A non confrontational question for Tiassa


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Tiassa said:
Oh, and Futilist: Welcome to our humble bedlam. Be careful where you dig.
Thank you for your warm welcome, and I love your use of the word bedlam, as well.

I dig noncontroversial topics, too. Here is an example:

http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?119608-the-imminent-attack-theory/page4 Post #78

So, finally, here is my question:

I have a post I would like to do that involves music theory, focusing on rhythm, some simple mathematics, maybe some psychology of music, as well. Hell, I might even get into some information theory about how simple modulation creates apparent complexity in rhythm, and music generally (basic concepts of melody formation through modulation). Where is the best section of the forum to start such a thread?

And, BTW, thank you for closing the other thread. RIP

Where is the best section of the forum to start such a thread?

If in doubt, just pick one and start your thread. If a moderator thinks it will be more appropriate somewhere else s/he can move it and optionally leave a re-direct notice in the original subforum.