A meeting of minds

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As Rosa and John and john and rosa continued their discussion about the reality of heaven Albert felt kind of weid as he opened his eyes....all around him was white, white and more white, sounds of gentle chorus could be heard with a background harp a playin' in the wind.
"hey this can't be right" Albert thought, "Can't be right......can't feel no wind" in fact can't feel nothing.....hmmmmm he thought all white .....no body....."

He looks around and yep ...no body .....he tries to touch his face and yep no face.........no hands either.........". Albert thought for a moment that he was having a near death experience but concluded he was having nothing that was near and more like full on......"hmmmmmmm"

He willed himself to move and yep more white....but he did feel like he moved ...what ever he was.

"Pure consciousness, with out form....hmmmm.....not only an OBE he thought....

He imagined himself back home at his computer and he was there looking at the computer with a curser prompt blinking in DOS mode.....

"So the last 60 years are not a dream " he thought.

He turned around as he heard some one come into the room. The person walked right through his position with out noticing anything, He tried to talk....hmmmm..."no mouth" No tongue, just thought.....hmmmmm....ammmmazzzing"

So our super conscious "dead" Albert went on a tour of all his famililar locations and visited all his favourite friends...he even looked up a couple of skirts...hmmmmm..." No Pinto"""" sigh"

Then as he was traveling down 52nd street...........
... he came close to a disco, and he could hear the music:

Show me show me show me how you do that trick
The one that makes me scream ...

He listened to the song, and Albert, who, lucky for him, never claimed to be particularily quick, remembered the last line of the song:

Just like heaven.

*Like* heaven??! Maybe there is no heaven -- but there are things *like* heaven??

Here, his analytical brain, set to think in proper inter-relations relations of juxtaposed experiences [sorry, couldn't resist], thought thus:

*Like* heaven. *Like* something. Not that very thing, but *like* that thing. Maybe this is where the clue was. For when we think, what we have in our mind is not the very thing we are thinking about (just think: if you think of a pink elephant, you do not actually have a pink elephant in your head). What wehave in our mind is an image of the thing we are thinking about, and images are *like* the original thing, but aren't the original thing.

Here it struck Albert: What if this, what I am experiencing right now is yet another image in my head? What if I am not dead?! But how do I get out of this state?

And then, all of a sudden ...
he realized: heaven is a place on earth!

No two heavens are alike, yet they are all of the same heaven

He opened his eyes...
... and all he could see was a black darkness of the thickest black, blinding him and ...
... compelling him into its void. But he resisted, his flaying limbs mimicing the struggle in his mind...
"Well I did say that everything was relative...ha" first white now nothing..."what is my world coming to" a loud Votorx type voice boommmmmed out of no where........
(stage left enterance....Da Dahhhh!!!!)