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Philosophy can mean different things

Sometimes philosophers deal with questions of truth and sometimes with questions of goodness ; sometimes they offer consolation for life’s sorrows and sometimes they are purely pragmatic. In the philosophy of science, a theory may be valued only for its predictive capability ; its truth or falsity may be immaterial. In ethics, philosophy may have a prescriptive function, offering a preferred set of values ; but where those values originate from is a debatable question

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Is this debatable?

What are the values based from?
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Metaphysics and Logic

The highest realm of thought for man is that of metaphysics. Since man is a part of this realm he can approach metaphysics through his own understanding of life. Metaphysics is not theology. Man cannot know god but he can understand concepts that concern the nature of reality and being. Metaphysics deals with the creativity and destructiveness within creation, with the purpose and the meaning of evolution, and the way that it functions. Man enters into metaphysical discourse when he creates values and meanings.

All conceptions of reality are based on metaphysical ideas.
Even within orthodox science, concepts such as force (for example: electricity, magnetism, gravitation) and laws of causation are metaphysical concepts : their existence can never be verified directly, but only indirectly through their effects.

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