About the members Round 7 : Varda

I recall Varda, rather, for her guitar playing, entomological interests, immigration issues and Brazilian nationality.

Oh, and the macabre fascination with skulls, of course.

Yo bitch.
I recall you for looking really good in a thong

Madam, that was yesteryear. Daddy favours a one-piece Victorian these days.


Oh yes.
Just nice to hear from you again Varda. I thought by now you and hubby would have a few rug rats to take up your time.
Did you know that

According to Te Papa, about 35,000 to 40,000 species of spider were known to scientists. The national museum said in New Zealand, around 1100 species were discovered, and 95 per cent of them were found nowhere else on earth.
I see you've changed your avatar.

I visited his site also and found little conversation going on there and very few members.
Damned site changed hosts again and dumped my old pic... ...or whatever happened.

The other place flared up & died out pretty quickly. It was fun while it lasted.
I need to make a new account over there to say hi to spurious and nick and sniffy. It has been years.