A to Z game of life


The Smoke that Thunders
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Rules: take the preceeding letter of the alphabet and create a passage about it, something or someone...when you reach Z then start over......me first

A - Angry people don't live long, you see them everywhere and they work in customer service.............

"Babies raised in nurturing environments where they can learn and grow will likely be physically and emotionally healthier in later life than babies raised in stifled environments. I wonder if such truths do not only apply to babies, but to people of all ages. Perhaps we are all little different from babies with no possibility for authentic physical and emotional health unless our environments are nurturing us. Is your environment nurturing you?”
"Calm the fuck down. Woosa. Life happens. Don't stress over things that really aren't important. Don't spend your life squandering money, or trying to buy happiness. Experience life. Enjoy it. Meet someone, anyone, whether lover or family or friend or pet. Get out there. Live."

Desire is the core of everything you will ever achieve. Nurture your desire, and watch it unfold before your eyes. As you focus, so does reality shape itself in alignment.

"Everyone lives by some sort of philosophy. Your quest in life is to define that philosophy."
Growing pains were so severe that the muscle in his knee tore. And his ankle is stuffed because his stepdad puposely ran over it. then the whole leg cam out of the socket when he was running. even if abuse only seems to stuff up part of someone, it still wrecks them inside too.
I could use a dry martini after that intensive ski trip down the Himalayan mountain range.

Most people believed that the sun revolved around the earth. Things have changed very little since then. We still live in a face-value driven world.
Strategic nonviolence has the potential to free citizens, thwart coups, overthrow dictators, and defend nations.