A meeting of minds

Before him stood in full white robes four men and one woman.
Their hair was long and tied back, they were smiling gently and nodded to Albert as he showed in his eyes and heart the questions he wished to ask.
The woman standing in the middle of this distinguished group moved one small step forward and said..
“Albert you have many questions in your mind and in your heart, which do you wish to ask first, the ones in your heart or the ones in your mind”
Albert looked a little puzzled, his brilliant mind stalled for just a moment as if to take a mental breath and then he spoke....
“I have always felt that the mind follows the heart every where it travels and so I wish to ask what is in my heart first”
The woman nodded and took a small step back to whence she came.
Albert put his hands behind his back and started his question...
“I have always worried deep in my heart whether I should have waited for the world to achieve more wisdom before I handed in my papers on relativity. I have wondered and felt great fear that I had made a huge mistake, one that may have cost the lives of millions. With Hiroshima and Nagasaki a world found a peace but at what cost. many years of fearsome conflict between ideology fuelled by the power I helped unleash, a genie that I was unable to control.”
I gave science the tools to achieve great things but also gave them the tools to build and do very bad things, now my question is this,
How can I reconcile my achievement with my loss?”

One of the men moved forward a small step and spoke with a sincere tone,
Albert, we have known you always, always though out your life, your suffering, your ego, your jealousies and your loves. You were born to do as you did and the world was born to do as it did. You have responsibility this is true but so to did the world.
You think of all the persons that have suffered because of your brilliance but you need to see the beauty and joy your have inspired as well.
Mankind had to learn and to learn for real the risks must also be real, to make a mistake is not a mistake unless it is a real mistake. Mankind has proved capable of making many mistakes but so far non so big as to terminate it’s own existence.
Call it a gamble if you wish but one can only gamble if one is prepared to loose the lot.
The man took a small step back and the woman spoke again.

Albert your heart is heavy and there is no cure other than acceptance and understanding. You have another question I feel...please speak....” she took a step back.

“Will humanity survive?”

Another man stook a step forward and answered
“Albert....as you have already proved every moment is a moment of absolute uniqueness. It is true that we can speculate but existence is not something that can be determined as we would like. To answer your question would be to declare the freewill of humanity and the universe null and void.
The entire universe is like an ongoing experiment, no outcome assured and this is how it must be. However I ask you, Albert, what would your answer be to your own question” The man stepped back.
Albert looked at the entities in front of him and a tear formed in his eye but there appeared a smile on his lips.
“ I understand now, thank you so very much, a future exists for humanity but so to does suffering, suffering as I have suffered and those to come after me will suffer for life is but a balance of suffering and joy” “but it is faith in ourselves that will achieve the success we need.”
Albert then took a step back.......and the five dissolved into a mist of white, Albert felt a touch , deep with in his heart, a love he had never felt, a song came into his mind.
“I can see a rainbow dancing on your heart’
I can see a rainbow and know that it’s a start
Now if we take that rainbow
And sing a song or two
Your smile will be that rainbow
And your heart will be it too”

Little Peter was born in an ordinary hospital, he weighed in well and his crying was strong and loud......outside a rainbow had appeared and his mother remembered to tell Peter about it when he was old enough to understand.
His mother smiled down as Peter had his dinner on her breast and sung a song that came to her from that rain bow...
“I can see a rainbow
dancing on your heart....I can see a rainbow and know that it’s a start......Now......” her whispered song soothing little Peter so that he fell asleep........
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.............When Peter woke up he realised that he had a dream. He dream that when he awoke, he would meet a man dressed in white. He would follow this man for a while and then tell the Roman Empire about him. They would hate Ptere for this and sentence him to death. He then had visions of a cross.....feet......huge church.......
In conclusion.

This thread was originally posed as an experiment to see how we as a relatively diverse group of unknown persons could put together a story with out any real pre-supposed direction.

An experiment to see what direction could be spontaneously inspired.
Well I think I can say with all good humour that a direction to the story failed to appear. As ac collective we managed to travel to many many diemensions of thought and existence. We have seen so much of how all is just a perception or an imagination. We have seen that our hero's were just a dream.
We experienced great profudity and extreme absurdity. We wrote and read some amazing stuff that showed that imagination still exists within us all.
It showed us a sort of craziness and chaos that gave pleasure to all participants ( while it lasted )
WE expressed something that we needed to say, and I think it was generally fun to do, for I know that I enjoyed it.
Thank you to all who participated.