A new viewpoint on philosophical pursuits


A Future Philosophy

A future philosophy & what it would consist of.

To start plainly, a future philosophy would only consist of some material. This material is yet to be spoken. The "material" or source of the information that the future philosophicizing would be about is yet to be decided. It is my opinion that, it would consist of properly worded examinations of many concepts. Books which are not completed should be completed. Theories which are not yet wrote in books should be wrote in books. Philosophy has turned into a scholarly procedure more than a book writing contest. If one were to examine what is already written, we will find that there is a lot more that still (Regardless to reading Nietzsche or Hegel or Sartre), still, needs completing.

Take the book written by Nietzsche, and classify it as according to it's material.
It could be an undertaking unlike any before, and any task would await someone who would intend to undertake such a procedure.

However, the procedure is mostly complicaated due to fact that it involves an epistemological reduction of said theories, a knowledge of what is written and how it must come forth. There is no book anywhere which explains everything. And if there is then I have faulted.

Let's say for the moment, that being in the present is all that is the case. If this statement taken in the context of "you are what you are, tahere are no contexts which exceede that of your philosophizing" or some such very similar to this important point, it would be true that I may have faultered.... However, if t his is the case then truly everything is done. The only things remaining would be some further examinations and still yet, further books. If philosophy is to be taken to the next level I can only imagine that it would involve clarifications of said works and clarifications of said books.

These are my opinions only and I ask what you think?