A question of evolution of the intellect

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Reality is nine-tenths your bank balance.
Humility is nine-tenths of reality.
Humility and reality are nine-tenths of personality.
Personality is nine-tenths of character.
Character is how you show your personality.

opinions welcome!

please expand!
Reality is 10 tenths your bank balance...
Humility is (or should be) the strongest part of your character......;)

Reality and humility together make up part of the meaning of life.....but only half of personality. The other half is how others see you...

Character goes hand in hand with personality, and is fed by it....

Character is who you are.
rEVOLUTION oF Evolution

The human mammalian brain is a design oriented-- device of evolution, which evolves on a moment-by-moment basis to provide adaptation to fast changing environmental conditions in a way that most other forms of life cannot. It <i>was</i> the very advantage that gave humans the ability to survive and flourish. It is over-built & will likely become de-evolved back to a point that becomes balanced with the natural Earth environment. The only Possible exceptions are variants that become space faring and genetically self aware....... & controlled.
<TITLE>The Ape City Herald</TITLE>


<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="629">
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<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/hissue.gif"
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<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/htit1.gif"
width=359 height=35 border=0 alt="Zaius Beleaguered by Scandal">

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<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/hinfo.gif"
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<PRE> APE CITY, September --
Dr. Zaius continues to draw
high ratings from the public
for his job performance, but
his recent acknowledgement
of a scandalous relationship
with a Ministry of Science
intern has generated indica-
tions of a darkening public
view of Zaius' character and
his personal image, as indi-
cated by the latest Ape City</PRE>

<TD Align=center>
<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/hzumb.gif"
width=189 height=233 border=0 alt="Zaius Faces Rough Times Ahead">

<TABLE WIDTH="361" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<TD align=left>
<PRE>Herald Poll. By varying mea- as high as its ever been.
sures, respondents indicated While his policies have met
they were bothered that Dr. with strong approval among
Zaius had engaged in an aff- most gorillas and fellow
air and then lied about it. orangutans, there have been
The public was somewhat inc- several chimpanzees who have
lined to believe that he had recently began to raise que-
encouraged intern Zana to stions regarding Ape City's
lie about the incident at stance toward the ever incr-
the Tribunal. With Dr. Maxi- easing human threat.In fact,
mus' investigation seemingly with word of a cave bombing
at no end, most residents within the Forbidden Zone,
are hoping to bring the mat- the recent hunts on herds of
ter to an end. The number of humans, some feel as though
Ape City citizens who regard Zaius is attempting to dist-
Zaius' moral values to be ract the public from the
"wallowing in the gutter," scandal through means of
as one resident puts it, is unnesisary military force.

<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/hgraph.gif"
width=346 height=164 border=0 alt="Graphs and Polls"><BR>
<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/hhline.gif" width=359 height=19 border=0>


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<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/htit2.gif"
width=231 height=52border=0 alt="Claims of Success"><BR>
<HR align=center width=125>
APE CITY, September -- Gorilla
forces made high cliams of success
today, for the recent hunts on local
packs of humans. Officials reported
that the attack on the humans would
disrupt the groups' feeding patterns,
and cause them to search for food
elsewhere. "They were simply eating
away our crops," General Ursus said.
"We need to defend our territories and
our crops from these pests before they
eat us out of our winter storages."
The attacks were precipitated by a
series of recent human infestations,
especially within the crop fields.
They have already caused extensive
damage to many of the crops, more so
now than they have in recent years.
Dr. Zaius, who sanctioned the attacks,
said, "They must have a nest somewhere
nearby. They keep coming and in great-
er numbers each season. We will find
this nest and exterminate them, before
they do us." Gorilla officials warn
that this is just the beginning of
such hunts, and will escalate further
until this current threat subsides.
<HR align=left width=225>
<img src="http://www.spleenworld.com/apes/img/hggun.gif"
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<FONT SIZE="-1">A Gorilla solider posing for a shot after a raid.</FONT><BR>
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All are not alike

All are not equal

All are many

All are as one as one might be not part of all

All seek to be not one of all

One seeks to be one over all

One seeks to be one with all

So the REAL question is... those who exhibit to dominate the mammalian brain are not mammalian....?

thoughts anyone....?

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Total Philosophy

Reality is the time between waking up and being fully awake and between being drowsy and sleeping.

Secondly, humility is the amalgamation of empathy and sympathy.

Thirdly, personality is the shallow version/way of saying character...they are not the same, but similar. Anyhoo, personality and character are what we are in the dark (it's been said before, admittedly).:D
What reality is

Reality is my paycheck,
Humility is what i can afford with it.
"Reality is nine-tenths your bank balance.
Humility is nine-tenths of reality.
Humility and reality are nine-tenths of personality.
Personality is nine-tenths of character.
Character is how you show your personality"

how did you come up with these figures??

reality is 100% of whatever you are talkin about unless it isn't real... (duh)

humility is what percent of reality??

okay, what is the unreal part of it?? (define clearly please)

the rest I will not bother with cos it doesn't seem to make sense mathmatically :)
hey all :)


Godless put it in an interesting way

Reality is my paycheck,
Humility is what i can afford with it.
the reality of life is defined by the user!
the way you treat others is definitive of your character.
and.. impacts on your reality


..........SOME DISSAGREE!!!

as clear as mud yet? :D
i hope that allows a better understanding of my
finger pointing on this concept.

the rest I will not bother with cos it doesn't seem to make sense mathematically
When did humans operate on a mathematical basis of communal interaction?

Groove on all :)
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