxygen is scarce, or due to Helen Hunt's clone at age 18 wearing a mini skirt and a super cleveage, or -- due to the shock Albert experienced realizing that that old proverb didn't lie -- well, to make the tale short: they froze, to death.

(What a way to get rid of a story character!)

what are our dear readers to learn from this story?>_
what are our dear readers to learn from this story?>_

are 'tis an easy one....

Confuscious say:

"When clicking on an advertisment on the Interent ask yourself ; "What is the cost?"