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I like to create this thread in the honor of James. R he is a wonderful and skilled moderator fair and honest man he has helped a great deal a long with many others such as Danshawen, Rpenner and Krash661 and there are others. If you think these members are great individual specimens of the human race please give this a like or a comment thank you all for taking the time to read.:)
Hey thanks for moving the thread for me James, it said I did not have enough privileges to post here.
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When K.I. is established I would love to have the three of you involved part time or full time even you James, if you like, but it doesn't seem like these things interest you much, I would love for you all to have a salary of 1 million dollars each year. Just to use your skills in the best way you like in achieving the unified goals of K.I.
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Tell us more about this K.I. I love a good cult.

James R is a vegetarian physicist Aussie. He's so vegetarian, in fact, that when he meets a non-vegetarian, he eats them. Que sera serait.
Well, would explain the nature of K.I.? You must admit the thing seems ambiguous to the uninformed. That being us.
Where does one sign up for Killing Intelligence?
You can only be chosen you cannot apply comments like the one you made is the very reason why occupants must be hand picked for I am saddened that I had to dignify you with a response.
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Not much of a thread, is it? It's basically praise for the admin and a few others with promises of big salaries from an organization/company that'll likely never exist.

You may have taking this as a joke, but there are factions on this planet where these things
(your comments) take place in reality am sure you aware of "Jack the ripper"?
And I am sure you have wonderful dinner parties together.

While I do not quite understand the premise of this particular thread, aside for your instant desire to praise James R (yes, I was tempted to type "praise Jeebus"), the previous thread, which you linked, delved into the realms of insanity.

It's not that I took it as a joke. I saw it as a waste of time and bandwidth and it did not belong in Human Science.

To answer your question in the Evolution Denial thread, no, I am not a satanist. I am an atheist.

Secondly, perhaps people might take you a bit more seriously if you did not come across as someone who appears to have attached a hose to a petrol bowser and has been inhaling fumes for the last 10 years. This is of course my personal opinion and not indicative of the opinions of my colleagues. In short, stop posting like a crazy person.