A story that "happened" out of space and time. part I


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It's early june and I am flying back to new york city, enjoying the playful lighting of the Malpensa airport at night before taking off.
After my arrival in new york city I was scheduled to do a job in a recording studio located in upstate new york.
The well known “Carriage house” studio was built in an old barn, immersed in nature, a large grass field separated the white wooden house of the owners from the studio.
I get to meet John, the owner and we established a great connection right away.
We are all sitting in the field with a fire burning in the middle, great wine is served, laughs are loud and sincere, a truly happy moment that caught me by surprise.
The moon was completely full and it was resting just above the trees, I remember looking at it
and thinking that I was in the right place.
We are all excited for the day of work ahead, recording “the Brasilians Jonsons”, we all walk back to the barn where our accommodations for the night were prepared.
After spending an hour chatting on the stoops with the band and the engineers, I really wanted to get some rest, a joint is going around and I take ONE drag just before going upstairs to sleep.
I lay down on the bed and soon realize that something is wrong, I can't sleep, I have this weird feeling that something unknown is coming for me but I don't know what it is.
I decide to sit on the bed with my back on the wall and wait...
A wave of complete absolute discomfort rises from the tip of my toes and slowly comes up my body
taking over my being, a pain that I cannot explain, I was astounded by the purity of this feeling, although negative in every way, I felt the value of it's purity as almost divine.
The discomfort dies down and another wave is coming but this time is the complete absolute polar opposite...Pleasure, love, happiness, a feeling of being connected with “everything”.
I am witnessing all this in complete awe, wondering what's coming next.
I am a passenger, a spectator of this show, but I have no idea where the train is going or where the projector is!!
After the 2 waves, something else happens, a 3rd wave comes, it doesn't feel like a wave but its much quicker, almost like opening a door to enter a room.
The terrible negative feeling and the incredibly loving and peaceful feeling merge together into one, in COMPLETE balance. My perception of everything and I mean EVERYTHING is completely different from the norm but feels perfectly comfortable and normal while experiencing it.
I remember experimenting this new “mindset” I was in by just thinking of anything, things were going a million miles a second but I remember one example vividly. I was thinking of a knife, and remember “feeling” it's blade sharp, thin and pointy and its handle thick, sturdy and made of wood, I could experience the 2 opposites of anything as one. I did not need one in order to define the other, I would just feel things for what they really were. At this point I am in a perpetual state of revelation and gratitude and can't wait for what's coming next.
One of my friends enters the room to charge his phone and sees me sitting on the bed, he then quickly leaves.
I am catapulted into a vortex of informations coming at a speed that I cannot describe, I only retained in my memory one of the many things I saw.
I saw a blueprint of an ancient egyptian ship, I have no idea how but I knew it was Egyptian...
I then started making a lot of calculations but I had no idea why I was doing it, it was almost like I actually wasn't doing it at all.... I start dividing the ship in sections, and then I started grading different sections with different intensities of colors in order to show how much weight of cargo was to be loaded onto the ship. Still had no idea why I was doing it, it was such a different way of thinking and developing thoughts that I could not stop. As I terminate the procedure I then am revealed why I did all that, I see the ship being transported from where it was built to the sea by means of logs of wood placed underneath, suddenly realizing why all the weight calculations... the ship had to be balanced in order to be transported with cargo, otherwise it would tip over. I remember solving countless problems like this with the same “upside down” methodology. It simply blew me away. Space and time were obliterated. After this I felt a sense of “fulness” I had received enough informations and also enough shock...I finally laid down and fell asleep.
For days after the experience I felt happy and also confused at the same time, I knew this had changed something in me, something so deep that I will only see the results at the right time.
After more than a month I was in my studio and I have no idea why I haven't though of it before but I decided to take a look at Egyptian ships and how they look.
So I decide to ask the “Oracle” also called Google, I type in my keywords and jump to images, I see the boat, exactly the same shape as the one i've seen.. I really wasn't expecting it.
One more month passes by and I am playing for an event in Manhattan, It's also a celebration
of a full moon, precisely a “super moon”.
We play the show and go to the after party, lots of people on the outdoor deck, dancers, musicians, actors a cool crowd.
One of the dancers, Manny passes me a joint, I am reluctant, I smoke very occasionally nowadays, got sick of it after teenage years... I take 2 drags and as I am walking back inside, I feel the 1st wave coming again, I panic. Call my friend and asked her to find me a quiet place to lay down for a bit.
She brings me to a painter friend's house just a few block away in the Lower East Side.
I lay down on the couch and explain her briefly that I need to be alone because something is coming.
I feel like I know the drill already, 1st wave 2nd wave and booom into the magical world of a perfect balance between right and left brain, escape from time/space and the gathering of knowledge.
I step into what I now call the “super present” where I feel everything as one, this time is different though. What I can perceive is my biological functions that usually go un noticed because “unconscious” are suddenly revealed, Its like sitting at the controls of a jumbo jet.
I can feel how my cells regenerate, I can feel the electrical signals sent from my brain to my organs, its another place i've never been that was always there... inside of me.
I found myself “peeling” layers of consciousness as you would peel and onion...
As I was doing it I noticed that I was “retreating” my I guess consciousness or “spirit” from my body slowly to my head, I was not really connected to my body, I was just “in it” just like you could be in a shower or a bathroom or any other room of the house, just a mere container.
As I retreat and have all sorts of revelations, I noticed that my body has some sort of rapid reflex movements, my arm would jump up, my leg, my back would arch.
At that time I was wondering if my body was trying to tell me something... have I peeled to many layers? Is this a safety measure of my body? I knew I only had one layer to peel, one last door to open but this “physical” reaction my body was having worried me quite a bit... what if I just die? What if I leave my body and can't come back? So as I stand in front of the last door all sorts of experiences are happening. As I was getting deeper and conquering more and more of my unconscious being I also managed to stop the unconscious shaking of my body parts, a few seconds pass. I then experience an incredible feeling, what I call now “vomiting images”. The same electrical signal that was sent to move my arms and legs was suddenly routed to simply another sense...which happened to be my sight.
I experienced a flow of images that felt like vomiting, a stream so dense of images compressed in milliseconds that shook me completely. I then got even more worried, thinking “ if my body is going through so much trouble to keep me aware, it must be important. These are the most “physical” experiences that happened. I will now get into the informational part of this journey that happened in conjunction with all the physiological symptoms that I explained earlier.
Not everyone has the same effects from :m:

There is a high likelihood that you are one of those people that shouldn't do it in the future or face the consequences of overwhelming feelings and disjointed thinking caused by Synesthesia. It's caused by the elevation of various chemicals in the brain that effect a mixture of different regions, such as the reward centre (which can cause pleasure or paranoia), changes to the method the temporal lobes handle language (causing things to be heard, or malformations of language, sometimes to artistic effects like poetry or song writing) and even levels of compulsion. It's possible to lose grasp of reality to the equivalent of a "trip" which can alter a persons perspective.

I'm not going to tell you it's evil or not to do it, I'm just pointing out that you've touched upon a road that many have travelled. Some travel far and others end up fallen by the wayside. I'd suggest to be cautious if you continue to use it and if unpleasant side effects continue, quit smoking it period, otherwise it could progress and become misdiagnosed as a "Psychotic Episode" or Schizophrenia.
I'm not going to tell you it's evil or not to do it, I'm just pointing out that you've touched upon a road that many have travelled. Some travel far and others end up fallen by the wayside. I'd suggest to be cautious if you continue to use it and if unpleasant side effects continue, quit smoking it period, otherwise it could progress and become misdiagnosed as a "Psychotic Episode" or Schizophrenia.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for reading and commenting,
I am aware of synesthesia, and the changes in brain chemestry.
I am not a frequent smoker although i have been in the past. There are many other things that unlocked the experience also because one puff of smoke simply does not have enough "power" to create this kind of unbalance in the brain, this never happened before even when i was smoking more, I always asked whoever smoked the same joint if they experienced something like that but none of them did. In both occasions i noticed that it was a full moon night, i know it sounds crazy... but unfortunately there have been very few studies on the effects of the moon on the brain. I think also being a long time practitioner of meditation might have enhanced this experience. What i am trying to do now, is to replicate the experience with no use of external "drugs" whatsoever. Also the experience wasn't unpleasant at all but rather illuminating. I have the feeling that we can all enter this realm, without any drugs. My quest just started! :)
It's very interesting. The only question I have is whether we should try everything in life and whether entering this condition may have any effects on our body and mind. IN other words, is it absolutely safe? Haven't you noticed any changes in your condition and/or life views since the case you've described above?